Curry Me Home – KitchenAid Giveaway

Win a Kitchen Aid Blender with Yudhika and Curry Me Home!

Win a KitchenAid Blender courtesy of Yudhika!!!

It’s such a treat to have a well equipped kitchen and here is one of my favourite gadgets…a fabulous blender is a ‘must have’!  In an Indian home a good quality blender cuts down on those tedious jobs like making exotic spice blends and pastes!

In celebration of the launch of my Tv Show, Sugar ‘n Spice, I will be giving away this KitchenAid Blender worth R3000.00!

All you have to do is follow this blog and post a comment telling me what you enjoy about my cooking show on Saffron Tv!  So get posting ladies and gentlemen and this beautiful gizmo might find its way into your home!

Winner will be notified on the 30th May 2013.  Entries from South Africa only!



  1. I love your cooking show because you have easy to follow tasty recipes that an amateur cook can also prepare. Most importantly, whenever I make anything from your show it comes out perfect and I get lots of compliments from my guests. Thanks for making me like a pro chef!

    1. watched your show for the first time today. excellent and easy to follow recipes. I am officially a fan!

  2. I just love u,and how you just make me hungry before u even start cooking-u have the passion about what you do-and how you just talk about the food says it all-being a foodlover myself,and loving to cook and try out recipes..u just make me fall inlove with my passion over and over again! Yum yum yummmmm!!……acome over to me Blender-you are the one thing missing in my cooking puzzle!!!

  3. I have been an ardent follower of your recipes from The Post Newspaper. Now I can see how simple and easy it is to follow your cooking by watching you on Saffron…

  4. I am a terrible cook, a real danger in the kitchen. But since I started to watch your show my cooking skills has improved a lot. I am now prepared to invite people over for dinner or lunch and don`t have to stress about it anymore. Before I was always scared that my family will get food poisoning, but I know now that they are safe with your recipes. Even my twins of 19 years old has started cooking after watching your show, so no more excuses not to cook. Anyone can become a Masterchef with your tips, ideas and recipes. To win this amazing blender will take our cooking to the next level!!!!! 🙂

  5. I do not enjoy cooking at all but when I watch your show I am so keen to get into the kitchen and start experimenting with all your lovely dishes. Your ideas and your ease of cooking helps me find the confidence that I can also cook that way. Thank you for an excellent show!!!!

  6. I just turned 21 and cooking is my happy place!! 🙂 , people think im weird cos normal 21 year olds aren’t interested in hanging around in the kitchen and watching food shows. I moved to JHB alone without mum and dad who are really good cooks themselves so i needed some guidence, someone to show me how its done and your show and blog is “that someone” it has taught me so much and brought out the chef in me! I just love experimenting and its always with one of your lovely recipes and obviously adding in a little twist of mine!

  7. Yudhika, your recipes are easy & simple, yet sumptuous! The ingredients you use, are easily found in the local supermarket. Your recipes are unique & something that gets me in the mood of getting up & cooking. I can only imagine what a pleasure it must be to have such a blender in the kitchen.

  8. You make a stressful life, stress free with your “Cooking is a breeze” and “can do this” attitude. This gizmo would add to stress free living for me 🙂 .

  9. I enjoy watching cooking shows. They stimulate culinary creativity and encourage new ideas.I love Sugar n Spice because of its South African roots and its use of ingredients/products that are easily available locally i.e Fuss free cooking!

  10. What I love about your cooking is freshness and blend of your grounds spices that make any of your dishes tasty and mouth watering, wanting to have more and try your recipes again and again.

  11. I used to be intimidated by Indian cooking because of the complexity of flavours, but your recipes make them simple enough for anyone to follow and produce amazing results.

  12. i love your show as the recipes are easy to follow,ingredients can be sourced anywhere in south africa and i love the vibey south african fusion of your show,It inspires me to go try that recipe out as soon as possible.Yummy ideas for the modern south african woman,wot more is there?

  13. Lovely show, enjoy learning new cooking techniques. Very interesting, would love to win a blender as I don’t own one. 😦

  14. I am a DURBAN BOY stuck in CPT and miss DURBAN … and its AMAZING CURRIES !!! WHITEBOYCURRYLOVER 🙂 Keep on sharing that CURRY LOVE !

  15. My family love Indian food and it is so versatile especially because my husband is vegetarian and the rest of the family are carnivores, lol! I love the simplicity of your friend easy to follow cooking style.

  16. I love to watch your show because you have such a love for food and the various flavours, you can see how it excites you and gets you going, since I am a chef its great to learn from another in the industry who has such a love for culinary creations and to enjoy what he or she does also you do not complicate matters and make it easy for qualified or not 🙂 Plus I am sure I was Indian in my previous llife and its great to get all the tips and secrets for my favourite cuisine in the world. Never a dull meal with Indian cooking and never a dull moment with your show. Keep on cooking and I will keep on watching 🙂

  17. yudhika you are my cooking guru…without your recpies and blogs i am at a lost…..i look forward to your blogs for ideas…i have no durban support in jozi so i turn to your blogs for help..u recpies and ideas are just to quick n easy….perfect for working women …..your goolab jamoons were a hit….it was my first attempt alone….but hey with your recpie i felt like mom was watching over my shoulders…thats why you motivate me to keep experimenting and trying…and oh this blender is so awesome for chutneys etc ..a womens aid for her kitchen ….its a dream come true…awesome prize

  18. I love watching you cook. I always feel as if you are talking just too and I’m having a one-on-one lesson. Your recipes are easy to follow and delicious to eat.

  19. Awesome show… Young, fresh and inspiring take on Indian cooking. Can’t wait to get my hands on that magic masala! Look forward to learning something new every Saturday !!!

  20. Love your show, cos they r easy , healthy meals, that does not take time to cook up for hungry families, which is ideal for us working mums, that do not have lots of time to spend in the kitchen , yet stll want to cook up good meals, u always have nice new touch to simple food….luv your show.

  21. Your show rocks!
    The recipes are quick, easy & simple to prepare, for a busy mom like me!

    Its a fresh take on traditional indian cooking & that’s what I enjoy the most.
    Definitely on my favorites list!


  22. I dont have Saffron TV but I am so glad that I can follow you here on your page. Thanks to a friend who posted on facebook

    1. Hello Dianne, Saffron tv has an open time every Saturday and SUnday between 1 and 6pm – so you can still tune in to get a dose of Sugar ‘n Spice…its channel 195 on dstv. Hope you catch the re-run tomorrow.

  23. I love ur Recipes, I’ve tried so many, and have all the Post Newspaper cut and Laminated, for my kids, God Bless hun

  24. I absolutely LOVE cooking with Saffron, it warms the cockles of my soul. Just a pity I battle to find stock. Miss my favourite ingredient. “Sniff ! Boo Hoo! Sniff”. O.k. Someone pass me the tissues…

  25. i love your simplicity, and humility firstly. I enjoy just watching you for that…you make it so easy and simple…and your recipes are nice and easy, expecially being a working mum. Thank you for being you. I tape the programme, so that I can go back and see how you do it.

  26. When my mom took ill I had to learn to how to cook pretty quickly. My aunts showed me the basics and this also piqued my interest in TV cookery shows. So it was refreshing to find a local show with local ingredients and a simplified approach to healthy, quick and tasty meals. I look forward to discovering more !

  27. love watching the show because it teaches me how to make easy and new recipes that the whole family enjoys and it makes me look like a super mom with the new dishes

  28. I loved your program but must say I hv been reading of you and your doing in the Star newspaper for along time now. Just love the way you explain thing and make it sound so simple. yr food looks delicious. wont miss you programm

  29. Luv all your receipes they are so easy and the results are wonderful. I’m beginning to get comments on the food I serve to my family .

  30. Hi Yudhika 🙂

    I have been following you since you burst on to the scene in Post. I love your easy to follow recipes (That dont require far-out, difficult-to-come-by recipes – unlike your overseas counterparts), your warm personality on your cooking show, and your choice of dishes that I know I’m going to love. Your shows caters to all sorts of palettes and the clothes you wear are to die for (as is your the mixer you use on your show – One day I shall own one 🙂

    Thank you for representing the bright, flavourful, spicy and aromatic way of Indian cooking the way you are doing.

  31. I don’t have Saffron TV so unfortunately cannot watch you but used to love your recipes in The Post newspaper. I tried a few of them and my absolute favourite is the Moroccan Chermoula Calamari. Thanks again, Yudhika for letting me have the recipe!

  32. I love watching u whip up magical meals in minutes. You certainly know how to prepare simple, flavoursome,tasty & exciting meals with innovative flavours.I find your recipes are inspirational & easy to follow. I love your spicy chicken wings recipe as well as the Red Fish Curry with Pineapple Salsa. I’ve tried and tested some of your recipes and I am certainly pleased with the outcome. Keep up the good work! ❤

  33. I love it. Your recipes are so easy to follow. Your passion for cooking is inspiring. Sugar ‘n Spice and Kitchenaid – match made in heaven.

  34. I own a cookbook called,,help there’s a stove in my kitchen 😀 and have a picky eater granddaughter and your recipes are made for me,,,quick, easy, delish and kid friendly. Imagine what I could whip up with that blender.

  35. Love how simple and easy you make cooking 🙂 love your new twists on classics and introduction of new dishes into Indian homes. Your fun attitude to cooking is infectious 🙂 thank you for all the yummilicious and easy ideas you bring to us much appreciated x

  36. I absolutely love your show. I love how you show us simple and easy steps to making delicious dishes we have always taught we could never do. I also appreciate the tips you give along the show. Thank you very much.

  37. I love watching cooking shows and saw yours today for the first time, excellent, love learning new stuff and its simple and easy. Its Cool.

  38. My Curry me home recipe book is never packed away – both book 1 and 2. Wedding presents and home warming presents that are always well accepted as well as a gift pack of your spice range – why? Its simple works and I get invited for fantastic meals – keep up the great work you are a star.

  39. Hi. I just saw sugar and spice now for the first time! I love that your cooking ideas are contemporary and unique for people who love to experiment and are not too traditional……I love cooking and I most certainly going to try out your recipes!

  40. I liked how you used this blender with a few items like garlic,chillie,paprika,olive oil and seasoning and it blended wonderfully. I have a blender that has to be filled halfway for the blades to be effective and its a waste of ingredients if I’m not using all. I hope I can win this, but if I don’t where can I buy it from? Its amazing!

  41. i love your cooking show.all your recipes are so simple. and your methods are easy to follow.everyting you make looks so tantalising and mouth watering. love it.keep up the good work.

  42. i love your show. your show inspires me to get in the kitchen and start preparing one of your dlish recipes. your recipes are always fresh exciting and they always have a modern take of wholesome cooking.from all of your recipes that i have tried they were all perfect and a big hit in my family tanx your shows great 🙂

  43. I love the program because it reminds me of how indians cook , and u jus so amazin to watch and u make cookin look so easy n you cook with love , u amazin

  44. Kitchen Aid, WoW
    The envy of every houswewife. The colours are amazing and I always thought these appliance were only available overseas. It really makes cooking and baking fun when you have the right appliances.

  45. I love your show. The recipes are easy and quick to make. The ingredients you use for your recipes are things we have and use almost daily. Thanks for the lovely show.

  46. Your show rocks and love the gadgets you use , making cooking so much easier . Winning this would be a great addition to my kitchen and not forgetting making my life simpler . Your show has brought a great twist to cooking up delicious meals and has made my husband and kids so appreciative of your show cause it now means delicious food on the table.

  47. Hi Yudhika

    I love your show. its easy step by step instructions inpires me to cook more 🙂 thanks for the awesome show

  48. I am a 50 year old man trying my hand at cooking. i have tried some of your recipes and they came out great so I am hooked, however, I am struggling without a blender as I broke my wife’s trusted blender and need to replace it. I have to wait for my Christmas bonus to buy one but it would be God sent if I won this prize on your show.

    1. Hello Seelan – lovely to hear from you! 50 years old and still experimenting! That is really inspiring….I am sure that your wife, although disappointed about the blender, must be spoilt with the meals you prepare!

  49. I bought your cookbook at the Good food and wine show 2 years ago. My husband fell in love with that book. When we have guests over! He loves impressing everyone with a recipe from your book. Thai green curry ( the one with prawns is his favorite). Guess who is more excited than me that you now have a tv show?

  50. love your show Yudhika!!!!! you use ingredients I buy with my groceries, so I don’t have to especially go out and spend extra money to make a scrumptious meal, I already have it in my pantry. and your step by step display is awesome cause you explain everything as you go along, easy peasy, love it love it 🙂

    1. Sugar n Spice is not just a tv show – its exactly how and what I cook for my family. Thats the best part of the show….it is in my kitchen, cooking what I love and definitely a glimpse into my everyday life!

  51. love your receipes, they look simple and even a non-professional cook can try them and I am sure that they will be able to master the skill of cooking.

  52. Hi Yudhika. Your programme appeals to me because your recipes are quick and easy using fresh ingredients wih divine results. Keep up the excellent programme and cook up a storm! Thank you

  53. Love the recipes as I’m learning how to cook and . Love the most is that it’s Indian cooking that I can understand

  54. When I watched your show I really appreciated the fact that you used tomatoes and herbs from your garden. For generations Indian women never used recipes everything was cooked with a pinch of this or that.and yet it tasted really great. Experimental yet economical I say is the way to go. A budget meal consisting of lentils and rice and maybe a bit of greens from the garden is all My Gran taught me. Why is it so difficult to find and nurture someone to cook with simplicity and at the same time giving back to the community,

    1. Hi Evon! I am a big fan of the pinch of this and a pinch of that era! The meals were delicious but I wish I had paid more attention to how some delicacies were prepared! For the better part of my childhood, we were on a budget and most things were a luxury…I will carry those memories in my heart forever!

  55. Anthony David : Your receipes are so easy and simply and the way in which you illustrate it on tv makes it much easy
    to understand and wish that you will grow from strenght to strenght and T would love to see you on BBC Lifestyle thank you and GOD BLESS

  56. Hi, when it comes to cooking I am a complete failure, I always do take aways, ever since I have started watching your show I have attempt cooking. Amazingly I have started saving money by attempting your fabulous reciepes. Your receipes are easy and self explanatory. Thanks you for the stunning show, this has changed my life a lot.

  57. Hey !! Can’t wait to try out your lemongrass creme brulee!! Gonna make it dis weekend!! Great recipe.

  58. Your cooking show is just amazing,you have simple to follow recipes with ingredients that are easily available,my favorites are the deserts and apart from following your recipes in the paper we can watch you cook live!

  59. Just found your show today, as you were making the Messy Chocolate Cake. Wow!!!! Definitely going to make that chocolate overload. My hubby and I love curry.

  60. Honestly I come across your cooking program by accident. But boy I was pleasantly surprise of the simplicity and yet with great exciting results. And best of all, the products used aren’t funny ingredients that only certain stores have, but easily available even in the FREESTATE!!! ThanXXX

  61. I love ur passion for food wow,its as if u wana dive into ur pots as soon as if its cooked,that’s wot inspires me and many others,that hav found very lil inspiration in cookn and baking.most cookn shows are so tedios and complicated ,I cannot concentrate,so I change.wen I watch u ,I’m able to jot the entire recipe in a jiffy and jus get down to business,its very accessible and fun.I also love ur dishes and gadgets,the ambience is homely !!!mwah

  62. Your recipes are so quick and easy to follow. I can make stuff in no time at all. Some interesting recipes with a twist. Love the lemongrass brulee

  63. Hi, i absolutely love your show. I met you when you had just started marketing your spices at the Sunninghill Spar. I bought your spices that day and to date am still using them. i love your show because your cooking is so homely and tasty, I have tried many of them and my family loves it. Keep up the good work and you are certainly an inspiration to all the mothers with little kids including me.

    Take care

  64. Just watched your show, and thank god for a pvr , taped the new ,”quick and easy “recipes will be trying them out this week, thanks a mil for a great show

  65. I enjoy the simplicity and easiness of your recipes. Make time so managable with your recipes that I still have more time on hand to do a whole lot of other stuff. The ingredients u use are so easy obtainable as well. There’s just nothing complicating about your cooking. AlwAys a true follower of your cookinng. Keep up the fantastic work Yudhika. God bless

  66. I love your thoughtfulness for vegetarians (and i’m not talking boiled vegetables or salad here!) and those gorgeous pots you use! Plus the ingredients are simple easy to fin and your methods are normally the shortest cut.

  67. Fresh ingredients allows you to have less items is what I have learnt from you! To blend brings it all together and a great conversation topic at a meal! With long work hours one must have a blender, give your blender a hug and you will never ever eat alone!

  68. I totally Hate cooking coz everything I do in kitchen dies in my hand but I tried a few of your easy recipes everyone of those I tried of you was sucsesfull and my husband was totally impressed it had made me feel so good So I’m a huge fan

  69. I love your cooking & your yummy scrummy recipes!!! They’re easy to follow & ingredients are widely available. Keep cooking & sharing!!

  70. Met you on the great expectations set and was blown away by not only your delicious cake but your amazing, humble personality. Watching your show inspired me to get to the kitchen an whip up a curry, something that I haven’t done in a while post-baby! I would love to win the blender to save time in the kitchen so that I can produce awesome meals for my hubby but also have enough time to play with my son!

    1. I simply cannot forget that lovely face – and a beautiful personality to match! I am so glad that we met – big thanks to the Great Expectations team! We must catch up for a coffee sometime! XXX

  71. I enjoy watching ur show. U show so much passionate in wat u do. The dishes u prepare looks divine .I try most of the recipes the results are delicious

  72. Its amazing to know dat cooking brings comfort to any chef. And the red velvet cake is my favorite. Made jus after ur show and it came out pretty nice. I’m hooked onto ur show. Keep up the gud work Yudhika ur cooking tips helps a lot. Mwah

  73. The first time I saw you, was as a guest on a cooking show on TV some time back. I tried the paneer you prepared and it came our perfectly. Ever since then, I have been following you in the newspapers(collecting the recipes published), and your blog, and have tried several more of your recipes which all come out perfectly. Now, an added plus is that we get to watch you on your own cooking show preparing some of your delicious recipes. I really enjoy watching your show! and of course attempting the various recipes prepared.

  74. The thing i love about the show is the tried and tested recipes and the way yudikha cooks makes you wanna be a chef. The recipes are perfect and teaches technique and the need for the kitchen

  75. i love your show as ingredients can be bought locally,recipes are easy to follow and the results are flop proof.It has a vibey ambience and i am officially hooked.Love your show,you make us proud to be south african

  76. I love watching my Mother cook and often help her in the kitchen. My Mother was watching your show on TV and I became very intrigued. I love the spices that you use and your dishes are really spectacular and easy to follow, which gives me more confidence in the kitchen to cook more often.

  77. The first time i saw u cooking was at the good food and wine show in 2011 and since then I have been a big fan of yours and have watched you on TV and googled you. I love cooking and have taken quite a few tips of yours to use in my own kitchen. Wish i had the confidence you have when you explain your ingredients. You Go girl!!! You make us indian woman proud because you are the only indian female that south africa has on air so far.

  78. Hi! I love your easy to follow recipes! Tried your coriander chicken and curried prawn penne recipe(combined) on my sons birthday! He was blown away, since he is a pasta fan and enjoys versatile dishes! Many thnx!

  79. My favourite channels on TV is the cooking channels, and even better now because I can watch an awesome chef prepare the most awesome meals, right here from South Africa!!! Thanks Yudhika for your most delicious, easy recipes! My highlight of Hobby X is meeting you and tasting your meals right out of your very own pot!

  80. Hi, by chance on Sunday I was watching the home channel on DSTV and was surprised to see you there presenting your Sugar and Spice show and immediately taped the show so that my daughter Tracy could also see it. What channel is your Sugar & Spice show normally on?
    Iris Kinnear

  81. love the show it has great recipes that motivate me to get into the kitchen and start cooking.
    your recipes are easy to follow and come out perfect everytime..
    not a fan of the cleaning up after i hit the kitchen (“,)

  82. I have watched shows where they cook Indian cuisine and have always thought man that is so complex I will never get it right – but I watch you and you make it look so simple and like fun and at the end of it all I now get a great dish to serve to family and friends (as I am in control of how hot or not thanx to your guidance). With your guidance I will soon become the next European Indian chef! LOL

  83. Hello Yudhika! I have been a fan ever since I took your cooking course at Spar Broadacres with my friends. What a fun morning and I have almost mastered the Thai green curry recipe you showed us (although I must admit yours was better). So glad you have a show now and you are more accessible to us all!

  84. Love, love, love your show, you are such an inspiration to women. Thank you for all your easy and fantastic meal ideas which are always a hit with my family and friends. Keep up the amazing work.. Xxx

  85. I am a huge fan of you, I love u style of cooking. I have tried out many of your dishes and all have been successful! You inspire me to cook, watching you on television, makes cooking and baking so simple and fun, and it really is.

    Thank you for all the delicious recipes and helpful cooking tips and cheats ❤

  86. Hi Yudika, What an awesome cooking show you have. Your recipes are so easy to follow and your presentation leaves no room for confusion. I have tried your Prawn curry with Penne and it was ‘mwaah’. My daughter has just moved to Halfway House in Midrand, and I am getting her hooked onto your recipes and she is trying and tasting. She is very thrilled that you have offered her to come and buy her spices directly from your home, she will be on your doorstep sometime soon. Rest assured she has the recipe for a happy relationship – the way to his heart is via his tummy and all thanks to you, Yudika. Keep your recipes rolling, they are priceless!! Thanks a million for a real yummy tv cooking show. Regards, Lolly

  87. I love the fact that it is live, ingredients are emphasisedand the method including how you make dishes makes it easy and the recipes I tried are to die for

  88. I am truly inspired by your cooking and baking. I have two teenager girls and they are learning all your quick and easy recipes in the kitchen.You always have a substitute. Well done Yudhika. My Eldest is off to varsity next year and it will be a great pleasure to win a blender.

  89. I love sugar n spice.Your recipes all look so yummy and you make it so easy for me to follow

  90. I know the competitions over but just had to say that the thing I love about your show is that you make the most difficult things so simple for us that I just wana go straight to the kitchen and try it out.thanks for an awesome show!!love the purple blender you have,really eye catching!!

  91. I am addicted to your cooking show, mostly because you make cooking & baking not seem long, tiring & boring. When I watch your show, I am really awed at how fast & effortless you make cakes, curries, biryani’s, biscuits & even sweetmeats appear:-)) Thank you, for showing us shortcuts, am definitely trying your lamb mince pie really soon;-)

  92. Hi Yudhika, I love your shows and look forward to every episode. You always surprise us with new & delicious recipes. Your recipes are fresh simple and tasty. My favourite recipe’s are the Naan Khataai and the crayfish curry, Yummy. I love your style of cooking, you are simply brilliant. Keep those recipes coming. Thanks.

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