More Winners….

A great big thank you to everyone who entered the My Spar competition!


The winners are: Sarisha Rosenpershad, Carla Viana, Shainaaz Mullaji, Vanessa and Kiasha Chetty!!!!  Congrats to all of you!


These are the winning comments:


Thanks for the easy Red Velvet cake recipe. OMG it tasted as if I had bought it from a bakery. Well with all da compliments from my Family I decided to use the same recipe but instead used blue food colouring to make Blue velvet cake for my nephew’s birthday. And Walla it was Awesome. Keep up the good work and  keep all da mouth watering recipes flowing.

All the ingredients you have used here in your Saffron TV: Spanish Style Chicken are in my pantry and fridge !

Especially the Latina ones like light olive oil, chorizo sausage, Safinter smoked paprika,
white Graca wine , bay leaf, black olives and fresh coriander Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡

Now using your tang to this dish with a cinnamon stick creates a new twist sensation !

WOW You do our culinary Latin dishes so proud Yudhika, my Spanish mom and Portuguese dad also cooked up such a storms, to this day their style has remained part of my kitchen preparation and gathering over of family and friends.

Delighted to have stumbled upon your specialist expertise’s here. TEAMING UP with My Spar is rocking good cooking sense 

Thank You so much for carrying on the traditions of FAB home made cooking !
Your Fan and customer Carla

Hey one and all I’m so super excited for these fun easy recipes and cannot wait to try these divine Volcano fondants (bbm dance smily), since I’m such a chocoholic. Thnx Yudhika for these awsum recipes lots love xoxoxo every1

Never have a chance to sit in front of tv in the morning…always busy with kids or in the kitchen…today while having my cup of coffee I sat by the tv and playing with the channels found saffron tv and was so impressed with how easy the recipes you give are to make that when I got up I came straight to the computer to download the receipe for the chocolate brownies… Your show rocks….NOW ON MY VIEWING LIST 

Cooking and baking was always not my strength however after viewing your recipes both my girls and myself are having fun in the kitchen . The messy choc cake was easy and delicious which left my daughter feeling like her mom is a masterchef . Great job , keep it up!!!!



  1. OMG I’m so excited Thank You Thank You Yudhika (“,) and Thank You to my Spar ❤
 ( Ķɪ̣̇∕̴ƖS̤̈̊Ϟ.̷∕̴Ɩ
 `⌣ .͡،͡◦°♡.

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