Leaving on a jetplane…..spicy brinjals, jalebi and other stories

A not so regal Yudhika Sujanani....

A not so regal Yudhika Sujanani….

I am about to head off for the big airport as my kids call it…Rob, my other half, has left to Chang Rai, in the north of Thailand last week, and I am flying off to meet him….it’s been pretty much a touch and go sort of thing….its been busy, really busy….and just when you think it’s reached a peak….there is another mountain to conquer! Thank heavens for Holi Cow….it has become my other home, office and yes, paradise!

The ‘another mountain’ is the Post Newspaper Diwali supplement that will be published on Wednesday, 15 October….just in time for Diwali. I absolutely love being in the kitchen and creating new recipes. I have been cooking up a storm with the Holi Cow team running after me…I even roped my Nan into being my new assistant, getting new recipes done, photographed and ready for the Post boss lady, Yogas Nair. There really is a new sheriff in town!

So although Rob has asked me to bring cycling gear, hiking boots and a cozzie…I am taking summery frocks, lip gloss, sunscreen and shades…I will not be playing Lara Croft’s part in Tomb raider! Hmmm…come to think of it, I have no issues though if Rob wants to play Brad Pitt!

Holi Cow has hosting busy cooking classes, catering and lunch time parties not to mention the endless cakes we seem to bake on order! There have also been tv days with the Mela team and an old school Bollywood style photo shoot with Vanessa Lewis who asked me to look regal…regal only worked when there weren’t any jalebi in sight…all I could think of was eating them!

It’s also been a busy month spent cooking up vegetarian dishes as the Hindu fasting month, Purtassi, is being observed. From the tried and tested recipes like simple bean curry and then the zhooshed ones like paneer koftas in coconut sauce….the requests are overwhelming! It’s also time to get “Diwali Ready’ and perhaps you should enter the KichenAid competition by posting your feedback with #KitchenAid #Mela on this link: https://yudhikayumyum.com/competition/kitchenaid-giveaway-2014/

Before I leave off to my short trip to mountains in Thailand….I leave you with a veggie recipe, perfect for the fasting month. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Post newspaper for more veggie recipes that we will be featuring this month!

Spicy Brinjals

Spicy Brinjals

Spicy Brinjals

2 large brinjals, sliced
Fine salt, to sweat brinjals
Sunflower oil, to grill brinjals

45ml sunflower oil
5ml mustard seeds
5ml fennel seeds
1 onion, finely chopped
5ml coarse salt
15ml desiccated coconut
10ml crushed ginger and garlic
10ml red chilli powder
600g tomatoes, skinned and chopped
5ml ground cumin
10ml ground coriander
2ml turmeric
Fresh coriander, to garnish

Here’s how

Place the sliced brinjals in a colander and sprinkle with fine salt.
Leave to sweat for 30 minutes.
Wipe the brinjals with absorbent paper towel and gently squeeze out excess moisture.
Brush the brinjal slices with sunflower oil and grill in a hot pan.

For the sauce:
Heat the sunflower oil on medium in an AMC 30cm pot, and add the mustard seeds.
Add the fennel and when the seeds begin to splutter, stir in the onions.
Sprinkle the coarse salt over the onions and saute until light golden.
Add the desiccated coconut and stir for a few seconds until fragrant and starting to change colour.
Stir in the ginger and garlic, next add the red chilli powder.
Add the chopped tomatoes, and then sprinkle over the remaining powdered spices.
Simmer until the tomatoes soften into a thick sauce and the oil separates from the sauce.
Place the brinjal slices into the sauce and garnish with fresh coriander.


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