1. I love it when a plan comes together….after years of planning and hard work, I have finally got Curry Me Home off the ground!

    I first approached the Broadacres Superspar during the planning stages of developing Curry Me Home. I was surprised by the enthusiasm and support that I received by Pat Tarr….who I now fondly call ‘Mother’. Pat was not only prepared to give the Curry Me Home products some shelf space…she got really involved with packaging and the branding too! I confess that without this assistance I would have hit lots of bumps along the way. Not only did Michael and Vernon Tarr assist with my shopping demands, they also took a keen interest in the Curry Me Home range, watching it grow from an order of 20 bottles to hundreds of spice bottles and recipe books too. Whatever I needed, they made a huge effort to find…Egyptian Dukkah, Safinter Paprika, Guinea Fowl and a linefish called Englishman….nothing was too much effort.

    The Broadacres Spar is not just My Spar…its the reason behind the success of my brand over the last few years. I would love for you to have the My Spar Experience and I will be giving away a shopping voucher from Spar to one lucky winner.

    All you have to do is watch this clip on you tube and leave a comment!

    Win Win Win…like this video clip and post a comment on You Tube and win a R500 shopping voucher from My SPAR
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    1. Wow! I am going to try this. I think this, for me, is the best way I have seen how to use fresh spinach. I’ve always struggled to use spinach. Thank u. The demonstration was also very clear & perfectly done. I can see you are enjoying cooking. I could almost taste & smell the food. Well done!

    2. I live in Kensington, Joburg and wish to know where I can get the “Curry Me Home” spices close to where I live?

      1. Hi there, the spices are stocked in a few superspars but unfortunately not one in kensington….there are a few in the boksburg area and around fourways as well as Northcliff and roodepoort..as well as suninghill. I would be happy to mail order them through to you….my email address is hetals@iafrica.com

  2. For a few years I’m working for my self do printing and graphic design’s and Hand made invitation cards for weddings and b_days. So I was looking for chocolate pots the small ones 30 of them I could not got them any where( My Client said 2 day’s before I had to deliver them .) … So I Went to Panorama Spar in Brits. And the lady that assist me had made a plan to get this pots for me in one day .. Spar U are the best .

  3. Maritza, I hope you have already entered the competition by viewing the video on you tube, clicking like and then posting a comment. You could win a R500 Spar shopping voucher!

  4. Hi Yudhika
    I have always been an ardent fan of yours via the Post Newspaper. And I still follow you on Facebook. Keep up your great work so us learners can one day be a pro like you.

  5. This looks like such an easy curry to make. I am definitely going to try it out….I have always been told to stir in the garam masala right at the end of cooking so was interested to see you add it with the rest of the spices. But then, this dish is so quick to make anyway! And I love that your spices are already roasted. Must look out for them, have never seen them before! Thank you for sharing xx

  6. We wish u not just smiles and happiness but laughter and pure joy not just abundance of blessing but heavens true treasures.. May u walk with love and light of the Lord always. Please take care of all our animals.. Happy Diwali….:)

  7. The receipe is so simple and easy and usage of simple ingredients looks so yummy. Its the firSt tym I have watched the programme. While u were cooking. I felt as if I could smell the aroma. Your smile is so beautiful. Well done.

    1. Hello Priscilla,

      I always get hungry when I watch food shows….I love simple dishes that are full of flavour. Don’t forget to enter the competitions on the AMC page as well as on Whirlpool and Spar. X

  8. love your show, my son I are always hungry when watching your show. My son was recently diagnosed with cancer. As a working mum it makes it difficult to please him during work days, your blender would be so useful in my kitchen, We have our own Nigella here in South Africa. What a great show today.

  9. Hi YUdhika.
    Just want to start off to say that I LOVE your show. U inspire me to cook different dishes. I am also sooo proud of you. A young indian woman doing it for herself. Looking forward to many more delicious recipes. Good luck to many more endevours.

  10. Hi Yudhika! your chicken and spinach recipe is just simple and perfect. I have two kids aged 5 and 2 and i’ve always struggled with introducing them to veggies especially spinach. So this recipe is a great way to do just that since they love chicken. Can’t wait to give it try. Thanx.

  11. Hi Yudika love your recipe for volcano cakes just what I need for a sunday desert.thanks great recipes and great show
    Hope I can win the AMC pot can’t afford these luxurious
    Thanks Sheila Bhagoo

  12. Hey one and all I’m so super excited for these fun easy recipes and cannot wait to try these divine Volcano fondants (bbm dance smily), since I’m such a chocoholic. Thnx Yudhika for these awsum recipes lots love xoxoxo every1

  13. Hi Yudika, everything you do is so effortless and simple. I have tried your recipes and they are flop proof. Thanks for the appetising show!

  14. Been using your cookbook for many years – everything works – friends and family are amazed by this Pretoria boy cooking authentic Indian cuisine.Congrats on the show you deserve it!

  15. I’ve never used spinach with chicken before, thanks will definitely try this. I don’t know if its only me but I struggle to come up with ideas for meals everyday, and your recipes add such a wonderful variation to items we already have in our fridge and cupboards. Thanks for the tip on salt and onion, such a great idea.

  16. I enjoy your cooking show. Everything you do is so simple and u feel as though you jst want to get in the kitchen and try it out. I also would love to have a AMC cookwear pot.

  17. I like the combination of chicken and spinach…especially with the spinach not overcooked. Looks yummy. A must try. Thanks alot

  18. Fantastic show….Fabulous recipes …. And you make it all look so effortless …. Well done!

  19. Living on my own and trying all the new recipies are awesome and jus what is needed especially doing it all on your own getting the right ingredients at the super spar is much more cost effective and saves me time as well
    Thank you Saffron Tv and Spar for the much effort put together to help single guys like me

  20. Wow excellent show,de pomegrante raita looks divine its sumthin that I ω°̩ℓℓ definatly like 2 mk when I have visitors over.

  21. Hi, really enjoying all the cooking tips and meals. Going to try the chicken and spinach. Can you please post the red valet cake and icing recipes,,m for me. Thanks

  22. Hello Yudhika
    I simply love your show ,being a newly married woman . You make impressing my husband simple ,easy and joyful .

  23. Think u are a really great cook. Luv your recipes. They are easy to follow and always somes out fantastic!

  24. Love your show, tried the Prawn Curry – it was fabulosity itself!!!! YUM YUM.
    Good luck for future shows…. Ayesha Davis

  25. Getting into the grips of ur recipe,wil beaat the starving,at home,tired of same ol,keep it coming

  26. Your receipes r easy n simple, not time consuming. I cook food similar reveipes bit your flair for adding veggies, like brinjal to a dish is enlightening. I’ve now use veggies with so called standard dishes, sometimes fruit. My chutneys n dip r made with fruit. You’ve taught me to experiment with cooking. I started to coook at the ripe old age of 47. Tthanks to your inspiration.

  27. Love your show – it is now my favourite show!
    Love both your baking and cooking cause you really simplify the methods for the viewers.

  28. hi it was my first time watchn ur show today,the food looks absolutely lovely cant wait to try it out,I have to learn abit more now that my fiance is indian and I’m coloured so have to experiment!thanx

  29. Jus love this cooking programme. Tried so many of the recipes and what a success!!!!! Keep it up Yudhika

  30. Great show Yudhika. Love the simple and quick and easy recipes. Makes cooking fun and fuss free for all of us after watching your demos.

  31. Luv ur show. Itz wonderful to know how to create magic in ur kitchen. I adore cooking. Makes me feel warm.

  32. I really love your receipes for chocolate cakes. The red velvet receipe is awesome. Thank you for lovely programme

  33. Wow yudika, thank you for a wonderful cooking programme called Sugar’nSpice..you make cooking look so easy. I have tried some of your receipes and they were delicious..my children enjoyed the red velvet cake , they say its the first time they taste that and I must make it for mothers day. Also your prawn and penne was outstanding as it was different..now I can show off some new receipes for mothers day lunch..enjoy your mothers day.

    1. Sheritha, thanks for watching the show – I am so glad that you are enjoying the recipes and giving them a bash! I hope you had a lovely mother’s day too!

  34. Hi. Watched todays episode. Loved the creamy garlic prawn recipe. Definitely gonna make this for eid. Thanks for this simple yet delicious recipe. U r an inspiration.

  35. Hi you are a great inspiration for cooking. quick and easy no fuss. Thankyou for the programme. May I ask you something you have a spice dish that you use where can one but that………….the wooden one

  36. Hi.i Have taped most of the recipes.You make baking and cooking fun.I have made the chicken,but used evapourated milk.i didnt think that making prawns with cream will be tasty…used to only fry in garlic butter.Your burfee recipe look very easy..going to make it for divali and i hope it would not flop,because my burfee does nt come out nice.Hope u will continue giving us the simple tips from you. Regards Vino

      1. Made ur barfi and naankhatay for eid and it came out jus as it luks on ur show. Thanks for aiding me into trying da naan khatay always tawt it was difficult to make and not using eggs made it my fav coz I hate using eggs in anything I bake. Thanks Yudhika Ur a STAR. Luv Nafeesa
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  37. Hi there Yudhika

    I watched your show on 13 August 2013 on channel 174 you made a different roti I always wanted to make it because I ate it in India. Can you please tell me where can I get the receipe as I missed the ingredients

    Thanks you really inspired me and look forward to watching your programme for a very long time. Ruby

  38. Thank you Yudhika for an awesome cook off today with the team from Danone! We loved the experience at Holi Cow…mmmm and all that yummy food! Simply delish…you can count on this bunch coming back for more!

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