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  1. Omg! The red velvet cake is to die for, that beautiful red layers of decadence and cream cheese filling looks extremly beautiful and easy to make. Valentines day is coming up and I will definately know what I’m going to bake for my hubby instead of the usual chocolate cake, as he is in love with Red velvet. Yudhika definately knows how to make simple and yummy foods and she uses stuff that everybody always has in their kitchens. I look forward to viewing every single one of her fourthcoming shows. One talented chick. An inspiration to us indian woman who are becoming more westernised but still trying to keep our tradition #role model

  2. CAKE………..the food of love! so on my Valentines menu this 2013, Sugar n Spice Red Velvet cake is a “must have” . Yudhika’s step by step instructions should make this an easy peasy bake….Its gonna be a decadent Velvety Red Valentines !

    1. It sure is an easy peasy bake! There is something very very special about red velvet cake! Maybe its just the bright red cake with that luscious frosting…hope you enjoy it!

  3. Yudhika, i know you are a chef, and have to cook all genres, but as a vegetarian, i really appreciate when someone sneaks in a few veg recipes onto their show. Really loved the mushroom and pea curry recipe. Will give it a bash soon. Hoping to see some eggless sensations on the show too!

  4. Would love to share a recipe from the show, but alas, I don’t have DSTV, or employment right now, but can comment from your recipe book: Curry Me Home – Again… (if I may..) the Lamb Rogan Josh would set my valentine heart a flutter or the Tadka Dhal, followed by morsels of Gulab Jamun, would sure set the tone, but as you say…not too big a portion or else it would ruin the potion :). Thanks for the Curry 911 ‘hotline’. U Rock!!

  5. Hi Yudhika. Love how you make cooking so simple. Ive tried your prawn recipe i watched you cooked at a food show in Jhb. The Red velvet cake looks divine. Would love to have more recipes for vegetarians and soy milk. keep up the awesome shows and broadcast them on SABC too:)

  6. The Thai Prawn Curry recipe that aired on Sugar and Spice seems to be tantalising and do-able. Most recipes on food channels are complicated, expensive and have ingredients that not easily avalible in our local supermarkets. The recipe is simple and affordable. I will definately try this recipe to impress the wife. Thanks

  7. Namaste yudhika, just watched your show and since my husband is vegetarian will definitley try the eggless brownie.

  8. Never have a chance to sit in front of tv in the morning…always busy with kids or in the kitchen…today while having my cup of coffee I sat by the tv and playing with the channels found saffron tv and was so impressed with how easy the recipes you give are to make that when I got up I came straight to the computer to download the receipe for the chocolate brownies… Your show rocks….NOW ON MY VIEWING LIST 🙂

  9. We are huge chicken eaters, so am always looking for recipes to make something different and yet still tasty, your Spanish Style Chicken looks fantastic, and so easy to make, a dish full of flavour.

  10. Hmmmm, Thai Prawn Curry & Spanish Style Chicken…….2 dishes that I’m sure will impress some very discerning tastes. I’m off to watch the recorded Sugar n Spice episodes….DO NOT DISTURB 🙂

  11. The red velvet chocolate cake. I love this cake and I found your recipe so yummy. The cake didn’t last a day.

  12. my favorite is the prawn curry penne.it looked delicous and really easy and quick to prepare. now that i have tried it,its definitely a winning recipe with my family and friends

  13. I loved the mince breyani,I never in my knew I could add
    Brinjol and cheese to breyani, and the olive oil
    Sauce on top, its a must do for my family,thank
    You for adding a new recipe to my menu

    God bless

    1. Its a pleasure. Brinjals pair beautifully with lamb and seafoods like prawn and fish! And feta cheese is one of my favourite cheeses….on wraps, sandwiches, pizzas and pilaus.

  14. Hi Yudhika

    Just watched your show! The coriander chicken looks divine & healthy as well. We r trying to eat healthier since my husband underwent heart bypass surgery.

    This recipe seems quick & easy to make.

    Your show is definitely on my favorites list now!!!! Thanks

    1. Hi there,

      For a healthier option, use chicken breast fillets instead of thighs. There is so much info on how to eat heart healthy meals….I have introduced lots of asparagus, broccoli and berries into my menus.

  15. Thai Prawn Curry recipe is my favourite – it looks easy but when you actually try it you do struggle a bit, but thanks to you we are all aspiring cooks and might just try out for Masterchef one day 🙂

  16. Hi yudhika, with february being da month of love, Ur prawn recipe has become a family favourite in my home! wid valentines day on da 14 feb & my hubby (danny) birthday on da 17 of feb - just had to spoil him wid dat yum yummy RED VELVET CAKE - O! I de says:

    Hi yudhika! wid da month of luv almost over let me tell U abt wat ur prawn recipe has done for me. For valentines I prepared ur prawn dish for my hubby & 2 kids, I can tell U it has become my family favourite in my home! Wid just 3 days away frm feb 14 was my hubby Danny’s birthday, I had to surprise him wid da RED VELVET CAKE – UR RECIPE – he appreciated it so much so, dat I scored more & more brownie points – All thanx to U CHEF! he now thinks Im da best baker! luv Jenitha Bugwandeen

  17. Hi yudhika! wid da month of luv almost over let me tell U abt wat ur prawn recipe has done for me. For valentines I prepared ur prawn dish for my hubby & 2 kids, I can tell U it has become my family favourite in my home! Wid just 3 days away frm feb 14 was my hubby Danny’s birthday, I had to surprise him wid da RED VELVET CAKE – UR RECIPE – he appreciated it so much so, dat I scored more & more brownie points – All thanx to U CHEF! he now thinks Im da best baker! luv Jenitha Bugwandeen dbn

  18. hi dear.i must admit that the red velvet cake is to die for…..i never attempted to try it but after watching the show it got me going into the kitchen the next day ……and not forgetting the thai prawn curry which became a hit in my home …..its a saturday luch menu now ……

  19. Hey there thanks for all the yummilicious ideas. Totally in love with the chilli butter prawns and chocolate volcanoes simple and yet so elegant:-) love your magic masala has now become my secret ingredient of note:-) now you got me craving a choc volcano 🙂 once again fab show fab dishes keep it up xx

  20. I’m terrble at cooking and always on the look out for simple easy-to-cook recipes that looks & tastes great. The butter chilli prawns prawns you made was fantastic. definately going to add that to my weekly menu

  21. Eks mal oor jul vrugte wat so vars voor gegee word en die pryse is glad ni duur ni.en spar se maak van nappys is so di beste kon ni vir beter vra ni.spar,spar,spar,spar jul maak di lewe vir oz almal so veel beeter.WE LOVE U SPAR

  22. Hi there, I always thought chocolate cakes were so hard to make but your messy chocolate cake was so easy and fun to make,also the chilli butter prawns is also so easy. delicious foods and yet so easy to make. I also enjoyed the demonstration you did at the Phoenix Plaza some time back.

  23. Prawn curry Penne – a true fusion of italian and Indian cooking – I did a starter of a caprice salad followed by the Prawn curry with Penne and ended off with the red velvert cake and espresso – stunning meal – thanks a stack!

  24. My teen kids love me to bake all the time and the one thing I will do if I win the Spar voucher is shop for all those baking ingredients that Yudhika uses in her recipes. I will probably try your Red Velvet cupcakes. I love all your recipes so difficult to pick, but I know that the cupcakes will go down well with all the friends who also visit my kids. This is so their friends can say ‘ Your mum is so cool’


  26. Chicken with spinach sounds great. I love the combination. The Greek Lamb Pilau….I love the addition of the Feta and the Brinjals. Will definitely try these 2 recipes.

  27. Sugar & Spice makes all things nice…..I really enjoyed the show and will be recording your future shows.

  28. Cooking and baking was always not my strength however after viewing your recipes both my girls and myself are having fun in the kitchen . The messy choc cake was easy and delicious which left my daughter feeling like her mom is a masterchef . Great job , keep it up!!!!

  29. I must say for me the curry receipes works wonders. They are simple and easy to make, with not much effort. It is a kind of meal you can prepare after a long days work and make the family happy, as if you put so much hard work into making the meal.

  30. Hmm loving the pavlova, those berries with chocolate looks like heaven . . . Even tastier when u pregnant lol def gonna impress the family with this one 🙂

  31. I love Your recipes,Especially the Cheat Pavlova:

    Ready made pavlova-easy and quick to assemble!Who wouldv Thought of that?

  32. I like all the receipes it is easy simple but spicy and pack with loads of flavour and fresh ingredients. With the money i like to buy “carry me home” spices and your cook book.

  33. hi yudhika, yes the date and nut cake was just to yummy, i love the fact that its a moist cake. as u said can be eaten on its own and thats how i had it. cinamon and orange juice combination my favourite anytime.

  34. Watched the show for the first time today. You make cooking seem so simple. Looking forward to next week to learn more interesting things

    1. Hello Shaveer! Cooking IS really simply…you just got to put some love into it and go with the flow! I absolutely love cooking and I hope that you give the recipes a bash with a big dollop of Shaveer love!

    1. HI there…yes you can use the mixture for cupcakes but they are always better made with a butter recipe….let me see if I can find one for you! Hang in there…will post soon!

  35. The red velvet cake is mouth watering.The delicious layers of decadent chocolate and cream cheese filling looks like a dream come true.Red velvet cake really turns my taste buds on. Thanks to Sugar and Spice.

  36. Anthony David : I been to Spar in Pinetown Durban recently and I must say I was impressed with the layout especially the food court I bought BEEF Lasagne and enjoyed it , thank you for the great receipes you share I pray that you will grow from strenght to strenght Iove the red velvet cake receipe it looks so declious, I love cooking all types of food especially Indian food I love the taste of curry. Thank you for your time and all your receipes you share with us I pray that you will grow from strenght to strenght take care and GOD BLESS

  37. Honestly I come across your cooking program by accident. But boy I was pleasantly surprise of the simplicity and yet with great exciting results. And best of all, the products used aren’t funny ingredients that only certain stores have, but easily available even in the FREESTATE!!! ThanXXX

  38. Spar has been my favourite supermarket for years,nothing wil change that,my spar up the road goes beyond the call of duty for me,I tryd quite a few recipes from the sugar and spice recipes,buying all my ingredients from spar up the road,I hav lots of favourite and wil continue to hav,so don’t ask me to chose,I love most of them

  39. Thanks for the easy Red Velvet cake recipe. OMG it tasted as if I had bought it from a bakery. Well with all da compliments from my Family I decided to use the same recipe but instead used blue food colouring to make Blue velvet cake for my nephew’s birthday. And Walla it was Awesome. Keep up the good work and keepall da mouth watering recipes flowing.

  40. Thanks for the red velvet cake and the thai prawn curry. Cant wait to try the prawn curry. I googled but did not find one I liked

  41. Dear
    The kitchen was once a female domain, in changing times this is no longer more men are involving themselves in this female domain, I am one of them, I love watching you programme and trying out your quick simple and delicious recipes and make every effect to attend your presentation at the food and wine and other shows. You keep the good work of tantalising our taste buds.

  42. i love everything you make , and i mean everything .I baked the red velvet cake for some guys at work and they loved it , beware there’s a new chef in town …lol!!!

  43. The red velvet cake is a genuine hit in my home nowadays. That’s the most famous weekend treat from my kitchen almost every weekend. I make it a specail treat for visitors as well. Thanks Yudhika for that great recipe as u have really made my 4 year son so addicted to it that he even wants to take it to school for his mams. Great stuff

  44. watched u making the red velvet cake ,tried it for my daughther’s birthday it was a hit with everyone that came to spend the day with us, it is a great way to bring families together with a simple and easy way cake! THANK YOU

  45. i made the red velvet cake for my sons birthday…was such a hit..i lookd like a real pro…decoration and all!!..thanks to you yuds.

  46. Hi Yudhika I simply love the red velvet cake as well. I have ur recipe book. My dad went for some whirlpool appliance launch and they handed out hampers. It included one of ur spices as well as the recipe book. Love the roti as well as puri recipe

  47. It definitely has to be the decadent red velvet cake,I never knew this cake existed until I saw the your receipe boy oh boy was I blown away,I tried making it my self and had invited a few friends over for tea and cake, they had a mouthful of wonderful and amazing words of how scrumptous this beautiful cake was, I had to share this yummy cake receipe with all of them.Now my hubby and kids ask me to make it all the time and funny enough when we go over to my friends for tea the always have Yudhika’s Red Velvet Cake…lol, thank you love watching your show….you are totally talented!

  48. All the ingredients you have used here in your Saffron TV: Spanish Style Chicken are in my pantry and fridge !

    Especially the Latina ones like light olive oil, chorizo sausage, Safinter smoked paprika,
    white Graca wine , bay leaf, black olives and fresh coriander Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡

    Now using your tang to this dish with a cinnamon stick creates a new twist sensation !

    WOW You do our culinary Latin dishes so proud Yudhika, my Spanish mom and Portuguese dad also cooked up such a storms, to this day their style has remained part of my kitchen preparation and gathering over of family and friends.

    Delighted to have stumbled upon your specialist expertise’s here. TEAMING UP with My Spar is rocking good cooking sense 🙂

    Thank You so much for carrying on the traditions of FAB home made cooking !
    Your Fan and customer Carla

      1. BRAVO Thanks so MUCH Yudhika yumy um !

        Delighted about my wining news.
        Will get hold of you via your FAB Facebook engaging.

        Thank You kindly for making Mommy Day extra special for us this year !
        Your Delighted Fan and follower Carla C Viana

        ╔══════════….๑ ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ ๑….═══════════╗
        ღ♥ღƸӜƷღ♥ღ Have A Lovely Day ! ღ♥ღƸӜƷღ♥ღ
        ╚══════════….๑ ƸӜƷ ๑♥๑ ƸӜƷ ๑….═══════════╝

  49. wow tried the prawn penne recipe and it was amazing and so easy!!!
    it was quick as well which made it even better!

  50. Hi there all, I just made the burfee for Eid….WOW amazing recipe..Guyz we can do this, all we need to do is follow the easy recipe of Yudhika…simple as ABC and we will even impress ourselves. 😉

  51. i loved the cray fish curry. It looked devine. Never though to add cream to it before. I tried it and it made all the difference. So thanks for that

    1. Wish you could taste it while I make it on telly! The cream just smooths out the sauce and takes away that soury sharpness of the tomatoes! HAPPY COOKING, SALMA!

  52. Hi Yudhika, I love your shows and look forward to every episode. You always surprise us with new & delicious recipes. Your recipes are fresh simple and tasty. My favourite recipe’s are the Naan Khataai and the crayfish curry, Yummy. I love your style of cooking, you are simply brilliant. Keep those recipes coming. Thanks.

  53. I am always a busy body around the house but i find time to watch Saffron tv >>>. I love cooking and you make cooking seem so simple — Your recipies are so easy and ingredients that you use are always availble >> thank you dearest

  54. Yay, a blog that helps me bake without EGG!! Having a new daughter in law who is allergic to egg and vegetarian has it’s challenges for an unskilled cook but your recipes look so delicious and easy.

    Today I’m trying the Shortbread with pecans and drizzled with lindt chocolate – oh yeah! Love Lindt.. which will go into a jar for a birthday snacks gift. The eggless Chocolate brownies look fantastic and would make a great desert for when she comes over and I’m stuck for good eggless deserts! (I think she’s now sick of Salad and ice cream 🙂

    I’m also looking for gluten free recipes… need to browse through more of your recipes but maybe you can point me in a direction of good gluten free bread?

    I’m new to this blog but what a find, I’m hooked. Thanks so much. Keep them recipes coming….especially the egg free ones.

    1. Hi there…

      Welcome to the blog…and delighted to hear from you! Wow..what a lucky daughter in law!

      The recipes are quick and easy – nothing complicated….please give the coconut cupcakes and the cola cake a bash…both eggless…both divine! Also eggless choc brownies…there are also veggie ideas on the blog….

      I have not attempted much in gluten free but I will certainly give it a go and post recipes as and when they are perfected

      Take care and happy cooking!

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