Whirlpool Jet Chef Giveaway

Whirlpool Jet Chef

Whirlpool Jet Chef

The Jet Chef (JT 369/WH) microwave oven looks and performs like a best-in-class traditional oven, but with Whirlpool’s exclusive 6TH SENSE technology, it also offers you a lot more- combining quality and variety with incredible speed and remarkable ease-of-use. 6TH SENSE controls and monitors the cooking process for you, defrosting, cooking, crisping and steaming at the touch of a button. Jet Chef is available in white or silver finish.

Post a comment about your favourite ‘Sugar ‘n Spice recipe and you could win this amazing Whirlpool Jet Chef valued at R4000!

Winners will be announced on the 30 May 2013.


    1. Have been looking for a “fondant” chocolate volcano recipe for a while. Have used lots of your recipes before so I know this will work out just fine. Think I will surprise my hubby tomorrow night.

    2. Simple but delish! Peel and core 5 granny smith apples. Slice thinly and layer in a glass microwave proof dish. Using a shaker filled with equal portions of cinnamon and sugar, sprinkle each layer lightly. Place lid on dish and pop into the microwave on full power for 5 minutes. Toss/stir and zap again a minute at a time until the required softness is achieved (this is according to personal preference). These sugar and spice/cinnamon apples make a fantastic filling for pancakes! Go on, try it 😀

    3. Just started to follow your blog and my luck to finally have an easy Red Velvet cake recipe and watched how to make. Definitely trying this out this weekend. Can I use the same recipe if I want to make them into little cupcakes?

      1. Hi varsha! Thanks for joining the Sugar n Spice family on this blog! Yes, you can use this recipe for the red velvet cupcakes – if you would like a firmer cupcake then you should try a butter recipe instead. I am in Vietnam at the moment but would be happy to post a recipe when I am back in SA. X

  1. i have never made a red velvet because i didnt find an easy enough recipe to try but now that i have seen your show and it looks soooo easy i will try it soon .

  2. WOW! meat free days are easier with trendy and delicious veg<dishes like Yudhika's mushroom and peas curry! My attempt was such a hit….I served it in toasted pita pockets and a salad…..Double Thumbs up to Sugar n Spice!!!

  3. the red velvet cake looked so beautiful when you made, i had to make it to see if the taste is just so awesome and oh my word it was so delicious, tasted as awesome as the red velvet from my favourite cofee shop. thank you:)

  4. The fresh cream scone were an absolute treat. But I made them with Buttermilk and they were still delicious. Thank you for this wonderful receipe. It will surely be added to my recipe book for my daughter to use when she gets older.

  5. Hello !!! Love the new show and the quick and easy recipes. My favourite recipe is your eggless chocolate brownie recipe is fool proof. During our fasts I abstain from meat and meat products and i always have a problem finding egg free deserts. i have a sweet tooth so imagine my surprise when i was watching your show and had all the ingredients in my cupboard. We recorded the episode … And as I write this … The brownies are cooling 🙂 yaay ! Thank you 🙂

  6. You make cooking and baking look very easy. Never cooked or baked before but am definitely going to give the chocolate brownies a try..looks delicious

  7. Hello !!! Love the new show and the quick and easy recipes. My favourite recipe is your eggless chocolate brownie recipe which is fool proof. During our fasts I abstain from meat and meat products and i always have a problem finding egg free deserts. i have a sweet tooth so imagine my surprise when i was watching your show and had all the ingredients in my cupboard. I added dark choc chips and pecan nuts. We recorded the episode … And as I write this … The brownies are cooling 🙂 yaaaay ! Thank you 🙂

  8. The Thai Prawn Curry recipe seems to be tantalising and do-able. Most recipes on food channels are complicated, expensive and have ingredients that not easily avalible in our local supermarkets. The recipe is simple and affordable.

  9. i just watched her making the egg less brownies and i will most certainly try it out. looks very easy and simple ingredients.

  10. The “Chocolate Brownie with cream” recipe was really awesome. There are numerous cooking shows with several different recipes, but this turned out to be the best, the quantity of the ingredients mentioned was mentioned very correct and exact, due to which the delicacy turned out to be amazing. My hubby liked it a lot and i recieved a lot of appreciation from many of my friends as well. Thanks a lot the wonderful recipe, i myself am fond of chocolate recipes a lot. Thanks once again.

  11. I still say it was the thai prawn curry, simply delicious and easy to prepare.When you are a working mum you need to enjoy cooking and give the family and yourself that ultimate dish that has them still going wow

  12. Chocolate brownies was amazing. Judging by the taste, the recipe had just the right mix of ingredients and surprisingly simple. Respects!!!!

  13. Wow! The brownie recipe definitely is a favourite of mine, with good quality Lindt chocolate and pecan nuts you cant go wrong.

  14. Today I felt brave……considering I’m no baking tannie (the best i can bake are “rock” cakes)…lol,I tried the choc brownies that You made on Sugar n Spice,Yudhika.
    Phew….was i relieved!!!……the result was a yummy and delicious treat!
    I’m chuffed!

    1. I am delighted that you gave it a bash….hope it starts a baking trend! Look out for more fab recipes (I have not done one for rock cakes….perhaps you can share the recipe with us?) X

  15. Awesome and inspiring show with simple and easy to follow recipes… U make me want to get into the kitchen! My fav at the moment is your easy veg recipes for my fasting days…quick and easy! Btw, u rock those Jo Borkett dresses 😉

  16. Hands down the red velvet cake. Jakes use to like carrot cake! Not anymore, now it’s ‘Yudhika’s Red Velvet Cake’!

  17. The red velvet cake looks absolutely delicious and the colour makes you want to try it out right away, would love to make it as good as you do but I have a thermofan oven and things just do not turn out right in it, I just cannot get used to it 😦

    1. Hello Dawn, All the baking I do is in a thermo fan oven….if you look closely at some of the recipes – I have lowered the oven temperature. I hope this will give you the confidence to get baking again…a thermofan oven is one of life’s pleasures! It is however different when it comes to oven temperatures and baking times. X

  18. I am definitely going to try the prawn curry with penne recipe! It looks divine! Never thought of making prawn curry with pasta before!!! Excellent idea!

  19. Oh wow, have just found your page, mmmmm looks awesome, love the videos. You appear to be having so much fun. Your passion shines through Thanks

  20. Chef Yudhika
    The chocolate egg less brownies was amazing yummy yum yum. Its was such a hit I didn’t have time to arrange on a platter. Lol. Thanks for the recipe.

  21. ooohhh that Greek Lamb pilaau….left me drooling!!! I have to try it & fingers crossed,it turns out exactly like yours Yudhika.

  22. I just think that the easy Sugar and Spice recipes are superb.Especially the eggless chocolate brownies that I made.
    It is very tasty.I just love chocolate brownies
    But never attempted to make it until now.

  23. Thanks so much for catering for vegetarians on your program, i wish you could sell those gorgeous eggless brownies to the Panarottis, Spurs and Milky lanes of this world then i could enjoy them everywhere!

  24. Hi

    I watched your show on SaffronTV on Sunday 24/02/2013 for the first time and luved the show. I’ve become your fan. I will try your receipes during weekends as I am a working mum. The receipes are so easy and believe me I am going to became the best cook with your help.

  25. Luv your recipes .so easy and can be done in a flash.especially your vegetarian dishes .my hubby is a vegetarian n he enjoys it.even my kids luv it.thnk u sooo much .

  26. Trying to get my kids to eat spinach, so i am definitly going to try your chicken and spinach recipe. I am sure it will be a success and they will love it.

  27. mushroom n peas curry was a hit yesterday …my first attempt …..n also with the red velvet cake it was a winner .brought tears in my eyes when the family said wow…mum …

  28. Brinjals in Coconut Sauce- rich creamy smooth, as a meat eating male I was somewhat apprehensive about this – but wow, it is now a firm family favorite! This was my first attempt with Brinjals and it will not be my last – thanks for a great show we look forward to watching it for years to come!

  29. I loved the Moroccan Calamari that you made , looked so easy and with all the ingredients that’s not too difficult to get. Calamari is always so bland and boring when we eat it at restaurants and your recipe gave it such a lovely colour and it is spicy. Thanks I’m trying that recipe in the weekend, and will surprise that over critical husband of mine.

  30. cant wait to try your morrocan calamari tonite it really delish and colourful.A really awesome, modern take on spicy indian calamari xoxoxox i really cant wait lol 😀

  31. I simply loved the fish curry was devine n decadent n delishious, a must cook , tnx for the wonderful recipes makes cookin easy

  32. The Greek Lamb Pilau sounds interesting … never had Pilau with Feta before. Definitely a must. This recipe is quick and easy and I cant wait to try it.

  33. I loved the Pecan and Date Cake you made. I also noticed that you do not over mix when baking which is something I really need to try. I am always buying cakes because my cakes don’t always come out right. Thank you for sharing your recipes as it inspires me to try new things.

  34. Moroccan Calamari recipes, hmmmm!! Simple ,easy with a great flavour to calamari which was always a dish I would not attempt making. I am positive this will wow my friends and family with great review so this is on my menu over the weekend . Thank you , your show really makes a difference especially to someone like me { a beginner in the kitchen lol}

  35. Quick and easy curry receipes. They look so simple, makes you want to try them. After a hard day, you want simple and less strenuous work.

  36. breakfast i will make the choclate cupcakes for lunch the red velvet cake and for dinner the chocolate valcanoes

  37. Lamb Rogan Gosh, yumm yumm!!! that rich cashew nut smoothie and fresh coriander is to die for, I love curries and biryanis so this is right up my alley! thanks for the great recipes Yudhika, you inspire me 🙂

    1. HI there….we had a chicken dish and the lamb rogan josh for dinner last night! I did leave out the cream…trying to squeeze myself into a bikini for our Thailand/Vietnam holiday which begins tomorrow. The Rogan Josh was spicier without the cream but still so delicious!

  38. Love the exotic spanish style chicken. Hint of Catalonia infused with mystical spices with a dash of vibrant crimson crispiness. Cant wait to try it!

  39. Hi Yudhikha, the red velvet cake I made following your recipe was delicious!! I am generally a very bad baker, but since I followed your recipe, I feel so inspired to continue baking and of course, to follow your recipes! Well done and keep the great work cooking…

  40. It has to be the vegetarian palao…..it was just bursting with flavours and freshness of the variety of veggies. Thanx

  41. Anthony David : I love all your receipes you make so easy to understand I love your red velvet cake receipe you are simple and very talented, take care and GOD BLESS

  42. Hi, my favourite is the Red Velvet cake. I always thought it was difficult to make this cake but after I watched it being made on your programme, its not that difficult I am going to try this amazing yummy to die for cake. I am also going to impress my friends with my new baking and cooking skills. Thanks a lot for educating me and helping me empower myself.

  43. My best recipe which has become a family favourite is the Emergency Chicken Curry! My family believes I am a whizz @ chicken curry not knowing I am following your recipe to the tee! hehehe

  44. Honestly I come across your cooking program by accident. But boy I was pleasantly surprise of the simplicity and yet with great exciting results. And best of all, the products used aren’t funny ingredients that only certain stores have, but easily available even in the FREESTATE!!! ThanXXX

  45. Hi yudhika. watched your show today. Enjoyed you making chicken curry with lentels. Looked mouthwatering and awsome – will definetly try it.


  46. I must say your yoghurt and honey sponge,being simple was a hit for me.my family and I don’t like rich cakes so we stick to cupcakes everywek ,and I’m tired,I tryd ur sponge and my son loved the strawberries wid da cake,amazing!it show simple can be quite exotic,thanx for a change in my “amateur” baking yuthika

  47. Hey, the chicken curry and lentils……YUMMY!!
    I even tried your messy chocolate cake and it was messy yet DIVINE!

  48. Dear
    The kitchen was once a female domain, in changing times this is no longer more men are involving themselves in this female domain, I am one of them, resently i baked your red velvet cake for a kiddies party, people could not believe it was baked by me, thanks to you for your simple easy flop proof receipe.

  49. mmmm just love the Moroccan Chermula Calamari and the Tamarind Fish recipe .Its absolutely divine . I tried it at home and i must say ….it was the best !!!!

  50. Yudhika darling, I have met you on numerous occasions and I think you are the best ingredient in all your cooking. I have tried almost all the recipes in your book and each one seems better than the last I do not think I could even choose a ‘favorite’ one they are ALL yummy to me besides the fact that my husbands mood changes for the best after partaking in one of your glorious spicy dishes!!

    1. Hello Susie….thanks for the message and delighted that you have tried out the recipes. I also have too many favourite favourites so its difficult for me to chose one! Spicy dishes cheer me up too….but I am sure that you a part of the recipe to changing his mood!!!

  51. Hi, saw your Sugar & Spice show on the home channel on DSTV on Sunday for the first time and taped it. Will definitely be following you on Saffron TV you make cooking quick and easy as we all tend to overcook our food!
    Iris Kinnear

    1. Hello Iris – So pleased that you caught the show! Yes, we do tend to overcook our food which just ruins the flavour. I look forward to hearing about your curry cooking adventures!

      1. Hi there I tried ur red velvet cake and it came out absolutely beautiful.My family were highly impressed with the cake.
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  52. Love the red velvet cake recipe… it was easy and came out fabulous!!
    love recipes that are easy to follow and come out perfect evrytime!

  53. MELKKOS/MILK FOOD recipe

    3/4 cup (190 ml) flour
    2 tablespoons butter
    A pinch of salt
    4 cups (1 litre) of milk
    1 cinnamon stick
    Cinnamon sugar to serve

    Use your fingers to rub the butter into the flour and salt.
    Bring the milk (with a cinnamon stick) to boil on the stove.
    Add the butter and flour mixture a little bit at a time while stirring.
    Turn the heat down and let it simmer for 5 to 10 minutes until cooked. Stir regularly.
    Serve the melkkos/milkfood steaming hot in soup plates. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar to taste.. Microwave for about 5 min

  54. Red Velvet Cake – absolutely easy to make and scrumptious “to die for” tasting. Simply the best cake ever! I love it and so do my family and friends ❤

  55. Being a huge fan of you, I never miss your show. I love all your recipes.
    My favourite has to be the Messy chocolate cake, I tested the recipe and it came out devine!!! I also love your Lamb rogangosh recipe!

  56. I am going to definitely try the Brownie recipe this weekend. Brownies are my son’s fav.
    Please, please try and have your spices stocked at a Spar in KZN. Your show rocks!!

  57. Yudhika the most devine sugar and spice recipe that I truly enjoyed cooking was the layered lamb breyani on Sunday the 26th of May 2013. I followed every step and WHAT an awesome meal served with salad and sambles and tried the Chocolate sponge cake.Mouth watering so if I do win this Jet Chef Microwave it would be given to my eldest which she would use for next year whilst at varsity. You are truly inspiring the younger generation by saying cooking and baking is just simple and just follow each step.

  58. adore the red velvet cake recipe,tried it with cream cheese icing an absolute winner with the folks at home

  59. I tried out the Red Velvet Cake and it was awesome.I have my whole family hooked on that cake.
    It is the tastiest cake I have ever baked.
    Hats off to the Red Velvet cake.

  60. Hey there all, this is so much fun :). I just joined the family today. Looking forward to a great future with you all, God bless!

  61. i watched your show for the first time on Saturday and loved it. I have never had or cooked with AMC pots before (cant afford it), but would love to cook in them someday. I am newly married so i need all the recipe tips and help i can get and your show helps alot. I cant bake to save my life but your recipes look so simple. Wonderful show keep those recipes coming.

    1. All good things come to those who wait…I had to pay off my pots over the longest period and it took lots of time to build the set! Baking is really quite simple once you ‘chill out’ about it! Hope these recipes gets you baking!

  62. The garlic, butter & cream Prawns recipe: This it to die for…absolutely awesome…!!!!
    Thanks to you Yudhika I was able to impress my lovely wife on her birthday. She is just crazy about prawns, especially the so called “restaurant style”, that is with garlic butter cream and all…done to perfection. I, never thought that I would ever be able to create such a sumptuous and may I add romantic treat at home. But lone-behold, it was when I saw how easily and effortlessly Yudhika made it, I decided to give it a shot as well, using my wife’s AMC sauce pan…It may have not tasted as great as Yudhika’s dish, however, it sure was delicious and I have my wife’s endorsement to prove that. Most of all I did it all by myself,(it was a surprise…) without making such a big mess in the kitchen…or burning anything. PS: I also cleaned up after, much after….yeee ha!!!

  63. i love the red velvet cake…i too am a published cookie…Woolworths magazine..the competition was to create different recipes using eggs in different ways and be cooked in under 30 minutes and i was among a few published.

  64. I watched your show and how easy you make every cooking session look and the way you prepare everything ….it is just awesome….I wish to be like you….oh and your outfits stunning….I just love your style and everything you do…..

  65. Hi Yudhika, I love your shows and look forward to every episode. You always surprise us with new & delicious recipes. Your recipes are fresh simple and tasty. My favourite recipe’s are the Naan Khataai and the crayfish curry, Yummy. I would love to own the Whirlpool Jet Chef, it looks sooo cool. I love your style of cooking, you are simply brilliant. Keep those recipes coming. Thanks.

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