Cookware for Queens….and a few Kings too! The AMC Cookware Competition!

Competition time...The AMC 30cm Skillet worth R3200

Competition time…The AMC 30cm Skillet worth R3200

AMC Cookware and I have teamed up several times to work on some amazing projects…from TV shows to the Post Newspaper recipe column…we keep things cooking! And I sometimes share the experiences and want you to experience that too!

Drum roll please….we haven’t run a competition on the blog for a while so here is your chance to enter! AMC Cookware are giving away a 30cm Skillet and recipe book worth R3200! The pan is perfect for making crumpets, grilling chicken, chops and steaks and also for making roti!

All you have to do is share the link to the blog on facebook or twitter, click follow, and leave a comment with #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife We love hearing your feedback – feel free to comment on the recipes featured, share your memories and tell us your AMC story! We all want to be winners but try not to leave a comment saying, ‘I want to win the AMC prize’ You can leave your feedback in the comments section on this post or any of the recipe posts as long as you remember to hashtag us.

AMC for life!

AMC for life!

AMC has been a household name for decades. For more information on AMC Cookware and the amazing specials they have on offer, visit their website

The AMC Classic Cookbook!

The AMC Classic Cookbook!

So a few rules:

You can enter as many times as you like – all names will be put forward in a lucky draw.
You must be a follower of the blog to be eligible – to subscribe, please scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the ‘follow’ button!
Rude and abusive comments will not be entered into the draw.
Competition closes 3 June 2015 and the winner will be announced on the 4 June 2015.
Please do not ask people to vote for your comment – it’s a lucky draw.

South African entries only.


  1. Hello Yudhika

    Hope that your are well. I am an AMC consultant. ..Am I allowed to enter?

    Thank you


  2. #yudhikayumyum #AMCforlife My fondest memories of growing up almost always involves AMC! Food was and still is a biggie with our family 🙂 I can still smell the lovely farmhouse breakfasts being prepared by my gran (Nani) in this cookware range. So lovely to know that a simple glance takes you on a trip down memory lane!

  3. #yudhikayumyum #AMCforlife Tried, tasted and family inspired recipes that we all love so very much. Awesome Blog full of decadent treats.

  4. I love AMC and really would want to give this prize to my mom in law if I win, she told me that she saved yearly to buy ALL the pots and pans from AMC and a neighbour’s son on drugs entered there home and stole every last one, she never got one AMC again after that and it was a devastating blow #yudhikayumyum #AMCforlife

  5. The delicious treats always prepared with the simple recipes , the compliments at the dinning table from loved ones… Memories made and more than just a meal prepared. Thank you for the best recipes.:)AMC is a brand that I can still recall mum cooking her famous cornish curry on a Sunday and everyone would spend the day spreading cheer and making the most beautiful memories… #yudhikayumyum #AMCforlife

    1. Hello Kelly – thanks for the feedback and I love Naan Khatay too! Favourite biscuit! Don’t forget to click follow on the site to subscrive to the blog!

  6. Love your recipes, they set a trend in the gourmet world. It’s good old home cooking amped up with style & pizzazz!

  7. Love your recipes,they set a trend in the gourmet world. It’s good old home cooking amped up with style & pizzazz! #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife

  8. Shared on Facebook. Love all your recipes. i still use a few of mums old faithful AMC pot especially to make your South Indian Lamb Curry which is my favourite #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife

  9. O wow….. your recipes are so delicious and not too complicated so I know my life would be easier with AMC…. have always admired the cookware!! #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife

  10. The best pots…EVER! I was fortunate to receive a full set from my parents, when I married and love them to bits. I’ve added a paella pot to my little brooding set and will continue to grow my collection.
    #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife

  11. #yudhikayumyum #AMCforlife Your Soji recipe is my go-to every time I need to impress!! And even though it has been highly publicized, I hold it as a closely guarded secret 🙂 hehe

  12. #yudhikayumyum #AMCForLife The best range of pots to prepare the most divine recipes. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

  13. #yudhikayumyum #AMCforlife ……….Tried some of your awesome recipes and my family loved it, thanks for being the kind and loving chef that never refuses to help those in need especially when it comes to help with recipes!!!!

  14. I have had my Amc Classic pots for about 20 ywars now and will not cook with anything else. Absolutely the best to cook with.

  15. I have had my Amc Classic pots for about 20 years now and will not cook with anything else. Absolutely the best to cook with.

  16. Can’t wait to try out all the delicious recipes you post in this skillet. It looks like I just need this one pot to make anything. Going to cook up a storm.

  17. Awesome giveaway Yudhika, I always enjoy reading your blog… My mum has tried a few of your recipes from the site and they work wonders… Keep it up! #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife

  18. #yudhikyumyum #AMCforlife….. I absolutely love the vegetarian recipes that u have shared. My all time favorite Classic dessert was the soji recipe. It takes me back to my “happy place”. AMC is the best investment I have made especially in conjunction with the AMC induction cooker. It is such a time saver in the kitchen.

  19. Tried ur recipes. i love following ur cooking shows . always learn new tips and ideas. i always used mixed masala in my cooking ,now i use the spices separately like you use on your shows. please continue the awesome work what u do, turn us into ” COOKING ” HEROES . P.S. My family thinks my cooking is something ,if only they knew who my teacher was.

  20. I love all the #yudhikayumyum recipes. They conjure up memories of my childhood watching my darling gran in her kitchen peeping sumptuous meals for the entire family with #amcforlife

  21. Followed and Tweeted,a perfect gift,started a healthier lifestyle, will be much appreciated and definitely very much in use, an awesome prize👌

  22. #yudhikayumyum
    #AMCforlife …… thanks 4 d awesomest recipes. Love my amc …. was fortunate to receive a set from my loving parents as a hindi bride. Cook in no other pot but my amc…

  23. I remember wen my mum bought her 1st set of AMC n she was so proud as she saved every cent from her grocery money n she cooked every meal in n she also tried making her own recipes. She explored wid food. Growing up she made different curries green banana wid yams, bindi used to be filled with masala n deep fried in the flat pot similar to this one n she also cooked her roti there. I really wud love to win this so I cud make the dishes my mum prepared.

  24. REHANA SEEDAT I have been using AMC Cookware for more than 20 years. AMC cookware is certainly the finest quality cookware with a lifetime guarantee. #yudhikayumyum #AMCforlife I have tweeted and shared giveaway post via facebook

  25. I would love to win an AMC pot. Heard they are fabulous for cooking anything, especially breyani.

  26. i would love to win an AMC pot.dont have one.i just hear my friends saying how lovely the AMC pots cook.would like to try it for myself.

  27. #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife.I love cooking with AMC pots, I have 2 pots which have been passed down to me… they are excellent quality ,passed down from generation to generation
    Clearly in an attempt to assist with my cooking skills 🙂
    I have been reading your snowball recipe got be salivating, we very rarely find good snowballs in stores these days…… thank you for the recipe

  28. My 3yr old has loved you since the day he viewed a recording we had of you from Saffron TV. You truly are a cooking inspiration who has changed my view that a pot is just not a pot unless you are using the best being AMC. Cooking becomes a lot easier and more fun if you have the right tools for the right recipes! Link posted on

  29. Been going through all your old posts and I must say wow. Definitely inspirational and educational as well as delicious. Looking at the gorgeous pictures it is making me crave the AMC pot even more……#yudhikayumyum #amcforlife

  30. # yudhikayumyum #AMCforlife Yudhika, your recipes have created an avid chef in me and I love testing them because you make sure that ingredients and instructions are simple, though I have yet to roll out a roti that even resembles a roundness in shape #giggling. More so, your stories inspire me because as women we live through many defining moments …. Moments that either emancipate us or keep us sheltered from exploring a world – thank U for the heart felt and tongue in cheek moments! Kay straightfill

  31. I’ve shared your competition…everywhere! I really hope I win this – can you believe I don’t own an AMC pot?

  32. I shared your post…everywhere! I really hope I win this. Can you believe that I don’t own an AMC pot? Would love to start a collection of my own

  33. I remember in my younger dayz, my mum had thee whole set of Amc pots, I remember her making Idli in those poached egg cups, u get in the Amc set. Can any1 remember this, and mummy stil hav those pots. Its definetly a lifetym guarantee. I would so love to win this

  34. Hi Yudhika, Love your recipes, you make it look so simple! #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife, also a big fan of AMC. Keep up the good work 🙂

  35. #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife really enjoying your blog Yudhika especially the pictures of the food lol, make s me want to lick the screen. Thank you 🙂

  36. #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife love your recipes and I love my two amc pots, hoping to one day expand my collection 🙂

  37. I always wanted to own an amc set but could not afford it from way back 26 years ago. April this year I bought the most beautiful selected items that I know I would get maximum usage. My husband thought I was foolish and was wasting money until he tasted the much more healthier way of using amc and the recipes. My next list of amc is the skillet and the induction plate so that breakfast could be made whilst we are eating at our table. Now I am an amc follower for life.

  38. #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife I am absolutely in love with this pot! Cannot do without my amc. Its the best cookware ive ever used!

  39. Super love all the inspirational stories that go along with the delicious recipes!!! #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife

  40. #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife Love these pots for their heavy bases. I’ve never burnt a curry in an AMC pot.

  41. I would love love love to win this AMC Skillet and gift it to my precious mum, who is most loyal to this awesome brand. Many many many many years ago she purchased a few AMC pots, which she religiously uses every single day. After 35 odd years, it’s starting to look it’s age, but mum refuses to part with them. She swears by these pots, and says the food tastes better than it would in any other. I think it’s a combination of her amazing cooking skills and the great quality of AMC cookware. In my opinion, it’s a delicious combination. I’ve also been trying A LOT of your recipes in the last year and I often send pics to my mum who lives in Durban. She’s super impressed and thinks you’re a great teacher. I agree! Thank you for the great recipes and amazing ideas! #yudhikayumyum #amcforlife

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