Feast of Eid – Kenwood Kmix Competition

Win a Kenwood worth R4500!

Win a Kenwood worth R4500!

I love kitchen gadgets and gizmos….it makes preparing a meal so much easier and enjoyable. A big thank you to Kenwood SA for sponsoring the appliances for the show! Post your comments on this blog and tell us about your favourite Sugar n Spice recipe and what you enjoy about the show! You could be the winner of this Kenwood Kmix worth R4500….its guaranteed to jazz up any kitchen and to get you baking in style!


  1. I like watching Yudhika on Sugar n Spice bcos her recipes are flop proof, and shε̲ ι̥s̲ an expert wî†ђ her demonstrations, which makes it easier ƒør an inexperienced cook to master †ђε̲ recipe! ♏y favourite recipe on Sugar N Spice is †ђε̲ Moist Red Velvet Cake

    1. The date crumble was so quick and easy , would love top try this recipe , having this Kenwood appliance in my kitchen would be even more awesome, Yudhika makes these dishes effortlessly

    2. Dear Yudhika.

      I really love watching ur show. I love the crayfish tails recipes. My wish is to own a kenwood chef machine in my kitchen. I really lovebaking

  2. My favourite is the custard cream cake, definitely going to make it for my husbands birthday tomorrow!!!! A real decadent delight. The show is so jazzy and exciting!!!

  3. I love the Chicken Curry in a Hurry! Watched u prepare it at the Dome, I then prepared it for supper that night and its now a family favourite :). It is truly simple, dlicious and perfect for work weeks. Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing recipe.

  4. Dear Chef Yudhika, my favourite Sugar & Spice recipe is definitely the Passionfruit Cake, I have profound respect for you considering you have changed me into a true person made for the kitchen, always being a person who was very shy to be in the kitchen due to my lack of confidence, I have now become one who wants to experiment and try your amazing recipes all the time and all THANKS to YOU. I follow your recipes step by step and it always comes out perfect (from what my family tells me), I never miss your shows and always keep on record should I not be home on time. The Passionfruit Cake was my favourite, I made it for my 2nd Wedding Anniversary this year and my husband was blown away, it was totally divine and I was so happy to hear that, I took some of the cake to work and my colleagues were like this Amazing, where did you get it from….nooooo you could have never made this…and I was like… Do you know Chef Yudhika…she is my mentor. They have all now been converted in your fans, the cake didn’t stop there… a week later I was asked to make it for a friends sister who was highly pregnant and was craving passionfruit cake, she loved it so much that the went into labour the same evening and gave birth to a baby boy.

    I would just like to conclude, you have amazing talent and Thank You for sharing it with others, especially from me.. I could never have been so confident in the kitchen had I not watched your talented cooking show or followed any of your divine recipes, you make it so easy and fun and yummy to eat.

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

    Jackie Naidoo

  5. Drearest Yudhika

    My favourite recipe of all time?

    Your Red Velvet cake is a force not to reckoned with! I must add that I made this cake for my mums birthday and people were simply amazed by this delicious creation. The sponge was moist and the hypnotic red hue left everyone breathless!

    What do I love most about the show!

    I adore the sweet and serene Yudhika who is SA’s answer to Nigella Lawson! The recipes featured on the show are so easy and so innovative. She makes cooking so fun and her beautiful and charismatic persona and cheeky smile makes fans crave for more. The recipes really work and even for an amateur cook, it’s really simple.

    So yes, this fan adores the show. Yes, I eagerly await the next time my favourite cooking maestro inspires me to get into my own humble kitchen and make food that nourishes the mind body and soul.

    I know that Yudhika will soar the skies of the greatest success because her food is honest. Simply put, she is simply the best! Yudhika you rock!

    Love from your loyal fan

  6. Dear Chef Yudhika,
    Its so hard to decide which of your dishes are my favorite cos they alll soo good, looking forward to Sugar&Spice tomorrow…got reminders set on my phone so that I don’t miss the Indian Barbie Chef 🙂

  7. Love the easy recipes and simple ingredients that Yudhika uses on her show which i look forward to every weekend. Keep up the great recipes!

  8. The custard cream cake looks divine, can”t wait to try it out myself. I love ur show and it actually inspires me to cook with heart and soul since I have been cooking since a very young age and had my gran to teach me a lot. Keep up the awesome work Chef Yudhika

  9. Ok so Today I confess that I am terrible in the kitchen,but that custard cream cake had me so hyped that i actually bought the ingredients to give it a shot! I think knowing that this cake isnt one i can pop off and buy from my local bakery,& neither can i have Chef Yudhika bake 1 especially for me….prompted me to want to try the recipe if i want to eat it. So hence,my brave endeavour. THANKS for the inspiration Yudhika.

  10. Makes life easier for me. Im crazy about your custart crem cake.it looks so yummy, i cant wait to try it.

  11. Definitely going to try the custard and cream cake.. After watching your show and seeing how quick and easy it is to create such delicious recipes in no time.. I now suddenly have developed a flair for cooking and baking

  12. hi, i must say excellent show. this morning i watched you make the Pardah
    biryani, cant wayt to try it as well as the Date crumble…..great fan of sugar n spice….

  13. Hi Yudhika, I’ve never been a fan of cooking shows before I saw yours. I like the way you dress while cooking as this says you don’t have to be an old grumpy housewife in order to cook a proper indian meal……Finally……a young sexy and Indian Beauty in the kitchen.

  14. Awesome show I love you all your vegetarian recipes and how you include vegetables into your recipes makes it a healthy choice .
    I love cooking it relaxes me after a stressful day and picking up tips from your show and including it to my family meals.
    Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  15. Keep up the excellent work :)Awesome show I love you all your vegetarian recipes and how you include vegetables into your recipes makes it a healthy choice .
    I love cooking it relaxes me after a stressful day and picking up tips from your show and including it to my family

  16. Keep up the excellent work :)Awesome show I love you all your vegetarian recipes and how you include vegetables into your recipes makes it a healthy choice .
    I love cooking it relaxes me after a stressful day and picking up tips from your show and including it to my family meals

    1. Hello Shakilla,

      Its great to hear from you! I do try to add a few veggies here and there…sort of under the radar to get my kids to eat healthier…after years of trying – the efforts are paying off…chickpeas lentils, beans and butternut are now always on the menu with the most recent additions being asparagus and broccoli (it was hard to get the last two on the menu)

      Happy cooking!

  17. Hi Yudika

    I did not know who you were until I stumbled upon your show ,and I realised your recipes are something that I have been looking for ,I love all the cheats that you have,it saves time ,and the food still have that same delicious taste as if you were slaving over a hot stove for hours , thank you for showing me[ and others I am sure] an easier way to cook and bake,good luck on your future plans and don’t stop thinking up more awesome recipes.

    1. Hello Kubash….

      I love the little shortcuts that get you in and out the kitchen in a flash…the show reflects exactly how i cook at home and I am delighted that you are enjoying it! I don’t intend to stop thinking about recipes…it would be like a day without dreaming! Keep watching and happy cooking!

  18. Love your recipes, great show!! My favourite is the Rocky road chocolate cake. Thank you for sharing our divine recipes and amazing talents with us.

  19. Hi Yudhika, I just recently discovered your tv show and recipes
    And must say Im dying to try the saffron coconut
    Cake as I lie anything with coconut! What I enjoy about
    The show is your step by step explanations an
    Easy going natural way in front of the camera .
    Look forward to lots more!

  20. Can’t wait to try ther parda biryani n the prawns, which look decacdent! Just all that cream n yummy seasoning!!!
    Love baking n cooking n experimenting with new recipes, and turning out gorgeous treats for my family! Thankz to Yudika, there’s plenty of inspiration to do that!

  21. hi yudhika
    your chicken korma is a recipe that i really want to try soon. Your show is very informative and your tips are useful to remember. I would indeed use the Kenwood chef a lot as I am an avid baker. looking forward to see more baking recipes and tips!!!

  22. A big big thank you Yudhika. I love cooking, it would be my dream to own a Kenwood. I just recently joined your blog, awesome. I have a passion for cooking food, to me it’s Art work. I am always pleased and impressed with the standard of food that I prepare all the time, even amaze myself. God bless you and the people that made this possible. Firoz Khan

  23. Hi Yudhika
    I just love your show and adore all your receipes , watching you cook makes it so easy for one to be in the kitchen, thank you for sharing your amazing recipes and talents with others … Kenwood what a win to brighten up one’s Kitchen 🙂

  24. It’s said that people who love coconut are dreamers! Well I simply cannot resist anything that has coconut and your saffron coconut cake is irresistibly dreamy. I’ve also tried your fresh cream scones recipe. Amazing- soft and buttery on the inside,with a slight bite on the outside.
    Congrats- your show makes me want to go into the kitchen and bake. And most often the ingredients are items that I have in my cupboard.
    Your show is one of the main reasons that I watch Saffron TV.

    1. Hello Narita…lovely to get this message from you…fresh cream scones…yummm…one of my ‘cheats’! Simple ingredients and preparation are what gets me cooking….I also must be a dreamer since I love love love coconut! Happy cooking!

  25. Hi Yudhika. Love your show. I enjoy watching you in the kitchen as I love cooking, The eid special is wonderful and will try some of your recipes. I wish I can be as confident as you in the kitchen. Best wishes Shakila.

    1. Hi Shakilah! Cooking is fun and people forget this sometime…..you just have to have confidence and take your time about it! Put a little less ‘back’ into it and a lot more love….you will be fine! Take care and happy cooking!

  26. every thing about the show is yummy. my favorite thus far is the yummy almond Burfee. i have a really sweet thooth so anything sweet does it for me. what i like about the show is the is Yudhikas smile and her making cooking look so easy, making all the dishes.

  27. i watched your show for the first time on Saturday and loved it. I have never had or cooked with AMC pots before (cant afford it), but would love to cook in them someday. I am newly married so i need all the recipe tips and help i can get and your show helps alot. I cant bake to save my life but your recipes look so simple and i’m really really going to try everyone. Wonderful show keep those recipes coming.

  28. I’m a big fan of your show. I always get excited at the start of a new episode as I anticipate to be surprised by your fresh ideas and mouthwatering recipes. Not only does your creations look great but are simple to prepare and that’s what makes your show such a hit. Since I have a sweet tooth I most certainly look forward to trying out your desserts; my favourite is the almond burfee and I’m definitely going to be making it for Eid.

  29. i enjoyed watching the show on the 28 July 2013. My husband and i watched the show together. My husband and i recently relocated to Cape Town and this year would be the first time in 10 years that we will not be going home to spend Eid with our family. A huge disappoint for my husband as he is very family oriented. This always save me as i did not need to prepare anything

    So this year i have to prepare some of his favourites and create a vibe for him and make this Eid a less painful one for us.

    You made the recipes so simple and easy that i am motivated to prepare some instead of going out and buying them.

    The Kenwood would be a HUGE help 🙂 and take away alot of the pain of mixing using “elbow grease

    Thank you

    1. Saheera:)) its disheartening that you will not be home for Eid but your husband is so so lucky that you are planning a special day! Make as many happy memories as you can, no matter what the circumstances are …..I like your approach! Happy cooking, and yes…that Kenwood does take away the pain! X

  30. Hi Yudhika

    Sugar and Spice is a very easy going cooking show that makes one want to get off the couch and get cooking…. My 4 year old son loves watching along with my mum and myself and is always asking if we are going to “cook that” for supper or for a treat. The Soji squares are divinely delicious and I’ve won brownie points at a recent birthday celebration when everyone raved about the dessert. My mum is the resident baker in my home and Kenwood mixer will be the ultimate addition to our kitchen. It obviously makes seamless work of all those mixing and creaming chores when baking. Fingers crossed that the prize is mine….

    1. Hello Linda…its amazing how interested kids are in food…I remember being little and mainly wanting to eat! Times sure have changed! You are very lucky to have a mom who is the baker – she must be brilliant! The kenwood makes baking a breeze and one of my must have appliances!

  31. Walking past the tv Yudhika’s show had caught my eye.i sat glued to the telie as she awed me with how simple yet delectable the Saffron Coconut Cake turned out to be.i was so impressed with the way the Kenwood Kmix effiiciently conbined the ingredient to create a delicious piece of heaven.Like Yudhika i was quite impressed by how the Kenwood created the fluffy icing topping in just minutes making baking such a pleasure. The one thing i hate about baking is the manual mixing with a wooden spoon, but the kenwood Kmix is like a womens toy in the kitchen, simple and fun! thanks for the create dishes and deserts,As a new bride who has started cooking in her new home, the show has really got me cooking up a storm in the kitchen! thank you

    1. Thanks Sherika! The Kenwood is really an amazing appliance and a must have.Congrats on being a new bride….wish you many many happy years together with love and feasting!

  32. Wow its just so awsum having an Indian women as stunning as Yudhika doing us Indians proud. I feel proud being an Indian and seeing all our indian spices making such Yummy food. Its kind off difficult to say which of your recipe is my favorite cos al are so divine. But if I had to pick it would be your Lamb shanks n Red Velvet Cake

  33. Hi Yudika,
    Thanks for your wonderful recipes-it’s really difficult to decide which is my favourite.I really appreciate that your recipes are flop proof.I’ve been a loyal fan ever since I watched you on a cooking show on the home channel, a few years ago.Believe it or not, it was the roti recipe that made me a loyal follower.Now, thanks to you, we always enjoy lovely soft rotis that are still soft the next day(if there are left overs).

    May you always prosper & keep smiling that happy smile.


    1. Oh my…that was years ago! I still remember doing that show with my dear friend, Sasha Zambetti…soft leftover rotis are such a treat, don’t you think??? Thanks for the lovely wishes and a special thanks for giving me another reason to smile!

  34. I really love watching sugar and spice on Dstv. Yudhika is so inspiring o have two favorite recipes one is the rocky road chocolate cake and the second is the honey and yogurt sponge!! Wow ! Making them in the kmix would be fast and easy!!!
    Everyone knows kenwood it’s a permanent fixture in my moms kitchen!

  35. Would be great to be able to bake as easy as you make it seem. Love the Show, the Saffaron conconut cake was awesome.

  36. this is one of the gadgets i dont have in my kitchen..life would be so much easier as i love to bake and cook and watch people i love enjoy my creations. i love food.

  37. Hi Yudhika! Thanks for an awesome show! You make everything look so easy! I love trying out new recipes and have tried out a few of yours from the Post Diwali supplement. I make the samoosa pastry all the time and my kids just love it! Thanks again!

  38. Hello. Hmm u say “favourite recipe” and all I can say is that that is so hard to choose. All Yudikha’s recipe are totally awesome n yum yum. So I’m picking all. Every recipe I use is totally flop proof and make me the perfect cook in my kitchen. Hoping no one finds out my secret (Yum Yum Sugar n Spice) Recipe Book lol.

  39. I luv using exquisite utensils for cooking an baking…makes baking much easier, faster an so perfect…First tym watching ur da show on saffron channel…so loving it..so much to learn an tested a few recipes..Perfect an delicious

  40. Yudika makes all her food soo easy 2 prepare, they are user friendly recipes! I love her almond burfee, its soo yummy, my family love it!

  41. The pardah biryani was my fav recipe. Biyani is a very versatile dish and can be prepared in many different ways and I love to explore with different styles and tastes. So this episode showed me a completly different approach to an excellent dish and the dough pardah was just awesome instead of the normal cloth and lid. I also picked up an easier way of crumbing butter and flour with the kenwood mix from this episode which will be a blessing to my hands..

    1. Delighted that you enjoyed the parda breyani recipe! And yes, there are so many ways to prepare a good breyani – you have just reminded me about the cloth and lid technique…thanks for that! I must give it another bash! The Kenwood is so versatile – it really is a great kitchen assistant!

  42. Your show has inspired me alot and as much I hated cooking after watching you do such easy and quick menus I have now learned to cook as well. Thanx for inspiring me with all your fab shows and blogs.

  43. hey love this show and yudhika’s cooking my entire family watches this show together i swear this is one of the best cooking shows reason being we love the spicy indian food here , also i find yudhika’s kitchen tips really very handy thanks alot for that much appreciated i cant say which ones are my favourite trust me all of them has made my mouth water though i wanted to jump into the tv screen for the biryani , peppered crayfish tails , red velevt , and chicken korma ! while we at it i must say i envy this kitchen ! i would trade all my shoes and clothes for those equipments ! at first i dint expect that pretty face to cook this amazing in love with the recipes and shocked that she has 3 kids (btw that picture with your 3 kids in the kitchen , really cute hehe) thanks for all the tips and recipes will be making new things this eid , yudhika style !

    1. Hi there, Safiya,

      What a lovely message! Its such a compliment to hear that Sugar ‘n Spice is one of the best cooking shows! I really do wish I could pass some food through the screen to such wonderful people! I have a simple kitchen – oh and yes, I love my gadgets and gizmos…thanks to AMC and Kenwood for the appliances – it makes cooking so much fun! My kids absolutely love cooking! Have a beautiful and blessed Eid, Safiya from the Sujanani’s and the Sugar n SPice team! Yudhika

  44. I am a great fan of yours and your cooking show and I have got my husband to watch with me as well. Yesterday was a WOW for my hubby – he just loved your gorgeous outfits and commented on how well you work in the kitchen with such lovely clothes on. We are going to cook the crayfish dish this weekend- Yummy!! Wish I had the correct utensils to make my cooking quicker and oh so perfect! Like yours. Keep the show rolling as always.

  45. I would really love to have this appliance. It would make my work in the kitchen sooo much easier and save me a lot of time….. I hear its a dream in the kitchen. 🙂

  46. I love cooking….. All the recipes on Sugar n Spice are awesome, I don’t have a favourite as Everything is marvelous and delicious. I’m a staunch Hindu, therefore don’t eat beef, but where the recipe requires beef, I substitute it with Lamb, and the results are fabulous. As I love cooking, and cook everyday, I would like to Win the Kenwood Mixer, as it woulf make my cooking and baking extra easier and quicker.

    1. Hi there, Lamb is a good substitute in a beef recipe…I did a beef rendang which you can make with lamb fillet which is that tiny bit of delicious meat that you find on loin chops – its not always available but you can request this from a really good butcher. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  47. Hi I am a new subscriber to dstv indian bouquet, n I must say I simply love saffron tv, more especially your eid cooking program. I simply love cooking show, but yours is special, there is just something about the way you present the show, that has me glued. Simply love the Pardah lamb biryani, tried it it turned out simply gorgeous. I am very passionate about food. Thank you and Saffron tv for the program.

    1. Hello again! Thanks so much for watching ….the AMC pot is very very special and adds it very own spice to the Parda Breyani! I hope that this blog will keep you trying lots of wonderful new recipes! X

  48. Hi I love your show because you show the viewers how divine and delicious Indian food is. You make cooking Indian food easy and fun. My favourite recipe with be Parda Lamb Breyani. Thank you for the lovely cooking show. If i miss the show I have it recorded so I can enjoy it and learn alot. I love to bake but when you think of creaming the sugar and butter together you kind of lose hope. I know the Kenwood Kmix will do alot of good when it comes to mixing.

  49. I was at a cooking class last night with Yudikah and I must say I was totally inspired! Her website is very aptly named as it describes her food spot-on…deliciously yummy that is! Her onion and cashew nut pastes for her Chicken Korma and Lamb Rogan Josh are just amazing but I have to say that her recipe for her soft flour Rotis, is absolutely No 1 and my absolute favorite…its not just how that Roti tastes (it melts in your mouth)….but its the kneading and rolling and twisting of the dough that provides therapeutic release after a crazy day! After saying all that I would just love to win the Kenwood Kmix to make that Decadent Chocolate Cake that you got us to make last night Yudhika…PLEASE!

  50. I love the naan khatai receipe. Its simple ingredients and quick and easy to make. Sure beats the store bought ones. Thank you

  51. I enjoyed watching all the recipes by yudhika. She has a cue smiling face and a voice one would enjoy listening too. Her recipes are qick n easy to make.Infact i am actually looking for her recipe books. I plan on making the chicken korma for eid. And the beef fillets as well.
    I wish to own a kenwood someday to bake the yummy sojee cake and coconut cake. The model of this new kenwood is so sleak it will match any kitchen. I would certainly feel proud to display my kenwood should i win.

  52. I have never used a kenwood mixer like the one on your show and it makes baking and binding look like a breeze!

    I’m a big sucker for steel and colourful kitchen appliances and what a combination of both, this kenwood mixer is!

    Thank you so much Yudhika for your glamour yet simplicity and ease with which you create the delicious dishes.

  53. I love the way you made the burfee and let it set in those molds. It looked too gorgeous to eat. The decorations were so simple yet so classy and elegant.

  54. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the sponge cake with honey and yoghurt – it worked so well together. It is ONE of my favourites. My list of recipes to try from your blog is shockingly long and increasing by the day (I was so excited by the sudden updates on your blog this past week). I’m especially looking forward to trying the chicken korma, red velvet cake, custard cream cake and date crumble. The thing I enjoy most about the show is the dishes made as well as how you demonstrate – you really make it seem easy! Also, I am amazed at how you cooked so elegantly in a sari – WOW!

  55. Wow Yudhika – what a stunning set of K-mixers to compliment your cooking. They are fresh, stylish and vibrant like you! How good would your date crumble and custard cream cake taste if mixed in one of these – I doooo wish I had one!

  56. hi Yudhika
    I love your quick and easy…….some “cheats”….recipes
    your scones are the best……bake them at least once a week……and your Eggless Brownies are divine with whipped cream…..thank you for a fab show…..even my hubby enjoys watching your show with me

  57. I like the way yudhika made the mince pie and the burfees the food looks amazing.the food looks very delicious and and tasty.Her creativity is really good and all the foods she make looks tasty.

  58. Dear Yudhika

    Unlike the others, I have never even baked a cake in my life or cooked a meal. I had a spoilt life, my mum doing everything for me, wow what a lucky girl you would think.
    But alas I got promoted and had to relocate to the Western Cape with not knowing how to fry an egg literally.
    My mum sent me packing off with just one bit of advise: Get onto the internet and print Yudhika’s recipes, so that everyday you have an instant recipe and also not the long drawn out thoghts of “what do I cook today”
    I went off to George, a small dorpie on the Western Cape, armed with your recipes and to my surprise can get the ingredients at my local Spar 🙂
    Truth be told, I have tried many of the meal recipes and can glady say that i am a cook now, thanks to you!!
    My biggest challenge to date likes with the baking but i am so impressed with the soji squares that look so easy to make that come this weekend, going to face off my biggest challenge.
    Thank you Yudhika for making me believe in myself.
    Winning this gadget would be the cherry on the top since I have not baked in my life and dont have a single baking utensil.

    thank you 🙂

  59. WOW Yudhika ,firstly congrats on a great show one that inspires singles,mommy’s and the new brides ,you make cooking easy peasy with you bubbly personality ,great style and stunning smile ,i have to hand it to you for looking great while cooking up a storm you surely do inspire alot ladies out there ,my mommy and i never miss a show of yours and have already tried many of your great recipes and had lots of fun while cooking them ,for one i am clueless on how to prepare seafood and your seafood special was awesome “most divine crayfish tails i did indeed trÿ this out and it was a hit with the family and scored me major brownie points with my future in laws….for the very first time on your show i was saw the magic of the kenwood chef i had often seen these in stores and in various shows however i was not totally convinced about the product until i had seen you work the magic and it simply took my breath away and made me fall in love with the intelligent kitchen tool ,thanks again for inspiring us young ladies and for introducing us females to the greatest weapon in the cooking history now we ready to take in culnary world.

  60. My awesome yudhika

    Over the past weekend you’ve shared such wonderful eid recipes,Your almond burfee was one of the recipes which I attempted,and to no surprise it was a super duper hit as it left my guests begging for more.You have become part of our family as mum and I talk about you quite often in the kitchen. As you know next week is eid and last year I was very scared to attempt any new recipe incase it ended up being a flop,but thanks to you this year eid in my household will be different.Its chefs like you that inspire amature home cooks like myself to build up the confidence and venture out to try something new out of ones comfort zone.Im sure it was hard work for you putting together the Feast Of Eid special,but I just want to thank you once again for being so kind enough to share your recipes with us. Much love Niloofah

  61. After watching an episode of sugar n spice, I tried baking the saffron coconut cake n it was delicious, I even baked it 4 my dads birthday and everyone enjoyed it. The show was insightful and the receipe was easy to follow, which made baking the cake easier…

  62. Yudhika ….. the first time I watched your show it was awesome recipes easy to follow and make. I loved the recipes they what women like me are looking for to make for my family. thanks for a great show.

  63. The barfi recipe was super easy, I am looking forward to make my second batch for eid. I have an old Kenwood machine that still works! Would love an upgrade 😉

  64. I have seen u make your custard cream cake and Yudhika this cake is to die for I have made it and its so quick and easy that I enjoyed baking it and not only did I make it once but 5 times now and still enjoying it that I can’t wait to make it with a kenwood mixer and I would love to have one. Besides that I love baking and I would me soooo happy.

  65. My favourite is definitely the messy chocolate cake. Its quick, simple, easy and the end result has such a variety that I can make the same cake often and it still looks different.

    The all time meal that I enjoyed best (mouth was watering while watching, lol) is Yudhika’s creamy garlic prawns. Yet again, so simple, yet devinely delectable.

    I also love the tips u give – will definitely keep the dhania one in mind from now on. You gotta watch the programme to know them, they not on the website 😉

    Keep up the great cooking Yudhika and all the best with the show!

  66. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to yudhilka ,her show has inspired and influence me to such an extent that I want to be in the kitchen all the time, from being a non cook and person who can never bake who is 22 I can proudly say that I’ve learnt a lot! From making paneer to raita,palao’s and baking!! Its all thanks to yudhika and her show which I never miss!… My favourite recipe was the red velvet cake its soo easy which seemed very hard before and yet another favourite has to be the fresh cream burfee!! Haha which I messed up in my first attempt,thanks for grooming me 🙂 I really appreciate it ,I hope that before marriage I learn much more from yudhika which will leave others speechless

  67. Would love to take my culinary journey with this kmix and your cooking expertise. You make it look as easy as pie (lol pun intended) 😉 Trying out the peppered crayfish tails for Iftaar tonight. Thanks for the lovely show.

  68. Hi Yudhika
    Your show is amazing and inspirational. Apart from your lovely recipes, i like the way you explain everything and you have an amazing camera presence. My favourite recipe is the Coconut Saffron Cake, although all your recipes are divine. Your logo right down to every detail of the show is well executed. i prefer watching your show than any of the BBC food shows. So forget about Jamie Oliver, Nigella and Gordon Ramsey… Yudhika rocks!!

  69. Hi, its my first time tuned to Saffron Tv channel. Its an awesome channel. I have followed the recipe for Naan Khatai. It was absolutely delicious. I have now recorded all the sugar & spice episodes. The recipe is so easy and the demostration is so accurate and explained to be made so simple. Thank you for the great job!

  70. I enjoyed yudhikas naan khatay. It’s a classic indian treat we all enjoy with our tea. The naan khatay looked mouthwatering, and I loved her childhood tale about the biscuit. Yudhikas show is simplistic, yet delightful and lovely.

  71. I really love the fact that this show has some really amazing and delicious recipes. The way the food is presented looks really divine and it tempts us as viewers to try out these recipes. I love burfee. No matter the function or the occasion burfee is definately my favourite. The gulab Jamun was different but had me drooling. I also use to steal the almond of the naan katay.. Awesome show indeed. Makes me hungry all the time… Mmmmmm… Yummy burfee..

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    I simply love your show ! The thing I love most about the show is the way Yudhika presents her dishes, she makes it so easy to understand I’d be a fool not to try those delicious recipes. My favourite recipe was the passionfruit cake, it was delicious ! I’d definately make it again. Keep well and keep cooking ! ☺

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    I simply love your show ! The thing I love most is the way you present the show with such passion for your food, you make your recipes so simple I’d be a fool not to try them ! My personal favourite was the passionfruit cake, it was fairly eay to make yet so delicious ! I’d definately make it again. Keep well and keep cooking☺

  76. I tried making burfee for the 1st time last year & it was a flop 😦 however watching U do it makes it look so tasty, simple & easy. Would love 2 get my hands on that Kenwood mixer, so no mess! Definitely goin 2 try this recipe 4 Diwali this year.

  77. Hi Yudika
    Made the red velvet cake… it is so scrumptious that now for birthdays I bake the kids cake. Love the show… watching you cook, bake and king us through the steps actually inspires me to cook n bake more. Would love to win the Kmix as I am unemployed and would like to start earning through baking. Tx

  78. Sanitha kalidin! !!!!Hi Yudika i love baking and your recipes are soo simple and classified, true enjoy using your recipes espcially the naan khatia, It was very sucessful ! Thank you,

  79. My wife and I will definitely be making your moist Red velvet cake, Burfee and Nan khatai recipes for Eid this year together! To share with all our family and friends! Thanks Yudhika!

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  83. my biggest recipe triumph was trying to wear a sari as well as you, while trying to cook up a storm in the kitchen! you are pure talented and I love your show. Met you at the drakensberg sun last month and you are just as lovely in reality as you are on tv. i loved your creamy prawn recipe and mine turned out looking exactly like yours! thanks and blessings xx

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  86. Love how the dough comes together for the Date dish put into the pie tray lovely how the water,sugar,cinnamon and date seeds chalamises a beautiful dough made measured rolled into two divided doughs put onto measuring sale just divine while the other dough to in the fridge when ready put the date seed jam into the dough pressed into pie tin an grate the dough over an into oven sprinkle icing sugar divine.

  87. Love the date pie dish hw the cinnamon and sugar,date seeds chamiles and how the dough comes out beautifully in the kenwood kmix divided into parts and how the dough kept in fridge is grated on top an put in oven and sprinkled with icing sugar cannot make dough by whisking with hand like old days doesn’t set right just divine how the dough comes together.

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    Would be easy peasy with a Kenwood mixer… Absolutely stunning in my kitchen…

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  94. Hi Yudhika

    Love the Feast for Eid show. It inspires me to create simple yet elegant traditional dishes eg burfee Am definately going to try out the brownie recipe and offer it as prashadam. Please post more eggfree recipes / cakes, biscuits etc that can be used as offerings during prayer.

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  97. hi there, i really enjoy your show and also all the lovely saris! Unfortunately, i cannot single out a recipe they are all soooo good and practical. thanks for keeping it simple and realistic. keep going!!!

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  106. Wow awesome prize defnitly gonna try the cruble for EID! xxxx keep up the great work dont stop the show its the best.

  107. Fresh cream almond burfi with gold leaf and the beautifully perfumed rose gulab jamun what could be more decadent than that.. 😀 With Raksha bandhan around the corner I’m certainly treating my brothers to those home-made and yet so professionally innovatively quick confectionary thatl make the day memorable. P.s raw fingers I can soo relate.. 😛

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    I absolutely love your show and look forward to watching it everyday. My favourite recipe is your chicken korma, it is so easy and delicious, I have tried it. All your recipes on your show are mouth watering. You make cooking and baking so much fun and make it look so simple. Your attire is unique and spectacular for a chef. Keep up the fantastic work!

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    It is so diffucult to choose just one receipe as they all look so Appetising….

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  113. The Kitchen is NOT my favourite place but Yudhika makes everything look so easy that I would definitely try out her recipes. I have 2 favourite recipes the mutton breyani, and Burfee. Never attempted them before because it always seemed like such a big job, but Yudkika’s step by step instruction seems like a piece of cake.
    If I had an awesome appliance like the Kenwood Kmix…I think I could make the kitchen my favourite place 😉

  114. With Yudhika Sujanani one can discover eating well.It’s all very good: Delicious, easy recipes that will make you look good and feel great. That’s what you bring out in us Yudhika.I cooked a few recipes as a trial for Eid, and one can only savor the unforgettable flavors of these healthy Indian recipes and menus. Indian recipes are infused with assertive flavors like ginger and garlic, onion-and subtle spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardomom, peppercorns, bay leaves and cumin.Although the list of spices and techniques used to prepare Indian dishes can be intimidating, they provide tantalizing flavors in a matter of minutes.I also love the colours that you wear, it blends in so well with the kitchen. I feel close to you already because I can relate to you.I think we have the same taste, a clean way of cooking delicious food.Thanks to you I now know how to make paratha. My paratha previously used to be “rubbery”.My best recipe thus far is your Pardah Lamb Biryani.My husband loves Naan Khatay, it is tasty and perfect. I loved the narration and the guidance you gave to me. I love AMC pots and Kenwood products.I would love to win a Kenwood Mixer.

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  116. HI Yudhika
    i love all your sweet recipes, one of my hobbies are baking and making different desserts. i have to try your red velvet cake recipe, my family go crazy for red velvet.i must say you are talented to have such flop proof recipes. cant wait to watch more of you with those delicious recipes you have.

  117. I enjoy watching cooking programmes generally.I especially love watching Yudika cause she is so relaxed and always looks so graceful in her kitchen.She has all the right gadgets and makes cooking look like such a pleasure and joy.How on earth do you cook like you always have fun with every dish that you create and look so good.

    1. Hi Varsi..thanks for your lovely message! I do have some lovely gadgets and kitchen gizmos mainly because I spend so much time in the Kitchen! The secret is that I love what I do and hopefully that shines through!

  118. Hi Yudhika.yes cooking with such fantastic appliances does make life easier.You seem so relaxed in your shows.Your recipes are just great.I must try the chicken korma soon.having a kenwood blender will be great.

  119. Baking is my nightmare. I once baked a cake from a foolproof baking recipe and it looked great until we took it out of the oven and it had a huge hole in it.Went to a baking class and they had these high speed mixes and the cake turned out beautiful as we were told to let the sugar and butter cream on high speed for 10 minutes.I would love to invest in one of the Kenwood mixes.It really makes baking a dream… and maybe it will take away my nightmare.

  120. Dear Yudika.I have never watched your show before until sunday 04/08 and I was mesmerized firstly at how you make cooking so mess free 🙂 secondly that your recipes are quick and easy. Being a working mom is hard work and you make cooking look so easy that I shouldn’t be complaining at all. I dont bake much but I am so looking forward to making the almond burfee for Diwali this year. And my 8 year old son says he cant wait looks so “yum” thank you so much for making cooking and baking a pleasure and I cant wait to watch your show again 🙂

    1. Hi Sharmane! I am a pretty messy cook and have to try so hard to keep my kitchen neat and tidy! My mom still shouts about it…I love cooking and hate cleaning! I hope your son enjoys the burfee this year and look out for more of those yudhika yum yum recipes coming soon!

  121. Hi Yudhika. You give Parata roti a new style. I am definitely going to give it a go. Making it using the Kenwood seems easy, no mess, no fuss. I was waiting for you to pull out the rolling pin. lol. Going to impress my family with it. Your show is great. I also look for style tips from you. Love your outfits, hair and make up

    1. Hi Fatima! Thanks for the message! It really easy with the Kenwood – I made this a while ago in the pre Kenwood days and it was a nightmare…exhausting in fact! Some of the outfits are from JJ’s closet!

  122. hi Yudhika ,being an indian male i find your recipes easy and simple yet classy,even i can do my
    self, i love the Fresh Cream Almond Burfee as i have a very sweet tooth,thank you

  123. Watching Yogeta cook she makes everything look so easy. Tomorrow might be eid and I want to try out the burfee today, A kenwood mixer is missing in my kitchen 🙂 would really like to own one.

  124. Hi Yudhika! I absolutely loved the roti parata and naan katai recipes. Your recipes are quick and easy. Would love to have one of those Kenwood Mixers! I’m actually watching Saffron Tv to catch you on it.

  125. Hi !

    I totally love the Naan Khatay recipe, very delicious and yummy. I use to also pull the Almonds of the Naan Khatay before eating during my childhood days.
    The recipe shows are always interesting and simple to make.
    Great Cooking Show for sure.

  126. Hi !

    The favourite recipe that I totally love was the Date Crumble and Burfee recipe. It is an evergreen favourite of mine. With using the AMC cookware range this cookware has come a long way since it was first introduced. The AMC cookware is must have for any household and will ensure always the best cooking results for life and as used in the preparation of the Date Crumble Filling and Burfee.

  127. Wow da kenwood mixer is to die for mixin doughs will be heaven I hate messin up my fingersss en mashhhin da dough,I consider myself a modern day cook wid out messsinnn up my fingers just a touch of a button en wow results in seconds wouldd love that da pie dough u yudhika made. Luked so easy wid less mess,yudhika en myself udika not only share can off da same name we have the same passion cookin en bakin wid outt da cleaninnnnn ,wen I make pie doughs roti I gota wash up soo many dishersss argghh h8t dat ders flour everywer on da kitchen tiles,da kenwood mixer will be absolutely heaven for me as I also wana start my own businessss bakin en makin savouries for all occasions,frm being in the medical field to doin what I truely enjoy is were I knw I will be successful,food servin ppl throu their tummmiesss is all me,plzzz can I hav da kenwood mixer @least I will have 1 less item 2 save on 2 buy 4 my new businesss venture,yudhika watchin u lukin fabbbb en doin wat u luvv gives me the motivation 2 do wat I luv en dats bakin en cukinnn,I wish u cud be my mentor to guide me throu my business venture,thanksss in advanceeee Many hugs for ur continious motivation

  128. I am not a baker or cook but your yummy recipes definately inspires me to try & the Kenwood is a good start would’nt you say? Luv the programme all the best

  129. I love cooking and baking with kitchen gagdets,it makes my life so much easier and faster,its the best thing that ever happened when I cook and bake in my kitchen and I just loved the almond burfee recipe tried it and it came out just perfect!!

  130. Hi Yudhika, Fresh Cream Almond Burfee is my favourite recipe. I always battle to get it perfect. This time, I did.I love the way the programme is presented. The kitchen decor and design is contemporary and appealing. You dress well. You are truly a class act. The programme fascinates me. I follow it religiously.You have inspired me to be an excellent cook.The food is amazing, so is the presentation.It’s also wonderful entertainment. I would confidently recommend your recipes in every circumstance.

  131. Watched most of the episodes more than once , my fave recipe is the burfee and the pie. I love the tips Yudhika gives and definitely her clothes. She makes the recipes look easy for anyone to follow.

  132. Hi Yudhika

    I love watching you cook. You make every dish look so simple. I just want to get into the kitchen and start cooking. Although i have to say it doesnt always look as nice as your dishes look. Love the chicken korma and coconut saffron cake.

  133. Hi
    your recipes are wonderful but most importantly they are flop proof for those who are learning their way in the kitchen, its simple, quick and easy! Some of the recipes I tried were both delicious and divine……….God bless

  134. I won’t lie I love this show I am sugar n spice addict I wach every single episode love all d recipes and also tried many of the recipes its an awesome show and I’m indian so enjoy all the recipes because its my style recipes that I would cook

  135. Really makes baking and cooking for men, totally awesome kenwood appliance, so ladies men dont just use only kenwood speakers,radios and amplifiers, we watching cooking channels and admire kitchen appliances as well

  136. Hi
    As working mums, we all love to make our lives in the kitchen more efficient. Watching you use your equipment makes cooking and baking so much easier and fun

  137. looking forward to making the puff roti.always was a baker,but since being on maternity leave developed a passion for eating and cooking!you also look good in the kitchen and like your style,you make rolling parata,wearing a sari,look so easy.Hope i can look good and prepare awesome meals for my liitle one,too.

  138. A kenwood food processor is a must for every house hold. Its makes life more easy. Especially for working mums. I simply love watching the sugar and spice show, and have tried a few receipes , which came out beautifully. Thanks to Yudhika. My best recp was the almond burfee. Thanks yudhika. You are simply the best and keep smiling.

  139. Theres so much work involved in cooking dinner after work that I have really come to appreciate having all the gadgets that assist me in making diner on time.

  140. Hi Yudhika…
    Over the years I’ve been a baker and try my best to bake different cakes and biscuits all the time. However due to an injury on my right hand, I find it difficult to cope with mixing and forming the dough. I’m sure a Kenwood Kmix will definitely be a blessing in the kitchen for me 🙂
    Keep up the inspiration

  141. I like 2 watch sugar & spice. I like the red valvet cake recepie, it was a hit in my family function. In 1 of your episodes where u baked naan khatai, u said that the almond u ate was 4 ur mom, my mummy has the same problem with me. 🙂

    1. Hi there….great to hear from you….since the show aired… I am delighted that I am not the only one who got into trouble with mom! So so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the red velvet cake!

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