Postcards from Paternoster

Postcard from Paternoster

Postcard from Paternoster

I always refer to our trips to Cape Town as ‘The Sprint’ – too much to do and not enough time! Combine this with sunny skies – what could be better? After lolling around in bed for a bit, we decided to head out to Paternoster for the day. I was keen to get going but not without my first pit stop…The Westin’s breakfast….I had to apply my ‘Calorie Strategy’ and opted for the smoked salmon and avocado brekkie from the buffet. There were too many calories to be blown and I had to select wisely.

Die Winkel Op Paternoster

Die Winkel Op Paternoster

My first stop was ‘Die Winkel Op Paternoster’ which stocks anything from olives to Antique furniture. For a taste of the West Coast make sure you pop in to this farm stall to stock up on freshly baked bread, cupcakes, jams and preserves. There is also a small restaurant at the winkel but we opted for a more scenic spot for lunch.

The Noisy Oyster

The Noisy Oyster

Feeling quite thirsty after the long drive, my gin hankering kicked in and it was off to the ‘Noisy Oyster’…they were unfortunately fully booked for the arvie.

Skatkis restaurant...gin with a view

Skatkis restaurant…gin with a view

Moving on…we found a spot…Skatkis Restaurant at the Paternoster Lodge. It didn’t look like much from the street but Rob was keen so off we went….a gin and tonic and a Darling Brew draught beer plus some delicious home-made bread cost an amazing R35! I would have happily paid more – the view was amazing. But seriously…35 bucks? I expected most of the patrons to be sloshed and disorderly but they seemed like a fairly conservative, well-behaved lot. I had to pack away my wild side….clearly Paternoster is not the place to let your hair down especially during lunch time. So, it was back in the box for me!

Voorstrandt Restaurant

Voorstrandt Restaurant

It was time to start thinking about lunch….we meandered through the town, past the quaint white-washed cottages, and arrived at the Voorstrand Restaurant! Situated on the beachfront on Strandloper Street, this was once a fisherman’s cottage that has been converted into a cosy restaurant with a deck that leads onto the beach. We didn’t book – we seldom do as it just seems to mess up the adventuring. We did get a table on the deck at around 2pm…the good spots were taken. Serves us right for not booking, I suppose.

Champagne at lunch time

Champagne at lunch time

The first surprise at Voorstrandt was they served champagne by the glass…and pink champagne too. I had to kick my gin habit and settle into some pink champagne…a still day in Paternoster…no icy wind whipping off the water…and pink champagne….the day just kept getting better.

Five star Dorado - Rob's choice

Five star Dorado – Rob’s choice

For the mains…Rob opted for the linefish, Dorado. I couldn’t decide on a main so opted for a bit of both…Prawn and Calamari combo. I would recommend this restaurant…good service…good food and there are a few options for the non seafood lovers.
Deep fried glory...prawn and calamari combo

Deep fried glory…prawn and calamari combo

One last thing about Voorstrand…give the green chilli on the table a bash. It added just the right zing to my Sunday lunch. Rob and I finished the jar and we had to ask for more.

Our lunch turned into a few more drinks on a sunny spot on the deck after a walk along the beach to work off my ‘deep fried glory’ lunch!

We headed off back to the glorious Westin Hotel and took a few perfect postcard pics along the way…take a look…

I just love cows…brown ones…black ones and little ones!

Beautiful cows in Paternoster

Beautiful cows in Paternoster

Rob waving me back into the hired car….afraid that the cows might charge!

Rob in our trusted Nissan..ready to drive the getaway car

Rob in our trusted Nissan..ready to drive the getaway car

The Verdict: Paternoster definitely gets our vote! Not so sure about Rob wearing his cap like this in Jozi though!

The Paternoster verdict...thumbs up

The Paternoster verdict…thumbs up


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