Food and thoughts of food trouble me…they constantly tempt and tantalise me.  My job does not make it any easier with always being around such delicious foods and aromas.
A few weeks ago, I was asked by Pat Tarr to assist with the food styling for a Spar photo shoot.  Lots of shooting unfortunately means lots of eating.  Fortunately, I love eating and this makes me love my job.  Everyday brings a new foodie adventure.
Before you read on, please remember that these recipes and posts are not sponsored by Spar.  The recipes developed have been mainly around the products that I sample while doing my in store promotions.  I have a range of products in Spar and over the years have developed many relationships with the store managers and owners.  I have also found many foodie friends at Spar.
The first shot on the list was of a Spar…

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