It’s a Blog Party…KitchenAid Competition

Yudhika's KitchenAid giveaway

Yudhika’s KitchenAid giveaway

My blog is a celebration…it’s all about feasting, celebrations and fun…there are some recipes too…but it’s also about my love for food and celebrating that love! To celebrate joining the Mela team, I decided to give away one of my kitchen must have appliances…A Stand Mixer! And over the past few weeks with all the cooking and baking going on, I have fallen in love with this appliance over and over again!

The winner of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer was announced. Renuka Lallbahadur was delighted but it left quite a few people feeling quite blue…so to chase away those blues…I am delighted to announce my next KitchenAid competition….A blue KitchenAid mixer worth R6990 could be yours by entering this competition…..all you have to do is leave a comment…what are you enjoying on the Mela food slot.

Yudhika's KitchenAid Giveaway....

Yudhika’s KitchenAid Giveaway….

Now to enter this competition take note…
You have to be a follower on my blog and on twitter!
When you comment, don’t forget to #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika
Twitter: @yudhikasujanani – tweet us with #yudhika #kitchenaid #melasabc2

For those of you who have been missing your Sunday dose of Mela, you can catch them here….

The competition closes on 13 November 2014 and the winner will be drawn on at Holi Cow on the 15 November at 10am – please let us know if you will be popping in for the draw! Contact Holi Cow at 011 467 2661.

The draw decision is final.



  1. The Mela show and Yudhika…..I love your show because of the show and your wonderful talent my kitchen is filled with many divine aromas…It inspires all off my yummy creations in the kitchen. …I would like to continue baking and cooking up a storm with a kitchen aid
    mixer. My hubby favourite colour is blue. #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika

  2. #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika just luv watching u cooking up a storm with the easy to understand recipes> yum

  3. #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika love the mela recipes so easy & makes you wanna get in the kitchen & whip up those dishes that bring back memories 🙂

  4. Love all the recipes & tips! Wish I could be dressed like you when in the kitchen. Fingers crossed! #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika

  5. i cant stress how much it will mean to me to win that mixer ! food mela is a great slot that i think really helps people like me who love to cook and think that that its hard to make such fancy dishes #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika

  6. I’m kind of slow when trying to follow spoken instructions and how-to stuff, so my favourite part of the Mela episodes is the fact that I can watch them via the video links you post, which allow me to pause, rewind, etc.
    SO excited for yet another awesome #melasabc2 #kitchenaid giveaway, #yudhika!

  7. I love the energy and passion on the show as well as the divine dishes! It really helps to inspire cooks at home. I loved the potato and broccoli salad as well as the mushroom and pea curry. Very impressed that you’re all dressed up in gorgeous Indian attire when you cook too! #MelaSABC2 #KitchenAidGiveaway #yudhika

  8. Love the mela food part of the show, Infact, I only watch it to see the food section that you host so well! I am honoured to have met you, you are an inspiring woman who always looks so good! Thank you for the amazing recipes! Love watching the show! #MelaSABC2 #KitchenAidGiveaway #yudhika

  9. #yudhika #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 I’m absolutely loving food mela. You make cooking look so beautiful and elegant. You always look stunning and make the most devine dishes. You are such an inspiration to everyone of us that watch the show. Very proud of you, you’re an incredibly talented young lady. God bless you.

  10. #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika loved the way you rocked that sari while preparing that delicious Raan and Naan

  11. #Kitchenaidsa #melasabc2#yudhika,loving all the food Mela,enjoying the recipe ,I will be trying the burfee for the first time .i hope it comes out right ,I also love your presentation ,your dressing is very elegant.

  12. #Kitchenaidsa#melasabc2#yudika, just love the easy to follow recipes and the tastes are unique. Butternut and Chick Pea salad a “WOW”

  13. Wow, love your blog, love your facebook & twitter page, most especially LOVE the divine food that you create, My family and I look forward to Mela every Sunday, totally awesome #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika

  14. I enjoy the show and I love the recipes because I love Indian food and now I have the opportunity to learn to cook amazing everything!!! #yudhika #kitchenaid #melasabc2! Keep up the amazing work!!!!

  15. i simply enjoy the the tv show because it showcase us south african indians and gives us the happenings of whats happening in the movies and the latest trends and your lovely recipes which i extremely enjoyinh especially the naan bread and the lamb that you prepared on this past sunday show !!! #yudhika #kitchenaid #melasabc2!

  16. Firstly….I love that the food looks good…..We also eat with our eyes don’t we? The recipes are done in a proper sequence which makes it simple to follow. I love that you try “Crazy” combinations that we would ordinarily not even think of using and that really inspires me to push my own boundaries and to try a new variation or twist on a recipe. I also love your presentation and how I can see the excitement in you eyes when you cook. Thank you for all your hard work..We appreciate it. #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika

  17. Love the awesome recipes and how easy you make it look to whip up such delicious meals . Fabulous Competition. I have fingers, toes and everything crossed for this 🙂 #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika

  18. Love the blog party 🙂 #yudhika #kitchenaid & love the show #melasabc2 Will have to visit Prim Reddy’s The Indian Chapter

  19. Thanks for the opportunity #Yudhika #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 . You all keep the Indian tradition alive . Your cooking is inspiring and I think a Kitchenaid will make me a better cook :)) or you have to invite me daily for lunch/ dinner 🙂

  20. would just love to win this #kitchenaidsa with #melasabc2 and #yudhika 🙂 crossing fingers and toes

  21. WOW Yudhika,you have outdone yourself and you are an inspiration to us in the indian community and the nation!Every weekend my family and I drop what we are doing and tune in to the Hip Mela Show 🙂 ❤ ❤ I especially enjoyed the Lamb and naan bread,yummmmmy 🙂 all my friends want the recipe.I made it and it turned out perfect,have a small family with a vegan hubby so gave a whole lot of food to the homeless(my part time is to feed the less fortunate when I have time off from my busy toddler lol) #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika enjoying your blog,twitter and fb posts .Thank you for an awesome competition 🙂 🙂

  22. The Mela show is so well presented and my fav part is the exercise part and the food part.I’m so stuck with the curry and rice thing and love expirenting and trying new foods that watching ❤ ❤ Mela and Yudhika 🙂 🙂 give us step by steps and tips to make meals is just what we need.My hubby usually wants the remote but when Mela ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is on,he loves seeing the pretty presenters and he is a foodie so likes (y) to tell me hey try this,and off course Yudhika is kind enough to email the recipes to us for a recap.I so want to win a mixer as I would make thorough use of it,its difficult with an active toddler to stand and waste time stirring so this would be ideal.once or twice a month I make some food for the less fotunate as I am completing what my late brother use to do,that's taking care of the poor even if we don't have too much ourselves.My heart was shattered when I didn't win the last time and hope that I get lucky this time.#kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika I am your biggest fan and have you on twitter under the name Renal @Renalda 7777 and following both your fb pages and your blog.Thank you 🙂

  23. Hi its me again 🙂 I love the way you collection “fresh ” milk yourself and prepared Paneer,that was so beautiful and the touch of nature was there.I would describe Mela as modern and upbeat and Yudhika as the “graceful” inspiring Diva ,keep up the good work guys.I look forward to many happy cooking lessons with you guys 🙂 Mela and Yudhika Rocks ❤ #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika

  24. #kitchenaidsa #melasabc2 #yudhika
    I’m so into baking. I want to do the kitchen up in this awesome blue shade. Loving the Mela show. LOVE your recipes.. keep up the great work..

  25. Wow I love your site – I saw you on sabs 2 and had to look up your receipes. They look so yummy and easy – Im going to try some of them I love cooking and baking!! Well done !!! #kitchenaidsa#melasabc2#yudhika

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