One night in Bangkok…

Here’s me blogging from the lounge!

Gee, I’m so happy to be back in the world’s friendliest country!  This trip has been a bit different so far from my normal shopping and sight seeing, because I have been mainly working.

The Royal Thai Embassy arranged my visit to Bangkok so that I could attend Bangkok Fashion Week and spend some time at the world famous Blue Elephant Cooking School.  Louis Wattana from the Thai Embassy in South Africa also arranged that I stay at the Amari Watergate Hotel which has proven to be an absolute bonus for a business trip.

Even by Thai standards the Amari staff are particularly friendly and courteous.  Our executive room is fabulous with the best bed I have slept on for many years.  I have had one or two organisational issues on this trip which have been smoothly resolved by Amari – the general manager and resident manager have always been available to give help when necessary.

I am currently blogging from the Executive Lounge sipping on a free Mai Tai and nibbling on a complimentary snack platter (from 5 – 7pm every day!) from the buffet which includes smoked salmon, spare ribs, crispy roast duck and spicy chick peas – happy hour has become ecstatic hour!!!

The selection for those with a sweet tooth!

The ultimate biscuit collection!

A great start to my evening – delicious thinly sliced smoked salmon

Exotic watermelon and dragon fruit tartlets at the Amari Watergate Executive Lounge

I think its time to get my dress pressed for Bangkok Fashion Show tomorrow but hang on… comes my next Mai Tai!

Sadly, tomorrow is our last day in Bangkok but I feel quite cheerful because on Thursday we kick off the second leg of this trip at the Amari Palm Reef in Koh Samui.



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