Jackie Jalebi out on parole for Diwali!






Let’s face it…there is nothing straight about a Jalebi.  On the positive side, this Jalebi won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.  In fact this is so sweet, the only scandal it has been known to cause is mysteriously shrinking jeans!  With more twists than the final episode of Dallas, this Diwali delight oozes with festive cheer.  They are best eaten warm and dripping with syrup.



Before I move onto the recipe…I would love to read your comments so please post them and you could win an AMC 16cm taster pan!     We are giving away three prizes for the most entertaining comments about my blog!  I am so looking forward to reading your comments!





This is my quick, fuss free Jalebi recipe…there is no need to make the batter up days in advance!








Few strands of saffron, optional

750ml sugar

600ml cold water

10ml egg yellow food colouring

2ml red food colouring


Place the saffron strands in a dry pan and roast for a few seconds.

Leave aside to cool and then crush the strands with your fingertips.

Place the sugar and cold water into a thick bottomed pot.

Cook the sugar and water on a medium heat stirring continuously.

Once the syrup comes up to the boil, do not stir.

Boil the syrup for 10 minutes until it thickens.

Remove from the heat.

Add the saffron strands, egg yellow and red food colouring.

Stir well and add more colouring if necessary.

Syrup must be kept warm for dipping the jalebi.



500ml self raising flour

30ml cornflour

7,5ml tartaric acid

20ml Spar butter

30ml Spar Greek yoghurt

320ml cold water

Spar sunflower oil, to deep fry jalebis


For the jalebi batter:

Sift the self raising flour, cornflour and tartaric acid in a large mixing bowl.

Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine bread crumbs.

Mix the yoghurt with cold water and pour this into the mixing bowl.

Whisk until the batter is smooth and thick.

Place the batter into a piping bag fitted with a nozzle.


Jackie Jalebi in hot oil!

Pipe squiggles into warm oil and fry until set.

Turn the jalebi over and cook until crisp.

Drain for a few seconds and then gently place in the warm syrup.

Remove from the syrup and leave on a wire rack to drain and cool.










  1. Jalebi is that delightful treat which makes the eyes of people young or old widen with delight….crisp & crunchy & a guilty pleasure…oh Jalebi what a sweet treasure….
    A royal delicacy so loved….it’s now a term of endearment :). ” Yes my Jalebi?”.
    # thanx for the recipe Chef Yudhika!!!

  2. Love your comment Sandhaya! Thank you Chef Yudikha, you always have a knack to make a complicated looking treat so easy to make. Love the post title and I hang on every post that comes along, yum yum!

  3. Love your comment Sandhaya! Thank you Chef Yudhika, you always manage to make a complicated looking recipe into an easy, simplistic task. Really enjoy the post name! Keep them coming, always look forward to your next post.

  4. I love making Jalebi, the first time i made this treat for a friend she went into labour the next day and now her kid is 10 years old and loves Jalebi to bits!!!

  5. Thank you for the recipe, I will definitely try the jalebi. I have found all your recipes thus far I have tried, have come out perfectly, so I do not feel scared that my ingredients would be wasted as some others you find online do not always come out well. An added advantage to this recipe is that I do not need to make the batter in advance.

  6. I attended your cooking class at Spar a few months ago and really enjoyed learning to make the dishes, especially the coconut bringal. I invited my Indian newphew-in-law over with the family and served the prawn green curry and lamb rogan josh and they are still talking about my fabulous cooking! I want to try to make the Jalebi now so they think I am truly a cooking rock star! As my jeans are already tight I’m not going to stress about the calories 🙂 Many thanks Chef Yudhika for your fun comments and great recipes – really love your sunny personality!

  7. Oh….my……..quivering……..tastebuds!! *grabs paper towel to wipe drool off keyboard* It has been so many years….I need to become closely reacquainted with these babies! Oi Jalebi, you can sizzle in my hot oil anytime!! Thank you Yudika. You have a fantastic blog. Sometimes I think I should have been born into an Indian family 🙂 xx

  8. WOW Yudhika! That jalebi looks so divine! You’re an extremely talented chef. I really look forward to reading all your recipes in the newspaper. My mum and I are avid fans! She cuts out all your recipes and keeps them very safe lol. And yes she has made a few of them which came out divine! I managed to persuade her this Diwali to do some baking 🙂 so excited! We will be following your sweetmeat recipes very closely! Thanks so much for all the wonderful hints and tips!

  9. Oh i can just imagine biting into a warm one! They are divine warm, and its a treat we hardly get to experience unless we make them ourselves. Thanks for the recipe, ill try it. Ps Yudhika is SPar yoghurt safe for vegetarians, i think they add gelatine.

    1. I will check on the Spar yoghurt – as far as I know there is no gelatine added….gonna go downstairs and check it out…..I always use the Spar Double thick greek yoghurt and it is fab for cooking and baking!

      1. Sorry about that – just checked and the Spar double thick yoghurt does contain Gelatine….I will try to find one for you that does not contain gelatine! Apologies once again….Yudhika

  10. Thank you, this seems easy will give it a go. I was introduced to Jaliebs by my brothers mother-in- law and the recipe I had you need rosewater for the syrup and I always thought Rosewater was the stuff Grannies put behind their ears.

  11. Love the title of the recipe. I really enjoy your blog. Your recipes for the sweetmeats are easy to follow and will definately try a few out.

  12. I am sure Jelabi will be pleasant for my taste buds as i crave for sweets. I am currently being treated for cancer & am on chemo treatment and with a result cannot get the proper taste of foods. The jelabi looks so divine & seems simple to make.

  13. Yudhika , your jalebi looks so beautiful and yummy. Once , many moons ago when I tried to make my own I had the most hilarious looking shapes that formed. Thank God my kids were quite young so I told them that I especially made those flowers , cats , dogs , worms , birds etc. Like all little ones they believed me but hubby was grinning in the background. Then my husband says to me ‘ you are such a jalebi ‘

      1. Hi Yudhika,

        Thank you so much, I am so thrilled. I will cherish my prize and always remember you for it.


  14. Oh my goodness. Reading your posts bring back memories of sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen in Reservoir Hills, Durban (my cousins and I were notorious Naan Khatay-almond thieves!). I can almost smell the jalebi! Going to have to give this a bash.

    PS This weekend I made your roast chicken from Curry Me Home Again. A revelation! It went down a treat.

  15. Oh my goodness. Reading your posts bring back memories of sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen in Reservoir Hills, Durban (my cousins and I were notorious Naan Khatay-almond thieves!). I can almost smell the jalebi! Going to have to give this a bash.

    PS This weekend I made your roast chicken from Curry Me Home Again. A revelation! It went down a treat.

  16. Nothing like the bright sticky Jelebi to complete every Indian function. No one can resist this sticky delight which looks so difficult to make yet is easy. Thank you for the lovely recipe….. Jelebi slways brings back childhood memories of sugar induced highs. Always get fascinated watching indian cookery shows made in India and watching them make this moorish treat on the roadside

  17. Lol I also eat the Almonds of the biscuits even as an adult. Wasn’t around this Diwali so will keep al these recipes for next year . Thanks for your time and recipes, god knows I need al da help I can get.lol.

  18. Hi,I heard abt ur page from another foodie group dat I’m on,bcos I was in need of a jalebi recipe as this is my fav most fav indian sweet meat,I am so happy that I was made aware of u,bcos now I simply love ur recipes,anyway don’t wanna go on n on as I’m gonna be busy making ur jackie jelebi recipe fingers crossed,but hey who needs the fingers crossed when I have ur recipe,tried other recipes dat was fermented first,,,,,,,woooow disaster in the making ………I juzzzz LOVE ur page keep it up mwah mwah…….

    1. Hi Shireen

      Glad u joined yudhikas blog sinceI referred ppl here on the Ask Nanima group. U’ll love the recipes here.


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