AMC cookware











The kitchen has always been the heart of my home.  When I was a little, it was common knowledge that everything happened in the kitchen.  Meals were prepared, interesting new dishes were created and some scandalous secrets were shared….I even remember doing my homework at the kitchen table while soaking up the delicious aromas and greedily eyeing my mom’s AMC pot on the stove.



Our AMC curry pot told a story…I could always tell what was going on by the size of the pot and the aromas that wafted out of it….this is how some of my earliest memories were created.  A large pot meant visitors, a few pots simmering on the stove meant my mom was happy, and pots with colourful syrups and potions meant that Diwali was around the corner.









One of the highlights of my career has been my appointment as the AMC brand ambassador in August 2011.  The cookware has been a part of our family kitchen for over 40 years with my mom and gran purchasing their first universal set for just R120.00 – doesn’t sound like much but they had to really watch their pennies and save up for this big purchase!







My mom’s AMC pots now live in Canada with my brother and his wife….the pots were sent off for a bit of TLC before they left South Africa and they came back looking like new – after forty years, the pots are still going!





I am honored and delighted to be a part of the AMC family!



For more information on AMC cookware, log onto or call 0861111262.





















  1. I have heard so much about AMC cookware from my mother – in – law cos she has a set, from my neighbour cos she has a set and mostly from the amc representatives. I have been married for 6 years now and unfortunately i don’t have a set of my own. I do wish that someday i will also experience cooking in an amc pot. I am sure that it will be my best meal ever prepared.

  2. My best AMC cookware pot was a large electric one, bought 7 years ago at great expense and used almost daily – one of my most prized possessions. Unfortunately and much to my sadness it was one of the items taken in my house burglary. – never have been able to afford to buy another

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