The Hunger Games….

I wrote this blog a while ago…it still makes me want to pinch myself for two reasons. One being that I have grown enough as a person to share my experience and the second, I can’t believe that it actually happened and how my life has changed.

Some may read this and look down upon me…that is just fine by me. I am what I am and what I am today is largely because of where I come from. I share it not to shock, but to inspire somebody out there who perhaps is going through a similar experience.

It’s World Hunger Day….reach out if you can because every little bit counts and you can make a difference!

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This is an uncomfortable blog to write….it takes me back to a rather sad and unpleasant time in my life….fortunately, I have had many ‘happy endings’ which makes writing this much easier!

I have experienced hunger a few times….my family were not wealthy and putting a meal on the tables at times was just not possible. Growing up in an Indian community meant that everything was ‘hush-hush’ – I did not speak about it…actually nobody spoke about it! It was a game we played…pretending that everything was fine!

A packed school lunch was a luxury – my dad tried, I suppose but it just wasn’t enough. I cried sometimes…just feeling so overwhelmed by such poverty, helplessness and embarrassment. Don’t get me wrong, there were good times too but every now and then, our lives were punctuated with hunger! I did not starve, but I sure know what it feels like…

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  1. Dear Yudhikay,

    You are an amazing and resilient young woman. What a poignant story. Beside the wonderful recipes, I love reading y0ur blogs. I am originally from South Africa but have been living in Australia for a long time. I am a Psychologist and your story touched my heart. Nobody could look down on you, someone like you is an inspiration and role model to other young people experiencing similar pain at the moment.

    Kind Regards


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