Rose and Pistachio Burfee

Diwali recipes: Rose and Pistachio Burfee

Diwali recipes: Rose and Pistachio Burfee

Diwali would not be Diwali without a chunk of decadent home-made burfee….I grew up in Isipingo and it always seemed to me as a child that the Muslim aunties who lived on our road made the best burfee. They just seemed to have a knack for it….and also for butter biscuits and pastries too!

I decided to give the Burfee recipe a bash a seriously long time ago…the first thing I needed was a food processor and I had to break my piggy bank (and my heart) to get a Kenwood! Armed with a copy of the Indian delights and a lot of courage, I prepared my first batch…it wasn’t too memorable…I guess, we all know first times generally aren’t!

Diwali baking takes practice…and it certainly isn’t a one day game…more like a test series or something in cricketing terms. The sooner you start practicing, the better….there will be tears, regret and embarrassment but it certain does pay good dividends!

Once I perfected the basic recipe, I began experimenting with different flavours and textures. For a more decadent burfee which I call the ‘Calorie Blocker’ Burfee which I prepared on ‘Sugar n Spice’ Feast of Eid, click here:

I love the Kuhestan rose essence…it is not a synthetic product and adds a delicate perfume to this Diwali treat! It’s almost like a hint of Turkish Delight which brings a new twist to an old favourite.

Rose and Pistachio Burfee


500g Klim
175ml tinned dessert cream
375ml Spar castor sugar
250ml cold water
7,5ml rose essence
2,5ml ground cardamom
25ml butter
Few drops of red food colouring
50g ground pistachios
Whole pistachios, to garnish
Gold leaf, to garnish

Use non stick spray to grease a silicone mould.
In a mixing bowl, rub the dessert cream into the milk powder until it resembles bread crumbs.
Leave this aside for an hour to dry out.
Place the milk powder mixture into a food processor and pulse for 30 seconds or until the crumbs are fine.
Bring the sugar and water to boil in an AMC pot until thick.
Add the rose essence, cardamom and butter to the syrup.
Mix the ground pistachios into the milk powder, then add the syrup.
Stir well to combine and working quickly press the mixture into the moulds.
Refrigerate the burfee until firm and unmould.
Garnish with gold leaf and pistachios.



  1. Hi Yudhika,

    Thank u so much for all the receipts. I have made almost all n my family loved them. Please give me the receipe for Chana Magaj. Thank u once again.

    1. Hi there, Delighted to hear that you are loving the recipes…nothing could be better than a happy well fed family! I will post the recipe just now…in the meantime…please click ‘Follow’ on the blog so that the latest recipes pop up in your mail box! Have a lovely day.

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