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About Yudhika Sujanani Gorgeous celebrity chef, author and personality Yudhika is best-known for her designer heels and signature curry dishes but this “Curry Queen of Bling” is not exclusively focused on Indian cuisine. She uses her extensive knowledge and experience to masterfully create innovative flavours and food combinations. With a passion for food and zest for life, Yudhika believes food and cooking not only nourishes the also nourishes the spirit. Simple foods prepared in a flash are her key focus. With an incredibly busy schedule she insists on home cooked meals so the meals have to be spicy but not hot, fresh, zingy and packed with loads of flavour and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Experimenting with food is her creative outlet, guaranteed to cheer her up. Her mother was a professional chef and Yudhika could be found in hotel kitchens from her early teens. In grade seven she got her first job as an assistant in the Chantecler Hotel kitchen in Durban, but was happy to do anything, so long as she could be around good food and learn the ropes of the industry. After fulfilling her dream of owning her own restaurant, which was a runaway success, she turned her attention to more innovative ways of sharing and selling food. She started the highly acclaimed Curry Club, an idea born out of her love of entertaining that raised money for the Starfish Foundation at the same time. Yudhika has authored two recipe books, ‘Curry Me Home’ and ‘Curry Me Home again’, and will be releasing a third book mid-2012. Her ‘Curry Me Home’ complementary range of spices, available in a number of SPAR retailers country-wide, provide the foundation for many of her dishes (Red Chilli Powder, Ground Cumin, Ground Coriander, Garam Masala) and are roasted and blended according to her own recipes (Magic Masala, Nan’s Lazy Day Masala, Balti Blast, Balti Sprinkle). To add to her list of achievements, she was also honoured as an AMC Cookware ambassador in 2012. She lives in Fourways, Johannesburg with her fiance, Rob L'Etang, her three children and two Afghan hounds.


Bling Bling Roast Chicken by Yudhika Sujanani

Bling Bling Roast Chicken by Yudhika Sujanani


I sometimes feel a little bleak during the festive season….it’s the end of year fatigue and tiredness, a touch of emotional sadness and well, I end up feeling a little stuffed!


A festive time for some and a dark time for others….around this time of year there is great excitement but there is also great sorrow.  The excitement is understandable but what about the sadness?  I was chatting to a therapist friend who told me that this is the busiest time of year!  I was chatting to a lawyer who also said that his clients ‘go mental’ during the festive season!  Tis the season to be jolly….or is it???


Around birthdays, christmas and any holidays…I often look back and think about all the things I missed out on as a child.  So, yes…there has been great success but the sadness strikes even while the life sparkles!  Life just wasn’t a cake walk but it’s the same for most people….we remember the people we love….the people we have lost…the worst are the people live and are missing from our lives!


I came across the South African Depression and Anxiety Group…their helpline is open throughout the year including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day too…for more information, take a look at the website, and please go on and share it…they do amazing work!!!


I know I will be spending my Christmas with my kids and I will be feasting with them too!!!  My daughter, Tanvi, is not much of a turkey fan and loves a stuffed roast chicken…so here is one of her favourite recipes for a ‘pull out all the stops’ bling bling roast chicken!


On SABC 2’s Mela this Sunday, stay tuned….Christmas gets a spicy Indian twist with a delicious rice stuffed roast turkey, semolina roast potatoes and a cranberry Christmas Cake!


Bling Bling Roast Chicken




1 whole chicken, 1,2 – 1,3 kg

Pinch of salt, to season

50ml sunflower oil

250g bacon rashers (streaky or back)


A buttery rub....

A buttery rub….

For the rub:

75g soft butter

8 cloves garlic, crushed

10ml Curry me Home red chilli

10ml Curry me Home ground coriander

5ml Curry Me Home ground cumin

5ml Curry me Home garam masala

20ml Curry Me Home Magic Masala, optional

15ml fresh thyme leaves

30ml lemon juice


The Stuffed Part....

The Stuffed Part….


For the stuffing:

30ml breadcrumbs

125g sausage meat or chicken mince

75g finely chopped onion

1 egg yolk

30ml chopped fresh coriander


Here’s how:

Go easy on the salt for this recipe…the bacon that goes on top of the chicken adds salt to this recipe and so does the sausage meat in the stuffing.


Rinse the chicken under running water and pat dry with absorbent paper towel.

Season with salt.

Prepare the buttery rub my combining all the ingredients and creaming them until smooth.


Combine the stuffing ingredients  – the sausage meat should be quite salty so don’t over season the mixture.  If you are using chicken mince, season with salt and black pepper.


Stuff the chicken cavity with the mixture and secure the drumsticks in place with butcher’s twine.


Place the chicken on a greased roasting pan with the breasts facing up.  Gently lift the chicken skin and smear the butter over the breasts.  Smear some of the butter over the chicken wings and drumsticks.


Drizzle sunflower oil over the chicken. Layer the rashers over the chicken breasts.


Roast the chicken at 200 degrees celsius for ten minutes, then lower the temperature to 180 degrees.  Roast the chicken for 60 – 65 minutes or until the juices run clear when the chicken is pierced.



Frangelico Chocolate Tart…AMC love!

For AMC, With love...Yudhika

For AMC, With love…Yudhika

Dear AMC Cookware,


This decadently delicious recipe is dedicated to the AMC Cookware team!  It’s made just for you!  Thanks to Chris Koekemoer, Deon van Staden, Kaye Cox, Tamsyn Stockenstroom and Nariman Arnold and to all the AMC fairies that have added a lots of sparkle  to my projects!


What a year it’s been….we have worked on the Post recipe page, The Daily News/Star newspaper recipe columns with Angela Day, the Mela cooking show, cooking shows and demos, and the Holi Cow…..with the AMC team being the wind beneath my wings!  The most amazing thing is that I have known the AMC brand my whole life….my mom got her set in 1970 and it’s still going strong and it’s going strong in Canada, nogal!!!  The set of pots live with my elder brother!


As you know by now…I love shoes….and I love my cookware just as much….cooking with an AMC pot is like walking down a street in Louboutins!  And my cookware works really hard…they are literally in the wash, out and back on the heat!


I have shared my favourite recipes through this blog and AMC have made so much of this possible!  I have put together all my favourite favourites in this recipe….there’s a rich buttery pastry, Belgian dark chocolate, Frangelico and roasted hazelnuts.  If you love whole nut chocolate, this recipe is for you!  I simply love it!  I garnish this with hazelnuts that are tossed in gold dust…this time I added a big gold heart for the AMC Cookware team!!!

Spar mascarpone....gets the thumbs up!

Spar mascarpone….gets the thumbs up!


Thanks for the amazing year….thanks for the support and the awesome prizes! Thanks on behalf of our blog lovers too!


Much love and ‘moos’, always…


Yudhika xox


AMC cookware Holi Cow!

AMC cookware love….at Holi Cow!



Hazelnut Frangelico Chocolate Tart





Short crust pastry


200g cake flour

Pinch of salt

120g cold butter

30ml sugar

1 egg yolk

15ml – 30ml iced water



For the filling:


400g white chocolate – I used Belgian

150ml fresh cream

5ml vanilla paste

100g sugar

60ml Frangelico liqueur

50g cold butter

250g Spar mascarpone



75g roasted hazelnuts

Gold dust, to decorate


Whipped cream, to serve



Here’s how:



Place the flour and salt in a mixing bowl.

Slice the butter into little cubes.

Lightly rub the butter into the flour until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

Add the sugar and mix lightly.

Lightly beat the egg and add to the crumbed mixture.

Use your fingertips to lightly work into soft dough.

Add the iced water and work lightly.

Take care not to overwork the dough as this could make the pastry heavy.

Refrigerate the dough for 5 – 10 minutes and then roll out into a round large enough to cover a greased 23cm loose bottom pie tin.

The pastry should go up 3cm up the sides of the tin.

Prick the pastry with a fork and leave to chill in a refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Cover the pastry with baking paper and fill with beans – this is called blind baking the pastry.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200°C for 15 minutes.

Remove the beans and baking paper and bake for another five minutes.

Leave the pastry to cool.


For the filling:

Chop the chocolate into little pieces.

Heat the cream with the sugar and vanilla paste in an AMC Chef’s Pan until it starts to bubble around the edges –remove from the heat.

Add the chopped chocolate and mix gently.

Mix until the chocolate melts into a smooth sauce.

Add the Frangelico and leave aside to cool slightly.

Gently whisk the cold butter into the chocolate – and thicken.

Once the chocolate has cooled completely, add the mascarpone

(I suggest you use the Spar Mascarpone for this recipe….it does not split or make the mixture curdle…..this would be a costly error and one that I have made much to my horror!  It’s heartbreaking but we live and learn!)

Use a spatula to stir the mixture and stir until smooth.

Pour the mixture into the baked pastry case.

Toss the hazelnuts in the gold dust and garnish with roasted hazelnuts.

Once the chocolate has set, slice and serve with whipped cream.