AMC Cookware Giveaways

Win this fabulous 30cm AMC Paella Pot!

Win this fabulous 30cm AMC Paella Pot!

AMC cookware are giving away this 30cm Paella Pot valued over R3000.00 in celebration of my cooking show, Sugar ‘n Spice!  The show will air on Saturday 9th February at 15h30 on Saffron TV (Channel 195)!

To stand a chance of winning, share a winning AMC cookware moment with us!  It may be about a meal that you have prepared already, or perhaps when and how you got your first pot…it also may be about a meal you are planning to cook for someone special…Please post your answer as a comment in the section below!


The first winner will be announced on 30 March 2013.


The second winner will be announced on 30 June 2013.



I am really looking forward to hearing from you….

Hugs from my ‘Sugar ‘n Spice’ kitchen,


P.S. Regret South African entries ONLY!


  1. If I can win this amazing stunning 30cm Paella Pot, I would love to make my husband`s favourite Chicken stew with a hint of Lemon and herbs and steamed veggies.. Since he had a heart attack, we are eating more healthy and I know that I can make a lot of healthy dishes for us in this lovely pot

  2. Wow, if I can win this stunning 30cm Paella Pot , I can make my husband`s favourite Chicken stew with a hint of Lemon and herbs with nice steamed veggies. Because of his heart attack, we are eating much more healthy and I know that I can make a lot of healthy dishes in this amazing pot!!! 🙂

  3. Well growing up I only new AMC as pots go, my mom has had her set for as long as I have been around .. I remember when I was about 10 I was almost the perfect kid and was washing one of the pots when I dropped it .. and it landed on my toe.. ha ha and it hurt … so yea one of the signs of a good pot in my mind .. if you drop it and it really really hurts your toe it could be a great solid pot that will last a life time .. that pot is still around 25 years later … and going strong .. and so is my toe, good to know that some things are still made to last ..

  4. Having just celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary I can say that a good pot is very much like a woman, treat them right and you’ll have them for a lifetime 🙂

  5. Lol AMC is a must have, when we go for functions al the aunties chat about their cooking, which and how many AMC pots they have and ofcause how much they paid. Which year it was bought and the quality, some even chat about how they have their pots displayed on bracets on the kitchen walls(my mother in law lol) I bought my set 2yrs ago and the first item in the pot was toasting rotis OMG the pot got slightly burnt at the bottom cause of the oil (I am useless) had to call the AMC demo aunty to come help me clean the burnt away. She look at me with disppointment can’t say that I blame her, now I have AMC cleaner in my cupboards and cooking happily no more burns, so happy.

  6. From the time I learnt to cook I have been using AMC pots. In fact I was blissfully unaware of any other type of pots. So from my first attempts at chocolate fudge as 11 year old till my perfectly turned out roast chicken during my campus days, I have been using AMC pots.
    When I got married and moved in with my mother in law there were no AMC pots. I was mortified and told my mum how difficult it was to adapt to another brad of pots. She must have felt my pain because she gave me a brand new AMC frying pan that she had stashed away years ago. I happily gave it pride of place in the kitchen and use for anything and everything that will fit in it (which means I wash it a lot every day). Nothing comes close to the quality of AMC Cookware and I can happily attest to that.

  7. My AMC story goes back to years ago when I was a little kid, probably about 6 or 7 years old. I hail from an average family and luxuries were definitely far and few. Back then, some 32 years ago, even AMC pots were a luxury and people that could afford them were classed as ‘hoity-toity’ … LoL. My mum sold Riviera biscuits and goodies to family and friends whereby she made a bit of extra cash which she managed to save. With this she bought herself the Universal set of AMC pots. Back then the Universal set came with alot of extras. I would go into the kitchen and study these glittering stainless steel pots, pans, bowls, chip fryer, knives, etc with such curiosity and not forgetting I was charmed to see my reflection smiling at me :). I was always intrigued by these shiny and gleaming pots that looked so posh, unknown to me as a child that there were indeed classy. And I would page through the recipe book that was also a bonus added to the Universal set. (I still have the book as well, with the stamp and agents details on it) Mum’s food always tasted the best because she now succumbed to only using the AMC pots for cooking the family’s delicious meals. Today mum is no more 😦 but I have her AMC pots to remind me of her and bring back memories of my childhood and all her sumptuous cooking. Some how or the other, my AMC pots work like magic and my cooking is always complimented as well. I’m sure I have a genie in Mum’s AmC pots 🙂

  8. Hi Yudhika! All the Best for your show.
    I love my AMC pots,they are So good looking n come in useful sizes especially for our Indian cooking.

    I got married two years ago, n received my AMC pots as a gift from mum n dad.

    I have to say that’s been the most useful gift I have got. I use it everyday to cook up lovely dishes and cleaning them iS a breeze.

    #proud AMC user

  9. My best cooking experience was when I got to cook fo my dads 60th.Wow.I never knew that I was able to cook for 150 people.Guess what,everything was perfect.Masala chicken,vegetables,paneer,pastas.

  10. When I was little, I remember the women in the family aspiring to own AMC cookware…I only understood why after I started cooking in them… fact my family is so accustomed to me cooking in my AMC, my husband can literally taste the difference when the food is cooked in any other pot

  11. Using an amc pot is my dream. it is a really beautiful pot to cook in without or with very less oil. i am really looking forward to winning this pot. it can be used for every type of food you need to cook

  12. My mom invested in AMC when I was little….in preparation for the day i married.So it came to be that AMC formed part of my Trousseau. AMC took pride of place at my first dinner prepared for my in-laws. My AMC pots,steak knives,salad bowl, & recipe book, all played their role in making me a fabulous hostess! Thank you AMC 🙂

    1. I have invested in three sets – one for each of my children….we may have to park the cars on the driveway since the garage is pretty full with all the stuff I keep saving for the kids. I am know going to select some of the larger pots for the kids – there isn’t a better gift than a good education and great pots!

  13. My mom in Hindi and my dad coloured so I grew up cooking amazing curries. My mom bought me my first AMC classic pot for a wedding gift and I made a biryani for my hubz. It blew the socks off him and now is a family favourite

  14. My mum was an AMC cookware consultant back in the days to make extra money.We are 3 sisters and growing up we learnt to cook with AMC what an absolute pleasure. My mum had given us a set of AMC pots.I had gotten married into a home where AMC pots was not known off – the only pots being used was the big stainless steel India pots – I took out my AMC pots to cook in but when i got divorced I was not allowed to take anything with me.I left with little clothes for my son and myself and nothing else.8 years later bring a single mum with no support from my ex bills to pay I could never afford to buy myself AMC pots again.Winning this gorgeous Paella pot would be amazing to finally cook in an AMC pot again…to capture the tastes of all the ingredients making it delicious and healthy meal for my son….

    1. Hello Hemantha – Congratulations… have just won the AMC paella pot!!!! Wishing you all the best for the future and hoping that AMC will put a smile on your dial!!!

  15. My mum being the indian mum she is, had lay buyed a set of three AMC pots for when i was in primary school! I can still remember going with her to friends house once a month to pay for the pots. Im married for two years and i love my pots to bits! Im also lucky to have a man in my life who luvs AMC pots as much as i do and he has nw added to my colection of pots! Im expecting my first baby now in july and im definately going to follow in my mums foot steps and buy pots for my kids from now, be it boys or girls, every one should have these pots:-)

  16. We are all proud AMC users in our family, my mum, sister and I. I remember studying my mum’s AMC cookbook when I was little, to learn all the fun things I could do with AMC. I taught her how to steam the veggies using the inverted grater and inset ring, I’ve made idlis using the egg poacher, i do all my biryanis in it and soon i want to attempt baking a cake in it. If I win the AMC paella pan, I would make a vegetarian paella ( we dont eat meat). Since its karhai shaped it willalso give me a chance to try out some amazing Indian dishes like Paneer Jalfrez. Please AMC, make my day.s

  17. Can’t wait to cook a sumptuous vegetarian breyani for my love on Valentines Day, in my 24cm roaster. I can just imagine how delicious the meal is gonna be as I’m cooking it in an AMC pot. Nothing can beat cooking in an AMC pot!

  18. before i got married learning how to cook in my mums kithchen, hosting my own make belief ‘cooking show’ making my mum laugh, i only used her AMC range, the aromas and waterless cooking and the smiles on my families faces when we tucked into the delicious food was priceless. Now that i am married and miss those days, and if i win i would make my mums old favourite rice dishes such as saffron and chicken pillou and really make my husband smile:) AMC memories are in all families and all generations. 🙂

  19. AMC pots have revolutionised cooking in the Indian kitchen. Not only do you save on cooking oil and electricity, the flavour of all the ingredients just makes every meal mouthwatering.

  20. Hi! Yudhika
    All the best on ur new show
    I wasnt much of a cook and only started learning how to cook when I got married. my parents had bought me the Universal set of AMC and i must say that eversince I have cooked only with AMC… cooking with AMC has made my learning process an absolute pleasure…i love my pots but would really love to add the paella pot to my collection…thank you AMC for helping in making cooking a breeze

  21. My wifes AMC pots are 25 years old. A new paella AMC pot will compliment her set very nicely.Looking forward to many more home cooked meals in these pots.

  22. i cooked mutton breyani in the nromal spotted pots thaqt my mother gave me when i got married and it always came out ok but when i got my first set of AMC pots and started making my breyani in them it came out extra special and tasty. my family loves it when i make breyani in my AMC pots and tells me not to nuse any other pots when cooking for them.

  23. The Thai Prawn Curry recipe that aired on Sugar and Spice seems to be tantalising and do-able. Most recipes on food channels are complicated, expensive and have ingredients that not easily avalible in our local supermarkets. The recipe is simple and affordable. I will definately try this recipe to impress the wife. Thanks

  24. The Thai Prawn Curry recipe that aired on Sugar and Spice seems to be tantalising and do-able. Most recipes on food channels are complicated, expensive and have ingredients that not easily avalible in our local supermarkets. The recipe is simple and affordable. I will definately try this recipe to impress the wife. I really can’t speak of how the curry would taste in an AMC pan or pot as we don’t have any. Basically I cannot afford any of them but from reading the blog comments, I am sure that the AMC pots and pans are great and healthy to have. Thanks

  25. Hi Yudhika the 10th April will be my 20th wedding anniversay I have one AMC pot which I use so often. This was a present adding a second would be wonderful. Getting home late from work your meal cooks quickly and safes electricity. I would love to make fish curry in this fabulous AMC pot.

  26. Hi Thank you for teaching us a whole new way of cooking and getting to know new spices,etc
    It would be a pleasure to win a pot as I saved and bought her dream ANC pots for her wedding and dont have one of my own.It is afterall about ensuring our children have the best when they marry

  27. Since I moved to Cape Town (which is 6yrs now) I have been using AMC pots because my Khala only uses AMC…cooking has never been so fast. I used to always use my pressure cooker for meats now the meat cooks so fast with AMC that there is no need for my pressure cooker. It will be so nice to start my own collection with the 30cm AMC Paella Pot.

  28. I have a set of universal pot as old as my husband(45 years)it belonged to my mother in law.When we got married it was passed down to us.I had it repolished and put in new handles.And i love cooking in pots everyday.I think a 30cm Paella pot is just what i would want now.

  29. Hi Yudhika,

    Congratulations on the great new show! First and foremost, I’m a hardcore AMC fan. I only cook in the AMC ware (that’s older than me!) that I got from my mom. I love the ability to cook with little (just a light spray with an oil pump) to no oil in an AMC, great for not packing on the pounds!

    The quality of the pots is unbeatable and the food cooks perfectly every time.

    I would love to add this pot to my collection!!!

    1. Hello Kavisha….thanks for the well wishes on the show! I am an AMC fan too and have been for decades. I also love the idea of using a light spray with an oil pump…so much better than decanting oil into a pot and guestimating the right amount…Thumbs up for a great idea!

  30. My first AMC pot was given to me by my mother when I got married. I missed home food so much so I then starting imitating my mother’s cooking by phoning her every day and getting a step-by-step help on her recipes. When I had many curries to prepare I would make each curry in my AMC and keep transferring into casseroles. On my 25th anniversary my husband bought me a set of AMC pots. That was the most cherished gift I ever received – Thanks to AMC we are still happily married for 27 years which may be due to the preparation of Amazing Mouth-watering Cuisine (AMC).

  31. Recently I made a meal consisting of some Indian vegetables i.e Ridge Gourds, Karela & indian beans. Togeather with yellow rice (khitchri) & Khuri. Wow what a mix of flavours. It was so delicious, my sons who never enjoys Indian vegetables had 2nds & 3rds. AMC brought these flavours together and contributes largely to the family’s healthy eating. This pot will go nicely towards building my collection and many more healthy dishes. The meal reminded me of the
    “good old days”.

  32. For the best in cooking, AMC is the one! My love affair with AMC started when i bought my first pot, yet didnt have the necessary culinary skills. I taught myself the art of waterless cooking and now i save away regularly to afford myself the next item on my AMC must have list. No kitchen is quite complete without AMC.

  33. Hi Yudhika

    Once again well done on your great show and thank you for the anniversary wishes. I must say we were spoilt with delicious meals by my mum using the fantastic set of AMC and now my mum in law and yes my wish is to have my own set eventually.

    Have a fab weekend

    Lola Naicker

  34. I received my set of AMC in 1980 never looked back and I have started my grand daughter off with her first pan for her 18th birthday .Love my pots

  35. I remember the first time I saw an AMC CLassic pot was in my granny’s kitchen. I was about 5 years old and I remember being fascinated by the lady doing the demo. Who new you could cook with out water! It was that day that I decided I would only use AMC Classic in my house. The day my husband I decided to get married we also ordered I first set of pots. I had my pots before my wedding dress. My dad asked if I was having a pot as a bouquet! My late granny’s pots are still around. I’ve been married 15 years and all my pots look like they are brand new and they get used everyday.

  36. I received my 1st AMC cookware the unversal pots from husband 2 be, wen I was about 2 marry him. I was just 18 yrs aand did not know much about cooking. After I married I made my 1st most tasty meal the lamb and veg stew. AMC made me the best cook ever, it been 37 long years. Thank u AMC!

  37. My first set of AMC was two years ago for Valentines day, and cooking has been such a pleasure, guess who uses them more than me, Hubby, making his favourite Prawn curry.There is no clutter of pots in my cupboard, as all we use is AMC…for just delicious meals all the time, love AMC,…

  38. I would really appreciate winning this fantastic paella pot! My husband has just undergone quadruple heart bypass surgery, plus it will be his birthday on the 6th of March. I will be able to make more healthier dishes, especially his favorite chicken dish. I will surprise him with a special dish for his birthday, in this pot.

  39. I purchased my amc universal set 16 years ago. The best move I ever made. I don’t have any other pots. I wash and use my pots over and over again. As a mother, I also feel good that I’m providing healthy meals, cooked in a healthy way. I can’t wait to make another addition to my amc family. According to my kids, I’m the best cook in the world. A little secret, its not me, its the pots.

  40. Amc pot is the best it is strong and the is food comes out juicy and with lots of flavor it is like a dream come true to have in the kitchen for woman. And I would love to own 1

  41. My family really love one pot meals, and as they save on washing up I have no problem, I am prepared to try almost any one pot meal. MMMMMM

  42. I donot do all the cooking at home,my hubby does most of it,but my special meal will be a curry or breyani for my mum..she can finally visit me in jhb after just recovering from breast cancer!it was a long battle and we are very proud of her determination to beat it.She also has many AMC pots at home,which she has for years and which we enjoyed many delicious meals!

  43. if i win the amc pot i would make pot roast for my hubby and baby as it is there favorite with this pot the food comes out juicire and has lots of flavour it is the best thing a woman can ask for and have in the kitchen

  44. i am so thankful to my mom,for giving me AMC cookware as gifts. They take pride of place in my kitchen and bring me immense pleasure in cooking. I was not much of a cook,but i have developed sufficient cooking skills and that…I have to credit to my AMC!!!

  45. AMC cookware, is one of the Best products on the market!! This perfect paella pan is a beautifully designed unit that’s excellent for cooking and presenting paella, as well as other one dish meals. The rounded, deep base with its domed lid makes this unit also ideal for making small pot roasts, or for stir-fries, Thai and other oriental dishes. Or use it for preparing soups, curries and stews. I would really appreciate winning this fantastic paella pot! 🙂 No kitchen is complete without AMC!!

  46. Hi I do not own AMC pots but when visiting family they brag about their AMC pots and I just sink in my seat wondering when am I going to get these posts so that I can also prepare meals and invite my family over so that I can also brag. Unfortunately for now I cannot buy these pots but hopefully one day I shall be the proud owner of these pots.

  47. I donot own an AMC pot and I am not a good cook either. Being married for six years and having 2 kids I am always looking for new things to learn and thanx to your show i can do just that. My husband believes that to produce good food u should cook with love, pride and patience which is true but I also believe that i can produce good food with your show and an AMC pot. It would make me so happy if i could win a pot. It would be a great start to becoming a great cook for my family.

  48. When I tell people I’ve got pots they smile at me and say, How very nice for you, are they all stacked away. They are not here upon the table, or in the kitchen sink. Are they of the precious sort , and give me a knowing wink. No I say in a blink, they are certainly not precious, but look dangeriously infectious, that is why they sit shuttered behind a closed cupboard. Now if I had the Paella pot, it would definately make my kitchen look extra hot.

  49. My most memorable cooking experience happened when I was teaching in London. My boss asked if I could do a Christmas meal for 50 staff. I had never done bulk cooking before so I was constantly on the phone to my gran getting recipes and double checking my lists. I had 2 students helping with prep. Menu included Lamb Breyani , Veg Breyani, Veg pasta, Mince meat pasta, mulled wine (homemade) ,Chicken Tikka and BBQ chicken, fruit punch, xmas cake 3 salads. I literally was all cooked out. I even decorated the venue and had festive music playing.Like the well trained hostess I am I showered did hair make donned my sexy dress and boots then waited to greet my guests.They all loved my meals and still rave about it

  50. I was living in a youth hostle in 1981 when attending an AMC demonstration in a room and a two plate stove. The saleslady demonstrate the cookware baking a cake in the one pot and fried a steak in another pot. Well thats where it started. I bought my set of pots and I’m using it ever since. Just thinking of what I can do with a paella pot

  51. Hi! I just left my daughter in a foreign country to study. What a bonus it would be for her to cook her meals in this paella pot so she won’t even realize she is away from home. Meals would be sumptious and healthy. What a cure for being homesick!!!

  52. The best gift I could have received after I got married from my inlaws was a set of AMC cookware which was passed down from my mother in law. Its something that I treasure n would love to pass down to my daughter in law.

  53. I would love to have an AMC cookware, I have heard lots of story’s of people talk of their food coming out so lovely, I have been married 3 years now and love cooking and love to win this gift and
    make my own AMC memories of more beautiful food.

  54. Buying our first house after two years of living with my inlaws, everything is expencive thos days. so if i win this pot i’ll make sure that my husband has a good home cooked meal everyday, because the pots i’m using now r not of quality…

  55. Buying our first house after two years of living with my inlaws, everything is expencive these days. so if i win this AMC cookware i’ll make sure that my husband and little girl have a delicious home cooked meal everyday, because the pots i’m using now r not of quality…

  56. mmm amc pot every womens dream to own one …i dont own one at the moment but i would love to win this …i would cook healthy meals in it for my family ….it would be good for my health also …

  57. I first met you at the Good food and wine then again at the Dome and last time was at Spar Monument park. I have always been fascinated by Indian cooking but the traditional “a pinch of this and a pinch of that” never worked for me – by following your instruction and recipe book that has all changed- now for a decent Amc Paella pot to compliment it all and I will be set. Keep up the fantastic work I have converted many friends to follow you simply because your recipes all work and are delicious.

  58. Oh Wow, this looks like an amazing pot, when watching you use it. Love your program on Saffron TV. If I win this pot I will use it to do a very nice healthy stir fry. Currently I’m using an old Bauer pan and there isn’t enough space in it, so my veggies fall out. I also like to serve my stir in the same pot its prepared in, but difficult with the heavy Bauer pan.
    The AMC pot looks amazing and cooks amazing, so it will be amazing if I can win it.

  59. My mum invested in AMC pots- after lay bying it a few years ago. We have very few memories of it since it was stolen in a house break in, how sad! I don’t think we’ll be able to afford to buy these pots again, as they cost and arm and a leg but are definitely worth every cent! It would be a dream to win this paella pot and finally have an AMC of our own, again.

  60. Raksha
    I don’t own an AMC pot. I have always wanted one. I love cooking and I do believe that one should cook with love…’s the most important ingredient:).

  61. I am not a cook, but after watching your show, you make it seem so easy…I want to be able to cook as well(almost) as you. A smart AMC pot wold make my newly discovered cooking word all that greater. Thak you for your show.

  62. started cooking at an early age in my mums kitchen making delicious rice dishes in her amc pots and it was the best when i recieved a set of my own for my wedding gift ive been using them for 26 years now and they still in perfect condition adding to my collection as the years past and this paella pot would really make it the best pot collection.

  63. I would love to win this to make my hubby’s n kids favourite leg of lamb , I would love to have this pot also because my mum has amc pots and has bein cookin in it for many years so I knw all about it and would love to have my collection 1day to cook amazin dishes with!

  64. It was the first time I watched ypour show and I was mostly impressed with they way you made cooking look so easy. I sm sure the pot makes a diiference, but I am also convinced your method of cooking and the passion you have makes the food look delicious and tasty.

  65. i love your cooking show.all your recipes are so simple. and your methods are easy to follow.everyting you make looks so tantalising and mouth watering. love it.keep up the good work.

  66. I received my first set of AMC pots as a weding gift . They are amazing pots and I use them everyday. If I win this amazing pot would love to cook a cornish chiken curry with a thick gravy and soft almost melting potatoes garnished with chopped dhania and served with steamed rice and a carrot and cucumber salad.

  67. Would like to see those 2 disgraceful pressure cookers my mum uses EVERYDAY in the dump…on another planet! The AMC Paella Pot will replace those hideous things…and make mum and I extremely happy. Win, win situation! Thank you.

    1. I still have two old pressure cookers that I inherited somewhere along the way – you just reminded me that I need to get rid of them….I do have two amc speed cookers and they are beyond fabulous! Good luck, Shazia!

  68. AMC is the best and winning this would be an awesome gift to add to my collection . The pots I presently have go back about 20 years which were handed down from my mum so really close to my heart. Winning this would mean more delicious food over the years to come.

  69. I need this pot to perfect my breyani recipe. I need to practice cause I want to prepare inter alia breyani for the baby shower of my daughter-in-law in June. This is a must have. Great competition

  70. I have always cooked in AMC pots and fortunately my husband had invested in a set long before we got married. This made my life so much easier knowing that i wiould not have had to struggle cooking in any other pots. Would love to add this paella pot to my collection.

  71. I have Amc classic pots which I bought 30 years ago as my troussea. Being married 29 years I have never cooked in other pots. 3 years ago my kids nearly burnt down my kitchen as they left heated oil on my smallest classic pot & it caught fire however that pot should be a Amc classic ad as it survived the heat only the handle was damaged Which proves that when I bought my Amc classic pots I was told it is a lifetime buy yes my burnt pot confirms that

  72. I don’t own any amc cookware as yet but willing to share the moment when I can afford a set, judging by sugar n spice it looks brilliant I’m sure it makes cooking easier

  73. When I was newly married, I put some dhall on the stove to boil in an AMC pot that my mum had given me for my wedding. I then phoned my mum and got really busy talking and forgot all about the dhall on the stove! It was only when I got the smell of the burning dhall, did I remember that it was on the stove. It was burnt to a cinder! I took the pot off the stove and soaked it some water. I put on some new dhall to boil and thought that I would probably have to throw out the pot as I would never be able to get out all the black stains. To my surprise, it didn’t even take any scrubbing to get out all the burnt dhall and not a stain in sight. It’s now been 13 years and that pot of mine is still good as new. Up until now it was my little secret!

  74. My sister will be 50 this year and has asked me to make a lovely lamb curry for the occasion. I’m going to use Yudhika’s lovely Lamb Rogan Gosh recipe and hope it comes out as rich and yummy as hers :-))This beautiful AMC pot is exactly the size I need for my authentic Indian inspired dish. I want to put the pot in centre of the table when serving because its so beautiful and keeps the heat perfectly, so we don’t have to reheat and reheat all the time. I have never owned AMC cookware in my life but have been inlove with it all my life, I will be the proudest owner you’ve have seen 🙂 Thanks for your great show and scrumptious recipes Yudhika, you inspire me.

  75. A – Admired, trusted amongst the worlds best pots
    M- Most used pots in my household.
    C- Calamity free cooking experience

  76. My mums set of AMC pots go back to 29 years ago,and when i got married she gave me one of her pots. Cooking in it is an absolute pleasure.

  77. I received my first set of AMC junior set of pots.I still have them 23 years later.I have never wanted to cook with any other pots.I use them daily to make pots of curry to breyani and stews.They really are tough and stand the test of time.Timeless and classic is really their hallmark and the best is you can use less oil as pots really lean to a healthier way of cooking.I love them and in todays greener world they are the best way to go,

  78. I would love to win this pots, as I’ve never won anything before in my life…
    I have used my aunts amc pots to cook a few dishes until she moved away from home with all her pots 😦
    I am still saving up to get myself a set of these beautiful pots
    My late mums pot got stolened a few days after my mum passed away.
    I love to cook, love to experiment.
    Wish I could win one.

  79. I have cooked with AMC pots for the last 25 yrs and nothing beats the economical, safety and health benefits that the pots offers. You know as you mature in a relationships style is also very important. When I met my husband he always never understood why I choose a pot over a ring or perfume for each very special occasion. Now as I mature I will gladly hand over some of my pots to my children to start their new life as I enjoyed cooking and feeding my family with many a happy memory. From marinade.or frying, roasting and baking what a treat and best of all the easy cleaning,this is just to wonderful.

  80. I love cooking in my AMC pots, it’s the best investment I have made. Makes cooking delicious healthy meals so effortless and quick. Especially weekday suppers after a long day at work, I can create easy one pot wonders in my AMC pots. I love the pilau recipe which is so easy and by giving it variety its become a weekly favourite. My girls have their eyes on my pots so I’ve got to start purchasing their own AMC pots for their lifetime investment from mum.

  81. AMC,going down memory lane,brings a tears of joy to my eye, a gift from my hubby from my first day of marriage till today ,29 years ago.Always faithful and sincere and still the best friendship we share.thank u ,AMC

  82. as a new bride I really wanted to impress my new in laws with my “excellent cooking”, which offcourse I knew nothing of.
    My mums food was always flawless she always praised her amc cookware for the fantastic results, I was confident with amc by my side nothing could go wrong.
    Not realising, there was a flaw in the recipe and instead of 1 cup sugar it read 1 cup salt. In my young stupidity followed the recipe to the last volume and quantity, knowing I have some very important people to impress. I made the biryani. After dinner I was very proud of myself especially when my father in law kept on complimenting me on my fantastic cooking skills!!!
    20 years later and I still have the recipe in my book of memoirs, and surprisingly still married:)
    But as I said AMC never lets you down, provided you can use logic.

  83. I have put my 40th birthday on hold until I get this pot to cook a yummy paella in. So no family or friends for the next while to celebrate with.

  84. I would really love to win this pot as I’m learning how to cook and this would be a joy as my family love Paella

  85. A dream would come true if I won this amc pot I love simply love them as I used to use them a lot @ my moms b4 marriage unfortunately I can’t aFford one of my own presently. This can be my start to the amazing collection of amc

  86. I grew up in a home where only amc pots were used to cook. When I married my husband he had bought his mum amc pot two years previously to us getting married, but she did not like me as i was not her choice for her son. i was not allowed to use the AMC pots to cook and so she kept them in her room locked up citing they were only for fasting month and i was even then not allowed to cook in them. One day after burning supper in the aluminium pot i complained to my husband and being the kind of man he was he saved up enough the following year and bought me my own set. Sadly his mum passed away and i was shocked when my sister in law sent me a box that contained all my mother in laws pots and amc dishes. Now i have 2 full sets but amc has some new pots that i absolutely adore and wish i can afford. I love AMC cookware and nothing can compare

  87. Anthony David : Hello Yudhika thank you for a lovely programme when you think you know everything about Indian cooking and then you watch your show and you release that their is a new dimenision to Indain cooking but done in a simply yet professional way. Thank you for all yor time and receipes you share and your skill and knowledge thank you for that. I tremendously enjoyed tha way you baked the red velvet cake it looks very tasty. I pray that you would grow from strenght to strenght with your cooking talent take care and GOD BLESS. Thanks to AMC for the prize. AMC is a brand that you can trust becauseof the quality of their product and they have been existing for many many years. We have AMC cookware at home and although it is about 22 years old its still does the job.

  88. If I win this pot I will be extremeyly excited as i will be having a blast while doing my fav hobby cooking with the amazing amc pot.I will be creating magic in da kitchen in style 4 my mom n children..

  89. Honestly I come across your cooking program by accident. But boy I was pleasantly surprise of the simplicity and yet with great exciting results. And best of all, the products used aren’t funny ingredients that only certain stores have, but easily available even in the FREESTATE!!! ThanXXX

  90. My granma,refuses to part with her ,I’m sure 50 year old amc pot,the one I take to the doorway on my way home,but unfortunately hav to put bac before I run.she refuses to part wid one wekend I “loaned” the pot widout permission and decided to see wot the fuss about cookn in that pot was.I always felt that if I buy my own set,I wil jus b wasting money,as the novelty will wear out,I cookd and I loved the texture of food,the flavours stuck in that pot,and I hav my smal pot which I eventualy bort,and wil slowly expand my set as I save money,no going bac,amc always!!

  91. Winning this beautiful pot not only wud enahnce my kitchen with its exclusive look cause I also cannot really afford to buy one, but I wud def w anna try making the lovely prawn recipe I jus saw now with garlic and chillie powder. Wow I never ever did prawns with chillie powder before. Can’t wait to try it out

  92. I would really be overjoyed if I won this pot because I love to cook healthy.I remember when I first cooked fish curry I borrowed my mums AMC pot to cook it in and it was devine.

    1. Isn’t this competition over
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

      1. Yes the first winner has been drawn but the competition is still running with a second broadcast of Sugar ‘n Spice – The Whirlpool Jetchef competition as well as the KitchenAid competition are still running too. The first winner for the AMC competition is Hemantha Ramdhani.

  93. For me,good Cookware & kitchen accessories elevates the elegance of a kitchen.In my Home,the kitchen forms the heart of our home,where all family congregate for a cuppa coffee & baked goodies or the place to follow your nose to for that heart warming Curry when your tummy rumbles! I love collecting kitchen gadgets & cookware. AMC is always on the top of my list for kitchen must-haves! AMC will form part of my heir loom to pass onto my kids someday,along with the art of great cooking. This way I know,they will never go hungry! 🙂

  94. Well, my story goes like this. I got married in 1984
    I had not a single pot of any sort, and refused to buy, as all I wanted was AMC
    A friend of mine became an agent and I was one of her 1st customers and that was in 1988
    Took me 4 years to acquire but well worth the wait.
    I started off with the smallest set and over the years acquired one pot at a time which includes the electric frying pan as well as the pressure cooker. So yes I would like the Paella Pot
    Pretty please!!!!

  95. my father in law gave me my first set of pots then called the junior set as a wedding present.It has brought my family many hours of joy as i have been cooking with them for 23 years.Not one pot has been damaged ,they are still very much in use.I love cooking stews in them as they can simmer for ages without getting burnt.Tomato stews and curries are my family favourite dishes

  96. I’ve made my first leg of lamb in the AMC pressure cooker and it was an absolute hit!…every1 loved it,it was sooooooo tender and juicy,best ever and all because of AMC cookware.

  97. If i win this AMC paella pot, i would try that amazing looking biryani you made with the asparagus broccoli and paneer! I really love entertaining and i know AMC is 100% the best. This paella pot also looks like a karhai,so will be fantastic for all those dry Indian vegetable dishes like potato, jackfruit, bhaji etc.

  98. hi a proud owner of the AMC junior set of pots…it took me two long years to pay it off in installments and i use them everyday and to win this paella pot would be awesome..the perfect mothers day pressie…..i love to cook..and eat..yummy!

  99. When my sister graduated, we had a welcoming dinner with family and friends. I was the one cooking as usual because I love cooking. Everything was on time and I cooked my beef stew with Magnum Pot, It only took half the time when cooking with other pots. The food was delicious.

  100. My mum in law is down sizing and has passed on a couple (she couldnt bear to part with all) of her AMC pots to me. Despite the age on them, these pots are still amazing! I will probably be able to pass them onto my daughter in law one day.

  101. when i was a little girl my dad bought my mum her first set of amc pots and that time the pots cost him R702.00 for a complete set of six pots, 3 bowls a net fryer and a receipe book. 38 years later the pots are still there. My mum still cooks every day with her pots and now see teaches my daughter to cook in them amc pots that she used when she thaught me to cook in. Now talk about quality and a gift that lasts a life time. Thats amc for u. it never goes out of style and its every girls dream to own a set.

  102. Good day

    i lik to make Butter Chicken from Parkistan adn I bought your book at Hobby Expo and is ussing the recipies. I would like to win the AMC Paella pot to do the cooking in it look so easy when you cook in it. Thanks for all the tips and ideas.

  103. So fantastic to get hold of a real fantastic recipe for Maroccan Lamb ! I realy believe it will taste so much better cooked in an AMC Calssic paella pot . A Classic pot for a classic dish !!

  104. So stoked you have a weekly newsletter now. Keen to keep up with your new recipies. See you soon at Northgate for the Design Expo. regards, Glenda 🙂 xx

  105. Ooooopsie …. didn’t leave my comment :-(. It would be the cherry in top cooking in this pan as you do at all of your show, and I keep bumping into you at them AND you recognise me yaaaaay. THE FIRST meal I would make is you Morroccan lamb curry. looks amazing amd am sure it tastes just as good.

    See you soon 🙂



    1. LOL – I am also guilty of getting caught up in a moment, Glenda! If you spot me at a show…you know that you will spot an AMC pan not too far away! The Moroccan Lamb is superb…and perfect for this weather!

  106. Hi Yudhika
    I am so glad we stopped at your stand at HobbyX 2012 & 2013. Your book and spices make everything sooo easy.
    Early in 1976, as a newly qualified teacher, having just moved into a garden cottage with a kettle and 2 jumble sale, old pots, I was asked to host an AMC Party. Amongst the folk I invited was my mom who had suffered with nasty mouth ulcers for many years. The demonstrator mentioned that since she had been using AMC, her mouth ulcers had stopped. Well, that was 1 set sold to my mom and as I was single and did not have to ask anyone but myself how I wanted to spend my brand new salary cheque, I also bought a set and threw out the 2 old pots. 37 years later, I am still loving and using my pots & the kitchen utensil hostess gift. My still mouth ulcer free mom (84) and dad (nearly 91) are now in a retirement village and only have to prepare their evening and weekend meals, but of all the items that were got rid of when they downsized, their AMC pots were lovingly kept and are still used. When AMC says “lasts a life time” they really mean a life time. My Bon Appétit recipe book says First published 1975 so must be one of the first batch printed. The AMC Classic Paella will make a wonderful new addition to my well loved set.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Sally

      What a lovely story – and a great piece of advice! I remember those AMC parties from when I was a child. My mom always got into trouble for buying just ‘one more pot’!!! I think we all have our very own AMC story but this one is really special….the pots last a lifetime but so do the memories!

  107. Hi my daughter Tracy and myself will surely see u at the Northgate Design Expo and stop for a chat as we always do. Will make your Moroccan Curry and maybe even give you a sample to taste!!! Although I don’t have an AMC pot or pan will try my best to do your recipe justice( hint!!hint!!)
    Regards, Iris Kinnear

    1. I will not be at Grand Designs this weekend – but I am sure I will see you at the next show! I would love to try your Moroccan Curry – so we must arrange a tasting! X

  108. Got my first pot a year ago when i got married. it was from my mum and its my favourite pot, if i could make everything in it i probably would! i often get teased by my husband since he thinks its the only pot that i have but everytime i use it i think of my mum and all the things she taught me to cook as a young girl. its a sort of comfort when i miss home i know that i am always reminded of her. i have prepaed lovely meals such as prawn curry for her and biryani for my hubby. such sweet memories..priceless.

  109. My mum lives with me and she has always loved the AMC range but it was never in our budget to be able to get mum an AMC pot. Then my mum’s sister bought mum one for her birthday. Mum was over the moon. We invited the family over and together mum and I cooked a lovely pot of mutton and potato curry. Wow the cooking experience was amazing. We did not have to worry about the food burning to the bottom of the pot, it was the absolute perfect pot of curry. Everyone complimented us, even though mum is an amazing cook people could taste he difference. Mum’s passion is cooking for her family and she often cooks soup for the less fortunate. This pot set would be heavenly for her. she would be so thrilled to receive it. I would love to win this for my mum.

  110. Married for 19 years this year and I’ve been waiting for my AMC pots ….cooking for a family of 6 with pots from hell! Lol…..came across your recipe book on my sis-in-laws coffee table and I have adapted most of your ingredients and methods…I love change and your recipes are divine!

  111. I have only used AMC Cookware in my own home and that being some 35 years now. Whenever I have to use ANY other cookware, I will always burn the unit and in the end spend many hours trying to get the unit back to what it was before I used it. I get so mad with myself for not taking along my AMC cookware, as it is the easiest to clean and of course I only know how to cook waterless and oilless – thus resulting in the other cookware to burn…. AMC will just have to have its own suitcase from now on!!

    1. Hi Pam…We do an annual holiday to the Drakensberg and I always take along my AMC electric unit – self catering can be a nightmare with horrible pots and stoves! I have spotted a few AMC suitcases that the agents carry around! Hmmmm…maybe we should get some of those! X

  112. Amongst other valuables my new amc pots was stollen during a burgalary at home about twenty nine years ago..The universal set was a gift 4rm my parents and I only had the joy of using it for about a still looked brand new n made my kitchen beautiful..was my pride and joy..I was unemployed at that time so knew I will never see a set again in my kitchen.. Seeing how disappointed I was my late dad bout me two pots eight years..He really surprised me..I av since added another pot and a fry pan 2my collection…I would be ecstatic and it would be wonderful 2add this new baby(the paella pot) 2my of luck yudhika in yo show..and wishing u well in your future endeavours..

  113. Hi Yudika. My very first set of AMC pots was the universal set in the year, 1990. I decided to a 1 yr laybye on this set, but, what a surprise when my pots arrived after only one payment. My darling husband paid off the balance as a surprise birthday gift, and we have used AMC ever since. My daughter is getting married early next year and I would love to start her of with her first AMC pot. it would be wonderful to have the Paella pot as a wedding gift to start off her AMC range.
    Good luck and keep on cooking all your yummy yums!!!!

  114. I always wanted to cook my masala breyani in an AMC pot and serve it on Eid Day to all guess that I invite for lunch. On this special day we spend the evening at my friends having a light meal cooked in her huge AMC pot and always have the most devine taste once cooked and served in the AMC pot. So if I do win this amazing prize it would be a dream come true for me.

  115. when i moved to my own home,(10yrs ago), my mom gave a set of AMC cookware. On her first visit, i prepared the most yummy mutton breyani for her and my dad. remember the amazement on my dads face that reflected u are as good a cook as your mom. I will treasure that memory forever.
    Time has passed, my dad has passed on, my AMC cookware was stolen in a burglary, unfortunately i have not had the finance to replace them. Having this Paella Pot will be such a treat to cook in, having to reminience on the memories of exquisite times spent around the dinner table with family.

  116. After my wife and I saw your demo with the emergency curry, at Queenswood Spar, we got the spices, and the book “Curry Me Home again” and set off to try your recipe. We have done this many a time before, but with no success. This was the first time that it actually worked. I am not a chef, but love good food, and like trying new things. I never get it like the books says. This was a first for me.
    Just want to say a great thanks. I love a good curry and could never make one, until now.

    Thanks again.

  117. After my wife and I saw your demo with the emergency curry, at Queenswood Spar, we got the spices, and the book “Curry Me Home again” and set off to try your recipe. We have done this many a time before, but with no success. This was the first time that it actually worked. I am not a chef, but love good food, and like trying new things. I never get it like the books says. This was a first for me.
    Just want to say a great thanks. I love a good curry and could never make one, until now.

    Thanks again.

  118. Dear Yudhika,

    As one of your newest followers , I would like to just say that I am a learner cooker and I took a try with my AMC pot with your Chicken curry with coconut cream recipe. I decided to cook this meal for my husband and he loved it given he has been the cook for a while at home I decided to take a step up and learn and thanx to you for inspiring me I made a dish that was edible :).
    I would certain love a chance to win the prize so I can try out many more dishes and be a fab cook soon.

  119. First Set of pots received on my wedding day 6 years ago. just good old fashion “how my gran used to make magic in pots”. Just becoming a mom , now a young family , i would love to create a meal in a new pot for new cooking adventures for my family.

  120. Hi Yudhika thanks for a lovely show. our firstamc pot was bought way back in 2000. My wife always wanted one and we bought one that took us about 2 years to pay for it over laybye. Take care and stay as lovely as you are.

  121. Hi Yudhika
    I have to say I loved with chilli prawn recipe with butter and garlic. I tried it out this Sunday & it was yum, yum. My husband and my kids enjoyed it. Thank you for such a fab recipe and such a great idea with my prawns. This is the first time I tried it and it came out fabulous if i do say so myself. I would love to win the AMC cookware Paella pot and my meals will taste so much better. Thank you for such a wonderful show and such simple recipes that even I can make.

  122. Hello All and great show Yudhika
    I’d like to share my AMC experience. As youngsters growing up in Durban, we were aware of the supreme quality of AMC cookware. I am very grateful to have received three AMC pots, along with a few other pots, as wedding presents in 2006. A week after our wedding, my husband and I left to the UK for work reasons and spent the next 5 and a half years there. We packed our AMC pots along with our other necessities and have only used these when cooking various curries, chutneys, dhalls, rice dishes, deep frying, etc. Both my husband and I love cooking, especially on the gas stoves. Our UK friends and SA family came over on many occasions and really enjoyed our food. We are so proud of these pots that we leave them on the dinner table instead of serving on a platter.
    We have resettled in SA in 2011 and have brought our AMC pots with, and still love cooking with them. To date we have not used any other pot that we received on our wedding day, and I’m hopeful to increase my AMC collection soon.
    PS: I am South African :).

  123. I have always used my mums amc pots but now that I’m married,I have been dreaming of owning my own amc pot set.this pot would be a great start.I love cooking meat in amc pots as it softens the meat as quick as a pressure pot.I donot own a pot set so having amc as my very own first pot would be awesome!

  124. Paella is a rarity in my house, but is certainly a dish we really do enjoy from time to time. With an AMG Paella pot, there is no excuse not to cook up a decadent Paella more often. I would give this recipe a fair attempt:
    The pan would also see a few ‘first-time’ attempts at the classics: Potato & chorizo omelette with a kinda parsley salad, Creamy mixed mushrooms, Sicilian Aubergine Stew Caponata, or an assortment of stir-fries… ah, drooling already!

  125. Hi Yudhika
    I recently watched your CHEATS CHICKEN BERYANI video…….. awesome
    You make cooking so easy……I tried the beryani the very next day and it was a hit with the family
    I love the idea of cream in your dishes….. gives the food great flavour
    thanks for a fab show

  126. I absolutely love , love ,love your show , i have so many favourites I don’t know where to begin , i was not a person who baked and occasionally cooked a meal until I stumbled upon your cooking programme, i tried your recipe for sponge cake with honey and yogurt, and it came out perfect , I am hooked , I am always trying new recipes and loving it , thank u for your lovely recipes , keep up the good work.

  127. i watched your show for the first time on Saturday and loved it. I have never had or cooked with AMC pots before (cant afford it), but would love to cook in them someday. I am newly married so i need all the recipe tips and help i can get and your show helps alot. I cant bake to save my life but your recipes look so simple. Wonderful show keep those recipes coming.

  128. Ramadan mubarak to all the muslims around the world. May this Eid bing you all the joys you wished for. Food is the one thing that bring people together and no matter what faith you belong to ..the auspicious days like Diwali and Christmas too bring people together around the table wheer we share and share alike and all enjoy.

  129. My hubby bought me my 1st AMC pot for my birthday a few years ago…….I was furious with his choice of gifts ….. to me it was not a personal item…..but my AMC pot is one of the best gifts…
    my butter chicken cooks perfectly in it and so does all my other dishes…

  130. Jeeva on 31:07:2013
    I bougth my wife AMC pots in 1981 and she enjoy cooking the best gift that i can give for her birthday .any food she make i enjoy love you my dear

  131. When a persons sees the word AMC they auotmaitcally associacte this to thier mums great cooking,it takes you back to that great family get togther you have every sunday or that special veg breyani made over religous occasions or that hot spicy chicken curry over a festive season every girl will always asscociate this to some cooking experince ,for me seeing the AMC logo is a ittle diffrent it does in deed remind me of my mum but also of one special memory i have , as a little girl i loved watching all these cooking channels and whilest mum use to cook i use her reaming AMC pots and pretend i have my own cooking show ,the laughs and giggles we shared i still remember as if it was yesterday when i see this logo it brings back the joy ,not to mention AMC also helped me make my first breyani ,first halwa for a prayer and basically it was the best insturment my mum used to get me trained in the kitchen, i was told when i get married i would have my very own set and then i could explore as much as i can , i sometimes wonder if my main reasons for getting married is just to receive my first of AMC pots lol

  132. I watched sugar n spice… chicken korma and just finish making in my amc pot… I currently only have 1…smells taste and looks divine. nothing beats cooking in AMC

  133. i started using amc pot at the age of 12 when my dad bought it for my mum at that time the big set only cost him R750.00 and he said that it was to much.No regrets bought my owm set still using it.

  134. Growing up my mum always said that AMC pots were the best and that her friends had them and always loved cooking in them. My mum is a really good cook, but she could never afford to buy AMC pots. With my dad passing away a few years back, money has been tighter for her than before. If i won the AMC pot, i would cook my mum her favourite chicken dish and then give the pot to her as a gift. She will be thrilled!

  135. Hi Yudhika, I love your shows and look forward to every episode. You always surprise us with new & delicious recipes. Your recipes are fresh simple and tasty. My favourite recipe’s are the Naan Khataai and the crayfish curry, Yummy. I love your style of cooking, you are simply brilliant. Keep those recipes coming. Thanks.

  136. HI
    Having these Amc cookware in a kitchen makes it complete yet expensive but worth it..
    The quality of these pots is unbeatable >>> i wouldnt mind having this Paella Pot mm

  137. I remember growing up in our extended family where we all lived together (my dad’s parents, his sisters, his brothers and their wives and kids, and my parents with my brother and i). The house was always full, and my mum was assigned to cooking and cleaning tasks as my dad’s brothers wives worked so my mum was the one left at home to cook and clean for the entire family 😦 My aunt had a beautiful set of AMC pots as her wedding present but she instructed my mum never to use them as those pots will only be used when she and my uncle live alone in their own house! So my mum slaved away using old pots, 3 meals a day for a family of 17! She always admired those AMC pots but was forbiden to use them! I remember once when she asked my dad to buy her just one pot so that she can also have her very own AMC! But with money being so tight,my dad promised her a set “one day”! That day only happened 14 years later, after my parents put my brother and i through school and university, when they finally had enough money to enjoy the things in life that they wanted (and deserved). True to his word, my dad bought my mum her first set, and it is, till today, her pride and joy! For all the years of sacrifice she made for us, my mum truely deserved it! The words AMC just reminds me of those difficult days, the love of my mum and dad for each other – standing together and strong till today, and that all good things come to those who wait 🙂 This 30cm Paella pot will be a lovely addition to her long-awaited collection.

  138. Hi ‘Sugar ‘n Spice’ Yudhika’s kitchen
    I love to make biryanis be it chicken, meat or fish and this MOM’S DAY I would love to spoil my hubby and 2 kids with your Fong Kong Breyani with Fish and Prawn, unfortunately my favourite biryani pot has a massive leak, please consider me 4 your AMC cookware giveaway.

  139. I have the 24 cm Gourmet High AMC pot …… the 30cm Paella Pot will be a perfect addition. this is my everyday cookware

  140. My first AMC pot
    I have the best mum in the world …. With AMC running their promotion and getting 17.5% discount on cash purchases, my mum knew how much I wanted a specific AMC pot range valued at R12368. She would phone me everyday and remind me that the promotion was ending on 5 May. I wanted these pots so much but unfortunately I couldn’t afford it at this time so I told her I will wait for another promotion . I think she heard the dissapointment In my voice when I said wouldnt buy the pots… Later that evening my mum phoned me and said that she will buy the pots for me … That was the best news I recieved on that 4 May 2014….. So now I’m anxiously waiting for my AMC pots …. Thanks to my wonderful mum …. Hopefully I can win this to add to the start of my new collection 😉

    1. Hi sorry … I think I wrote my story in the wrong place …. This is for the chefs pan that I would like to enter for mothers day

  141. I stumbled on your website last week,sorry but never heard of you prior to that as I have been out of the country for about 6 and a half years.And what a blessing!I have been trying to master banana puri without any success until I followed your recipe.Voila! Success was guaranteed.
    Perfecting banana puri is no mean feat and thanks to your flop proof recipe I can easily call myself “Queen of Banana Puri”
    Please consider me for your giveaway so that I can try out your other recipes 🙂

  142. Hi Yudhika, I was very fortunate to win your recipe book and spice hamper from Hobart Spar in Bryanston and when I had entered I had no idea I will win I was ecstatic when Spar had called to say I was one of the winners, ever since that winning I have only used your brand of spices and cooked delicious meals from the recipe book especially the brinjol with coconut milk….. If I had to win the Paella pot omg it will finally be a dream come true as I have always wanted to own the AMC set or a pot, due to financial constraints it was never possible, when I was in my early 20’s I saw my aunt from Darnall had the entire universal set and I had cooked many times in her pots and I desired this set of pots, for myself but could never offered it. My aunt then told me that I could lay bye the pots and was so excited I had even chosen the set but then my mum had taken ill and diagnosed with 2 brain tumours and under went immediate surgery which has left her with a stroke, unable to walk or talk…. I had to suddenly become the main bread winner in my house hold as my dad stayed full time at with my mum to give her the care she needs. It will be a honour to win this pot and to finally cook a meal and feed my mum and tell her I Finally own my very own AMC pot.



      1. hi Yudhika

        I am most certainly going to visit you at the Holi Cow, cant wait to try some of your delicious food. I am now eye’ing out the fish cake recipe.

        See you soon

        lou xxxxxx

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