Groovy Gravy!

Turkey gravy by Yudhika Sujanani

Turkey gravy by Yudhika Sujanani

Store bought gravy just won’t work with a delicious home-made turkey!  Let’s face it….the generic commercial just add water gravies are quite hideous!


Gravy is easy to make and after roasting the turkey, the main ingredient is the pan juices…it’s like a turkey stock with a few added ingredients.  Here is the recipe for the roast turkey…  It is also delicious drizzled over the garlic potato stacks…click here for the recipe…


I leave the turkey to rest after roasting….this is absolutely necessary to get the meat to re-absorb the juices that keep the turkey moist and tender! Rest the turkey for as long as it has been in the oven….I serve it at room temperature with hot gravy!


Here is my recipe for the turkey gravy…..


Turkey gravy





Pan juices, from roasting the turkey

15ml sunflower oil

75ml chopped onion

75ml chopped carrot

75ml chopped leeks

10ml butter

10ml flour

100ml fresh cream




Here’s how:



Heat the sunflower oil in an AMC pot.

Add the chopped onion, carrots and leeks.

Saute the ingredients until the onions are translucent.

Pour the turkey juices into the pan and simmer for 5 minutes.

Add a little water or stock if the mixture is too thick.

Strain the turkey juices and discard the pulp.

Heat the butter in a little pot and add the flour.

Cook the mixture for 30 seconds, then pour in the turkey juice.

Whisk the mixture on a medium heat.

Simmer until the gravy begins to thicken.

Add the fresh cream and simmer for a minute.

Check the seasoning and add a little salt if necessary.

Serve with the roasted turkey.



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