1. I got up this morning with ONE PICTURE in my mind. Of this KITCHENAID Artisan Stand Mixer. The perfect addition to my kitchen. I am single, unmarried, and the youngest of 4 boys in my family with no sisters. Cooking and Baking is a Hobby in my life, and seeing posts from Yudhika Sujanani online posts with her cooking classes inspires me. This appliance has been around since 1937 and has stood the tests of time.. It will help me to try out recipes Like Yudhika’s “Turkish Delight” cake with the Kitchen Aid Mixer. It will also give me a Chance to try out all other recipes on Yudhika’s Blog, which is AWESOME at this web address: Life will become a tad bit easier with a KITCHENAID Artisan Stand Mixer. Over and Out.. Timothy Timrex Padayachee.

      1. Hi Yudhika- I am keen to have your lovely hot cross buun recipe you covered on Sunday past 28 March- I missed the programme but heard it was amazing. I’ve trolled through all published recipes and do not see it here?

      2. Harshiela – It was not my episode on mela but the recipe should be on the page – please log onto the facebook page – I do believe there was an issue with the recipe from the mails i received as the butter was missing from the ingredients but you will have to check with Mela. Have a lovely Easter break! Yudhika

  2. Great cooking class at Holi Cow tonight. Highly recommend doing the cooking class to any and all. Yudhika makes it all so easy that you go home inspired and ready to cook. And you know you can do it!

  3. being in the kitchen is quite a task u r always worried about what u doing if it’s going to be successful or not having amaster piece like the kitchenaid at your side u know for sure everything is going to be alright please make me the proud owner of the kitchen aid mixer it makes us wonder how we managed without such master pieces at our side

  4. all hindus are on a vegetarian fast. it is strict with no egg or meat, etc. do you have any recipes that is not like the mundane curry or maybe the curry version cooked differently.

  5. Hi Yudhika, On following your creative cooking lifestyle, you inspire me to try out your interesting and beautiful receipes. I am truly humbled to share your immense talent and winning the kitchen aid mixer will assist me greatly as I do not own one. Thank you and God bless.

  6. I have just discovered your awesome blog!!! Yay. I live in Scotland but following your blogs and trying out your fab receipes makes me lest homesick. Thanks

    Kubesh x

  7. Hi can you please forward me a recipe to make poli,the recipe l have,the poli goes hard the following day.l am looking for a recipe where the dough/pastery still stays soft.

  8. Hi to my FAVORITE chef!!!! For Diwali I tried your Naan Khatai biscuits…………all I can say is just WOW. It was SO good. I was so impressed with the texture of the dough and the taste. I really enjoyed making them. I called my friend and told her she’s gotta try it NOW lol and she did, well now we BOTH threw all other naan khatai biscuit recipes away that we were trying for long now. Finally, I can say I HAVE MY NAAN KHATAI recipe………thanks to you Yudhika, your recipes are amazing and so are your shows. God bless you for always sharing!

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  9. Hi can you email me the receipe for the delicious desert with vermicclli you made on Sunday the 11th January 2015 on Mela, I would appreciate it. Many Thanks, , cheers


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