Sermione, 2012

Castles and more castles in Sermione!

Castles and more castles in Sermione!

Sermione was our last stop on our Italian adventure.  We arrived in Desenzano del Garda on a particularly clear day and spotted this little town on the far side of the lake – it looked magical even from a distance.  The busses were easy enough to use and the hotel staff were very helpful with assisting us with public transport timetables.

We arrived at about 11am and although the sun was shining, it was bitterly cold.  We were just about to head off on our little expedition when we received a telephone call from Rob’s daughter, Julia – she was accepted at the University of Cape Town for two more years of town planning!  Rob had been worrying the issue now had a reason to celebrate…so Sermione will always remain in our thoughts as one of those special places!   The celebrations ended when we came back to South Africa and opened our cell phone accounts and eyed the international call costs!

We had been chatting to Jules for a bit while hanging around by the lake and caught a serious chill!  First stop – a local coffee shop.  We ordered and waited at the counter….Rob idly left the camera bag on a nearby table – a costly mistake in Italy!  The bill arrived and we were charged almost double just because we left our belongings on a table!  Nothing makes you learn faster than a costly mistake.  After shlurping up our most expensive coffee and hot chocolate in Italy, it was time to explore.

If you are looking for chain stores and buzzing shopping centres, Sermione is not the place for you!  We walked past the Scaliger castle and then to the path which took us to Grotte Di Catullo which is the Roman villa of the poet, Cattulus (54BC).

A scenic walk around Sermione

A scenic walk around Sermione

Sermione....near the grotto!

Sermione….near the grotto!

Scaliger casle in Sermione

Scaliger casle in Sermione

We were unable to take the tour of Scaliger castle.  The tour was cancelled and tourists were not allowed in especially if there was ice on the stairways etc.  I sought comfort in a large bowl of Spag Bol and an even larger glass of wine at one of the touristy cafe  spots near the Santa Anna church.

Our trip to Sermione

Our trip to Sermione


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