Feast of Eid Competition – AMC Cookware



Post a comment on the blog about your favourite ‘Sugar n Spice’ recipes and you could win R4700 of AMC cookware! We would love to hear about your cooking triumphs, disasters and the your most memorable AMC moments….
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  1. I have been using †ђε̲ common Stainless steel pots and ђave experienced a few disasters because †ђε̲ food tends to catch at †ђε̲ bottom of †ђε̲ pot due to †ђε̲ moisture evaporating too quickly! I tried one of †ђε̲ AMC pots given to me and ♏y lamb curry turned out Perfect!! I did no̲t need to put ι̥n̲ water as it retained †ђε̲ water and there was sufficient gravy! I was amazed wî†ђ †ђε̲ pot!

    1. I absolutley love the prawn recipe, what would make it even better would be trying it in the beautiful amc pots, i grew up with my mum telling everyone how lovely her food would come out in her amc pots and would love to finally have a set of these wonderful pots

      1. Hi Radeshni – my mom is just the same…loves her pots and has passed on that love to me…Your mom is right and I am sure that her food was delicious!

  2. I love the Lamb pillau recipe. I have always been petrified of making rice dishes and I would cringe when my mother-in-law would present her delicious lamb briyani which tasted sublime. The lamb was gently fragranced with saffron and the rice was al dente with just the perfect scent of a successful briyani. My rice phobia started a few years ago when I lived in Cape Town and I bravely invited a few friends for Eid dinner. My husband suggested that I make briyani and being the powerful diva, I happily accepted the challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I can make a wicked tiramisu and gorgeous roast chicken but when it comes to briyani, I am always in the dark. Thankfully, my guests were White so they relished anything that tasted Indian. The look on my mans face wasn’t positive and it was only when I tasted the soggy mess, that I understood by he looked s gloomy. Fast forward many experiments with rice recipes and this delicious one supplied by the culinary genius,Yudhkia,I have become a force not to reckoned with. In fact this Eid I am confident enough to churn out a delicious pilau much to the delight of my mother-in-law. Eat that lady! I must say that cooking with AMC pots has made a real difference in my own culinary adventures. Rice cooks perfectly mind you and I can present my dishes in style.

  3. There are so many recipes which i have tried but I will choose the red velvet cake. I got a lot compliments and everyone loved it. I love baking and when the end product comes out perfectly it is all well worth the effort!

  4. All the recipes sound soo yummy, I love baking and have tried the frosted sinner buns.. Jus devine! Definitely going to make for eid again n wow my family and friends!!! Thank you so much

  5. The panda biryani is certainly a traditional yet innovative method of cooking. Inspired much. Can’t wait to try it – just need to get the amc pot. Chef Yudhike+AMC = super chef

  6. I grew up with AMC cookware.My mum used to pay it off by instalements and its the best investment cos now I am using some of the pots today cooking for my own family.AMC cookware has become our family heirloom cos my mum has shared AMC with my brothers n I.I know with such a great product that my sons will inherite AMC from me.Thank you AMC

    1. I have done the same for my kids…have three sets tucked away and its the best gift! My mom bought her set in 1970 and it now lives in Canada…AMC for life as they say!

  7. Love this lady and her cooking talent. Have tried so many of her recipes and all have been successful. Was never able to gt the texture of roti correct until I bought curry me home. Have learnt so much from her.

  8. Love the creamy prawns recipe-would “kill” to own an amc pot–please make this possible-love these pots–thanx keshree

  9. I loved the Soji Squares and the creamy garlic prawns. Would love to win this AMC cookware..

  10. Creamy garlic prawns! Yay,I’m so thrilled cos i was mentally planning my Eid lunch menu and wss so uninspired by the usual dishes….until i saw yr prep of Creamy Garlic prawns…and wow! I am now so hyped and excited bout my preparations. Thank you Sugar n Spice for renewing my enthusiasm in cooking up a storm for my family.

    1. You could get an easier recipe than this and it is simply deliciously…serve it with some crusty french bread to mop up that delicious sauce!
      keep watching and happy cooking. X

  11. Hi Yudhika
    I caught the last bit of your show on Saturday….. and was amazed when you took your beryani out the oven….. was not sure what the cover was until you said “parda”……so intriguing…
    I just downloaded you recipe……I don’t have the fancy AMC cookware, but I will cook my biryani for Eid this with the Parda…thanks for an awesome show

  12. Hi Yudika,
    What can i say ….You show is absolutely Awesome and i do not miss it for anything . Love all your receipes and download all your recipes and specially filed under S&P receipes ….I tried a good few receipes and they never let me down…. My Favourite Creamy Prawns and Your Red Velvet cake .Thanks for an Awesome show .

    1. Its a pleasure Prinisha…thanks for watching the show…hope you give the garlic cream prawns a try – they are simply delicious! Not to mention easy to cook!

  13. Hi Yudika
    Thank you for the quick and easy recipe …. Fresh Cream Almond Burfee , cant wait to try it as
    Burfee is my husband favorite sweetmeat, thanks for your handy Tips …. Thanks 🙂

  14. I love the burfee and naan khatay recipes. So easy to make. A definite addition to my Diwali treats.
    The AMC pot with the red knob looks awesome. Love your live shows. Haven’t missed any to date.
    Thanks again.

  15. Simply love the res velvet cake! My kids love it so much, they want that as their birthdsay cakes and they are 4 and 6!

    I only cook in my AMC, was lucky to get get the universal set as a wedding gift from my mom.

    And I get the best paneer when boiling the milk in my AMC, not sure why or how but the end result is ao much better!

  16. my mum got her first set about 5 years ago and is one of the best gifts she ever received. Her cooking time decreased and food got more heathier (and so did the washing up of pots) afterwards.I would love to add on to her collection

    1. Hello Reena! Dont you love that the food got healthier and that the washing up is easier too…I really don’t like cleaning up since I make such a mess!! Good luck for the draw!

  17. Hi, its the first time I have watched your show. Its so great. I love the idea of the parda biryani and will be trying it out for eid. Hope it comes out as beutiful as yours, oh and i will be getting my daughter to try out your naan khatay recipe.
    Thanks for great program. will be sure to catch it again.

    1. Zainab, did it take much convincing to get your daughter to bake or is she a budding chef??? Good luck with the breyani….its worth the effort…looking forward to hearing from you and your daughter.

  18. Indira ramadhin

    love all your fresh face fresh look recipes-very exciting and inviting awesome recipes cant wait to start with them.love the custard cream cake
    I have been using my amc pots(gift from my mum for my wedding) for 25 years


  19. Hi
    Watched your programme fro the first time this Saturday. You make cooking look so easy. Cant wait to download your recipes. I am the greatest AMC fan. Will try your date crumble and let you know how it turns out. Love the gourmet range

    1. The gourmet range is just so funky and fresh with metal handles so you can pop the pots into the oven! I am also an AMC fan…so glad we have that in common!

  20. i watched your show for the first time on Saturday and loved it. I have never had or cooked with AMC pots before (cant afford it), but would love to cook in them someday. I am newly married so i need all the recipe tips and help i can get and your show helps alot. I cant bake to save my life but your recipes look so simple. Wonderful show keep those recipes coming.

  21. I love your shows and look forward to every episode eager to find out what new recipes you are going to surprise your viewers with. My favourite recipe is the Lamb Pizza Pie; it’s the first time I’ve heard of this recipe and you made it seem so simple to prepare. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

    1. Hmmm…I have played with this recipe a fair bit….first I cooked the mince but it turned out too dry…the raw mince in the dough works nicely! Its a pleasure to share the recipes with such amazing people!

  22. Hello my name is Nomthandazo Kgalushi

    I saw Saffrontv for the first time on sunday 28-07-2013. I was so impresed and happy to see food and baking ingredients. I immediatly loved the Chicken Korma. Wow thta looks delious and i wanted to try it for my family. I did not have the full ingredients but i tried to prepare the meal. I am taling you if i had every ingrediients it will have been very perfact. I love this tv show.

  23. I am fascinated by your art , finesse and style of cooking. I watched you for the first time this weekend and you were brilliant. I would love to try out your recipes and wish I could own AMC cookware.All your recipes were divine. Cant wait to try them.

  24. Thanks to you Yudhika I was able to impress my lovely wife on her birthday. She is just crazy about prawns, especially the so called “restaurant style”, that is with garlic butter and all…done to perfection. I, never thought that I would ever be able to create such a sumptuous and may I add romantic treat at home. But lone-behold, it was when I saw how easily and effortlessly Yudhika made it, I decided to give it a shot as well… It may have not tasted as great as Yudhika’s dish, however, it sure was delicious and I have my wife’s endorsement to prove that. Most of all I did it all by myself,(it was a surprise…) without making such a big mess in the kitchen…or burning anything. PS: I also cleaned up after, much after….yeee ha!!!

  25. Love, love the naan katai recipe! Tried out the recipe with my little ones and now we are hooked. Thanks Chef, your recipes are always so good to try out.

  26. Love your show ! Gorgeous food ! Well presented 🙂 my winning food day was when I catered a christmas staff luncheon for 70 people in London.Include tandoori chicken , bbq chicken, lamb pilau , veg pilau, mulled wine , 3 salads and a veg pasta dish ! Was shattered but everyone loved it I had never cooked bulk before si had to call my gran n get amounts

  27. I love crumbed fried foods. That’s my speciality. The only problem is breadcrumbs. Ordinary frying pans collect all the excess crumbs at the bottom of the pan and they start to burn. What a joy it is with the AMC frying pan. I no longer have to wash the pan after every round of frying

  28. My sugar and spice: Roasted chicken pieces, 1tbsp brown sugar,120ml tomato sauce, 120ml mild chutney, 120ml worster sauce, 60ml cooking oil. Heat oil and sugar on a low heat until sugar dissolved and pull out of the stove, in that mixture when its cooled pour in worstersauce, tomato sauce and chutney mix together until combine, then put in 6 to 8 pieces chicken and mix with the liquid then leave for an hour to marinade then braai until cooked (wala)

  29. Love all ypur recipes “curry me home” is my favourite cook book—made da naan khatay and gulaab jamun–delicious! Will try da saffron coconut cake this weekend—would love to win amc pots—-pleeessseee!!! Don’t have any–tasted cooking in these pots my mum in law has entire range__there is nothing lilke these incredible pots!

  30. Absolutely love the Chicken Korma, leaves my hubby licking his fingers and his plate after. All your recipes are just absolutely divine. I received my first AMC pot from my Mum, it is so special to me and all my curries come out lovely in it…wouldn’t use anything else.

  31. Chicken Korma was so easy to make yet so tasty. Will definately use that recipe again. The family loved it.

  32. Fresh Cream Almond Burfee..sounds yummy! .. a must try for me as i am so used to the conventional way of doing it.

  33. Breyani’s are my favourite dishes to prepare. Watched the episode on the Parda breyani this morning and am definitely going to try it out! It looks deeeeelicious!

  34. If u looking to make the best thick gravy curry the best pot to use is an AMC. No matter how good a cook u can be but without an amc pot there always seems to be something missing. Best curries best briyani’s are all made in an AMC. 😥 wish I had my own set.

  35. Luv da show, all I can say..thnx to saffron channel for giving the pleasure of watching an Eid special..giving us muslim something to learn an enjoy at the same time..Marvellous recipes..by a spectacular cook/baker.I learnt so much

  36. Hi Yudhika
    I gave the garlic cream prawns a try last night – they were simply delicious! Not to mention how easy to prepare!
    I love AMC Pots , just cannot afford the whole range , this would be a wonderful win …..Fingers Crossed 🙂

  37. Roti paratha is definitely my favourite esp after I teased my mother and aunties that they have been making rotis for years using the rolling pin………….but roti parathas just ur hands. Family really did enjoy the parathas especially mum.

  38. Having moved to Johannesburg it was a huge adjustment for me in trying to achieve the quality of food and taste when compared to Durban. I really sincerely missed home food” home is where the heart is”….Finding the right fresh spices was a total mission for me until I accidently stumbled accross Yudhika show on Saffron Tv. Being a career lady its though making up my mind on what to prepare for family and friends, and when you do stumble across recipes its impossible to find all the spices in a short space of time hence I had a tendency to keep to curries and fries….You know how families are ” your mother is a good cook, we expect the same quality from you….blah blah blah” and they forever so ready to pounce on you when things go wrong and oooh the aunties love to gossip when the food is bad etc etc etc……Honestly Yudhika’s recipes are simple and easy to make and the variety of recipes she offers is flexible its like choosing food from a restaurant menu….. She has helped me grow in the kitchen environment to a more skilled human being. My favourite recipe is the sea food recipes , chicken recipes ,lamb recipes,veggie recipes and not forgetting the decadent dessert recipes….Its really hard to choose as each recipe has its own unique flavours….
    Currently I do not possess a good pot set, my pots never lasts me long as they tend to rust, I am sure should I win the Amc set my food quality would be taken to another level altogether….. My most memorable AmC moments was when my mum used to prepare fish curry for us in the Large deep Amc pots which was 10 years ago….

  39. I love. All her recipes. Bcos everything she makes. Looks so decadent. And she puts so much love and passion into her cookin. And I would just love. To try her recipes in a AMC. Wish I had 1. 😥

  40. I was just recently introduced to ur programmed by accident really, I love the look and concept of ur cooking show, and in a sari, well done sister! Also I sit glued to the tv with pen and recipe book in hand to take down my next venture, and tomorrow I attempt ur date crumble, being a muslim and it being ramadhan we are loaded with dates. So it gives me an excuse to experiment with desserts! I would love to win the amc pots, as I don’t have decent ones at the moment! We recently move into our new home and with all the expenses a new home brings, my pots were left for later, with everything in my home taking preference in importance, I would love to win a set and I plan on cooking a deliciously devine veiled biryani for my hubby and 3 kiddos!! I love ur show keep up the gr8 work!!

    1. Firstly congrats on your new home! What a blessing! I paid off my first set of pots many moons ago over monthly installments…imagine my surprise when they were delivered to me on my doorstep! I have not looked back since…slow and steady wins the race – that’s what I always say! Oh yes…so true…its the perfect time to make a date crumble! Thanks for the feedback! Keep watching! Yudhika

  41. I love watching all the shows. I learn something new everyday….makes me want go in the kitchen and cook…. 🙂

  42. love the way you prepaired the meat dish looked terrific and easy not time consuming cos i dont like taking too much making any meals just cook serve going to try your receipie thanks for a wounderfull presentation

  43. The fresh cream almond burfee is flopr proof, and its the most delicious burfee I have ever tasted. I make very good regular burfee, but this is outstanding, a winner all the way.

    1. Hi Shabena! Thanks for this feedback! I am glad that you enjoyed the burfee….why don’t you share your burfee recipe with us too! The ladies and gents on the blog would just love it….I love trying new recipes too! Happy cooking and baking!

  44. Yudhika i love your approach to Indian food. Your recipes are fresh simple and tasty. My favourite recipe’s are the Naan Khataai and the crayfish curry. yum salivating as i type this. Also love the fact that you share facts like you stole the almonds of the Naan Khataai because I have to plead guilt here as well. Hope my mum is not reading this because my little sister always got the blame for this.

    1. My mother bought her AMC pots like 15 years ago. I was warming up the supper to serve. I mistakenly placed the lid upside down on a hot stove plate. The green bit (temp gauge) on the lid melted. She is yet to forgive me for this.

      1. I left mine in the oven once and preheated it without checking! How silly of me??? I promptly sent it off to the AMC centre and had it fixed in a flash – its as good as new again!

    2. My mom is still bending my ear about telling everyone about my Naan Katay hidings…guess I am going to have to make it up to her! Salma, do you think all kids did it or were we particularly naughty? I learnt to like these so I could legally eat the almonds…LOL

  45. The red velvet cake is just WOW…………thank you. You cannot beat cooking in any AMC pots, it’s just too awesome and quick too

  46. Hi I am a new subscriber to Saffron tv, simply love ur show. Not forgetting your parda lamb biryani, tried it it was gorgeous. Too bad that I never have the correct pot to cook in, but nevertheless it was tasty. Somehow I have never heard of you maybe since I was staying in Mpumalanga outskirts so mayb that’s y, but WOW is all I can say, with regards to your recipes, yourself and the show. Thanks Saffron tv and more especially thank you Yudhika

  47. I do not own any AMC pots but I cook with the old set of pots. Disasters still happen, most of the time the biryani gets burnt at the bottom , I still have to keep an eye on the stove and pot. It would be great to own a set of AMC pots.

  48. Thank you Saffron, really loved the Almond Burfee recipe. My mum-in-law has been a fan of AMC for years and has now passed the tradition to her daughter-in-laws. The food is cooked at even temperature and retains full moisture and flavour. And now I am eager to make baby food for my little one with AMC.

  49. I always wondered how to make roti paratha. After watching Yudhika I tried making it. Yudhika makes everything look so easy to make but it took me forever and I almost gave up. However, I said to myself if she can do it so can I and I eventually got it almost right. It didn’t look as good as Yudhika’s but it was tasty anyway.

    My mum gave me a set of amc pots for my wedding – which she left on stage with so much pride and joy. This was 30 years ago. I use them everyday and find it difficult to cook in anything else. They still shine and look as though I got them last month. I love my amc pots.

  50. As far as i can remember my mother has been cooking in amc all her life. She has sworn that it was the best investment my dad made. So much so, that mum insisted on my father buying a set for my sisters when they got married. I hope i will get the opportunity to cook in the amc range once i get married. My favourite amc moments are when we get my dad to assist us prepare for eid. Its an enjoyabke moment with us all partaking in the preparations and a very neat site on our stove displaying my mums amc cookware.

  51. I am so glad that whilst channel surfing, I happened upon Yudhika’s ‘Sugar and Spice’ programme. Her enthusiasm and confidence and easy explanations are testimony that our children will be able to enjoy traditional treats for generations to come.

    I love to cook and AMC has become part of my daily life as I received two AMC pots as a gift for my wedding two years ago. What a way to start my journey of cooking as a wife. Iv also been able to see further the versatility of the dishes that can be prepared in the AMC pots.

    Thank you

  52. It was the first time i heard of the sooji squares. When you made it it turned out do lovely. I have tried the recipe and it turned out excellent!
    I also love the lamb briyani you made, my mouth just salivates when i think about how yummy it looked ❤

  53. My absolute fave is the biryani! I ADORE your recipe and could eat it everyday if it was possible! Thanks so much!

  54. The burfee recipe is fabulous and the pots would be a handy item since I’ve just decided to become a full time stay at home mum

  55. My 16 year old daughter just knows when i don’t cook in the AMC pot. She only loves food cooked in these pots. .

  56. hi yudhika 🙂 my name is jenusha and ‎​°̩ would like to enter my mother shakila into the amc competition. With or without the pots, she will always be the best cook and provider. She eagerly watches your show with her little book and pen waiting to learn new recipes and tips. She watches the repeats as well. She thinks your the best thing thing since sliced bread and loves your burfee and breyani recipes. She doesn’t own any amc pots and I’m sure she would greatly appreciate it if she did. She’s an absolute gem of a person and everybody loves her cooking. Thank you and keep up the good work. From your biggest fan’s daughter 🙂

  57. A colleague of my husband introduced us to your wonderful cooking. He can’t speak highly enough of you and treated us to your “Curry me Home again” recipe book as well as an assortment of your own special spices. Every recipe I have made is absolutely delicious. One of my all time favourites so far is the Roast Chicken ‘104’ with crispy potatoes. I really wish I could win the set of AMC pots. That would turn my Yudhika cooking days into an ecstatic experience! Well done with your TV show. You are making many Moms happy with trying out your wonderful recipes.

  58. My favorite sugar an spice recipe is almond burfee,easy an quick,no mess ,no fuss,my favorite cooking exprience wid my sister in law AMC was a pot roast,tender an divine,my disaster was burning the burfee syrup in her pot.,thanks to saffron for my quick an easy recipes.

  59. Love the recipes , many that I will try … Nankatai and burfee. Can’t wait to start eating !!!

  60. My first set of pots was AMC, 32 years later and I still have all four pots and I used it daily, the secret to AMC is to always cook on number 4, it is the perfect heat. I think I am due for an upgrade now so I can pass the old pots to my daughter who is learning to cook 🙂 I am a pro now , I can do with brand new stuff 🙂

  61. I’m fasting and looking at this creamy garlic prawns being made… Oh so delicious, lol. Can’t wait to try that out. Magic spice, really magical and aromatic. Messy chocolate is simple and divinely messy! Keep up the great cooking Yudhika, love all ur tips (will keep the dhania one in mind from now) Eid Mubarak to all muslims 🙂

  62. Tried the Naan Khatai recipe, was amazing, also tried the Parda Saffron Lamb breyani, in my AMC pot, was an absolute hit…..Soon will try the Burfee recipe……

  63. Yudhika – Apart from the great show and wonderful recipes , I love your confidence level along with your great hosting skills. Wish I was onset to smell the lovely aromas. My all time favourite is the lamb parda biryani, definately trying that cuisine this eid. Thanks for sharing.

  64. We are currently cooking with my late granmumz old pots cause we do not have enough money to buy new pots although we enjoy our daily cooked meals. We watched this programme at our neighbours house and really enjoyed it. We just love the Peppered Crayfish Recipe. We would love to win an AMC pot.

  65. The Crayfish in tomatoe is a stunning recepe but I will leave the shells of the tail on for extra flavour! The electric AMC pan can be left on at no 1 to keep warm yet not overcook the crayfish so that its just right for iftaar-this can be prepared in half hour before iftaar so that when you come home from work there is still enough time to have something awesome for Iftaar!

  66. Yudhika – Apart from the great show and wonderful recipes, your confidence level along with your hosting skills are brilliant. Wish i was there to smell the aromas. Will be trying out the lovely lamb parda biryani this eid, hope it comes out as lovely as yours. Thanks for this recipe 🙂

  67. The roti paratha recipe looks rather complicated but will definitely be somthing I will try today. The burfee recipe will be next ☺

  68. I love the lamb mince pie and the almond. Biscuits cooking is hard work with my. Pots as I need to watch and stir till the food is ready. I am always ready for the challenge.

  69. I consider myself a true Durbanite living in the most glorious city with weather that is magnificent all year round. My family and I love curries but often have to buy the naan or rotis to accompany them as I’ve always been intimidated to make them fearing that my lily white skin could never do justice to my indian friends techniques. After watching your show on making roti I decided to baptize myself a true Durban local and used your recipe to set about making our own Roti. A roaring success they have been, thank u!

  70. The coconut cake was awesome.I love using the amc pots,there’s always a size to fit all occasions.and clean up is easy.

  71. Tried the chicken korma recipe & it was mmm, yum-yum. Have been using AMC for years & its simply wonderful

  72. Hi there, just love your show.The chicken korma recipe you made today ( 3/08/2013) was amazing!! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  73. Hi. The Eggless Chocolate Brownies look delicious and it is perfect for Diwali. My kids love brownies
    and I am going to definitely make the red velvet cake.

  74. Mymom was a person who took so much pride with her cooking and even though times were hard she ensured she got a set of amc pots.She left us each an amc pot when she passed on ,one of my greatest treasures .Anything that I cook in it turns out beautifully ,just like hers.

  75. I absolutely love watching the Sugar & Spice show. All the recipes are amazing. The interesting aromatic flavours is so tantalising. The AMC pots just locks in the flavour and reduces cooking time. AMC is my favourite. The food even tastes better, when cooked in an AMC pot. The AMC pots have a great appearance and would be the centre piece of my kitchen.

  76. haha the biggest recipe triumph was wearing a sari as good while trying to cook up a storm in the kitchen! your pure talented and that pastry sealed, steamed biryani looked sooooooo delicious. Met you at the Drakensberg sun last month and you are as wonderful in real life as you are on tv 🙂 best wishes and blessings xx

  77. Hi. I tried making the biryani with the pastry topping and it was delicious. I didn’t know you could put AMC in the oven! Thanks for the recipes 🙂

  78. I like the recipe on the crayfish tail curry with canned tomato just divine with lots of dhania an black pepper hmm yummy.

  79. Thanking you for sharing your easy to prepare delicious recipes. The almond cookies brought back good childhood memories of also nipping the almonds off the cookies

  80. I enjoy trying out new recipes, and I absolutely live the prawn recipes as my husband live see food… remembering th e first time I tried out a prawn curry with my normal iron pots, oh what a disaster! trying to make a nice sauce and letting it simmer for a long while…and it ended up burning! I couldn’t take the smell of that burnt sauce…lol I called my mom and ask her if there is anything I can do to save it… Her answer was… I told you to cook in AMC pots…since that day I’m using her one AMC pot..working towards having my own set one day..AMC Simply the best…

  81. My grandmother shares all of your recipes with me whenever we’re together. Most of our time is spent in the kitchen and that’s where I learnt to cook. We absolutely loved your lamb palou. My granny too has passed on the AMC tradition to her daughters and I too hope to make the delicious meals she prepares in my own AMC set. And maybe one day I’ll share those with my daughters too.

  82. My husband bought me my amc pots 40years ago. I had 2 disasters and melted 2small pots on the ring burner. I am now retired and still use my amc pots they have served me and my family of 6 children well. I love Yudeki’s show the recipes with her presentation are easy to follow

  83. The new “version” of the AMC pots look stunning with their colourful handles. I don’t have an AMC pot as yet but watching you cook in them has inspired me to start saving for one.Winning one of these magnificent cooking wonders would be a cherry on the top!

  84. Been cooking with AMC for the past 10 years. Have always had the most delicious meals from it.
    Scrumptious beans curry always enjoyed by family and friends.
    AMC always the Best and better than the Rest.
    Long live AMC.

  85. I absolutely love your show I watch it all the time and I especially love the show were you made the peppered crayfish tail as well as the lamb pizza pir,it looked amazing…I always use your cooking recipes at home…Unfortunately I’m using the normal stainless steel cookware and sad to say that it always catchs or burns underneath.I would be so excited to win the AMC cookware as it would really make a big difference in my food… Lots of love take care and am looking forward to more of your wonderful recipes.

  86. Wow,today is a first watching your programme. I always considered myself to be a hopeless cook an expert in baking though. I am a vegetarian but I am inspired to try the crayfish tails in chutney.Thanks you make cooking seem so easy and fun.will download your recipes and try them all out.

  87. I grew up with my mom using only amc pots. She earned only fifty rand a month yet she managed to set aside money each month to pay it off. She still uses them today and it Is her pride and joy. I hope to own my own amc pots one day. I will inherit hers one day but in the meantime I would like to enjoy cooking the way she does each day.

  88. Creamy Garlic Prawns. Mmmm Devine. Don’t own AMC pots yet. Would love to have these 2 to start with. Using my mother in laws old pots. Need some new ones. Definetly AMC.

  89. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Was most impressed with how easy it is to make Chicken Korma and Burfee. Looking forward to try out these recipes.

  90. I am a regular dhal cook and am often annoyed because it sticks to the bottom of whichever pots I’ve used,until I cooked oil dhal in my mom-in-laws AMC pot no sticking and no burn taste. It was lovely!!

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    receive Pots from the bride’s side ) and therefore would love to win the AMC Cookware

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  115. Hi Yudhika! Loving your show on Saffron TV; I actually watch the channel just to catch your cooking show! Fantastic easy recipes and the AMC is just fabulous cookware! Been dreaming of having them for a while now! Thanks and keep up the great work! Looking forward to more recipes

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