Sugar & Spice with Yudhika: Almond Crusted Paneer

Yudhika prepares Almond Crusted Paneer on the Home Channel's  Sugar & Spice

Yudhika prepares Almond Crusted Paneer on the Home Channel’s Sugar & Spice

Caught up in the whirlwind of cooking classes, tv shoots and just amazing times, blogging sometimes takes a bit of a beating! I am back on track and please stay tuned to the blog, social media and the Home Channel to catch up on the latest episodes of Sugar & Spice on DSTV’s 176.

Here is a recipe from last week’s show, focusing on vegetarian meals! I marinated paneer in a tandoori style paste and patted on a handful of flaked almonds to form a crust…bake in a hot oven and serve with mint chutney! You have the perfect and quite unusual oven baked paneer.

Marinated Paneer crusted with flaked almonds ready for the oven....Sugar & Spice with Yudhika on the Home Channel

Marinated Paneer crusted with flaked almonds ready for the oven….Sugar & Spice with Yudhika on the Home Channel

Almond Crusted Paneer


4 litres full Cream Milk, preferably Clover
180ml white vinegar

Boil milk in a thick bottomed pot and stir continuously to prevent the milk from sticking.
Once the milk comes up to the boil, remove from the heat.
Pour the white vinegar around the pot and gently move the milk – do not stir.
If the mixture still looks milky, add a little more vinegar.
Leave aside for 30 minutes.
The curd should float to the top and form a thick layer.
Place the curd in a strainer and use the back of a spoon to press out the excess whey.
Tip the curd into a muslin cloth and mould it into a ‘cake’.
Place the paneer on a chopping board and place a large pot filled with water on top.
This will help the excess moisture drain away.
Leave to drain for 2 hours.
Place the paneer in a zip seal bag and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Yudhika’s tips:
Always use full cream milk when making paneer.
Leave the paneer on the draining board while it is being pressed – the whey can cause a mess.
If the paneer is too soft, leave it unwrapped in the refrigerator to firm up.

For the marinade

60ml chickpea flour
10ml Curry me Home Magic Masala or Indian Rub
20ml red chilli powder
2,5ml turmeric
5ml ajwain seeds (carom or lovage)
10ml garam masala
5ml ground black pepper
60ml fresh cream
50ml yoghurt

50g flaked almonds
Salt, to season
Sunflower oil, to drizzle

Place the spices, chickpea flour, yoghurt and cream into a bowl.
Stir well until the marinade is smooth.

Place a piece of baking paper onto a roasting pan or baking tray.
Drizzle with a little sunflower oil and spread two tablespoons of the marinade over the paper.
Place the paneer on top and coat in the remaining marinade.
Season with salt and gently press the flaked almonds over the marinade.
Drizzle with sunflower oil.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees celsius for 12 minutes or until the paneer is golden brown.
Serve with mint chutney.


Gulab Jamun – Sugar ‘n Spice

Sugar 'n Spice with Yudhika Sujanani - Gulab Jamun...

Sugar ‘n Spice with Yudhika Sujanani – Gulab Jamun…

Oops…this recipe was lost in translation! Apologies to those Sugar ‘n Spice fans who have been looking for it!

I will keep this story short….It was my first husband who first introduced me to these delightful treats! After all these years, I still hear the mumblings about how he taught me everything I know! That said, I tasted these at his cousin’s house and asked for the recipe – in a way that would make him responsible for introducing me to this treat!

I was given the usual run around when I asked for the recipe and it flopped on numerous occasions. It was back to the drawing board for me and I was determined to get it right.

A few costly and frustrating disasters later, my trial and error mission paid off! Finally….just for the record…I don’t have anyone to thank for this recipe….I did this one all by myself!

Just a word on milk powder…I use KLIM for burfee but it does not work in this recipe…Nespray works perfectly for this one!

For the more traditional South African Gulab Jamun…click here: https://yudhikayumyum.com/2012/11/08/troubled-by-diwali-gluttony/

The gulab jamun....

The gulab jamun….

Gulab Jamun


450ml full cream milk powder (NESPRAY PLEASE)
45ml self raising flour
7,5ml baking powder
45ml pure butter
150ml warm milk
5ml ground cardamom
Sunflower oil to fry

For the rose syrup

750ml sugar
750ml water
30ml pure distilled rose-water
Few strands of saffron

Here’s how:

Heat saffron strands on a dry pan for a thirty seconds. Leave to cool and then slightly crush them using your fingertips. Place the sugar and water in a thick bottomed pot and stir on a medium heat. When the sugar has dissolved, bring the syrup to the boil. Simmer for five minutes or until the syrup is sticky but not thick. Add the rose-water and saffron strands. Leave aside to infuse. Mix the full cream milk powder, ground cardamom and self-raising flour in a mixing bowl. Divide mixture into three equal portions. Combine the pure butter ghee and the warm milk in a jug. Mix the warm milk into the milk powder mixture and stir until a sticky paste is formed. Use your fingertips to mix into a soft and pliable dough. Rinse your hands and grease them with a layer of oil or warm butter ghee. Work quickly and roll the dough into little balls. Place them onto a greased baking sheet. Repeat until all the milk powder has been moulded into balls. Heat sunflower oil on a low heat in an 30cm AMC pot. Gently drop the balls into the warm oil and shake the pan to prevent them from sticking to the bottom. The milk balls need to be constantly stirred to ensure that they brown evenly. They should be golden brown when cooked. If you are unsure, remove one of the balls from the oil and drop it into the warm syrup. If it shrinks or deflates, the balls need to be cooked for a few more minutes. Steep the balls into warm syrup and leave to soak for 2 hours before serving.

Yudhika’s Tips:

It is important to always divide the milk powder into portions as the dough dries out very quickly.
The milk balls need to be cooked on a very low temperature as they burn quite easily.

The Home Channel – Sugar ‘n Spice

Yudhika Sujanani on Sugar n Spice - The Home Channel

Yudhika Sujanani on Sugar n Spice – The Home Channel

Sugar ‘n Spice will be on DSTV’s Home Channel 176 today! Don’t forget to check out the amazing ‘Feast of Eid’ Competitions to win an AMC cookware and a Kenwood Kmix!

Here is the link to the AMC competition: https://yudhikayumyum.com/competition/feast-of-eid-competition-amc-cookware/

And to win the Kenwood Kmix – post a comment to this link: https://yudhikayumyum.com/competition/feast-of-eid-kenwood-kmix-competition/

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Thursday 1 August 2013

Happy Cooking, Everyone!

The Big Move….

Sugar 'n Spice

Sugar ‘n Spice

I think most of you have heard me ramble on about my first cooking show on Saffron TV.  I talk about it often but then again, who wouldn’t?  It’s been a big marker in my cooking career.  I received a mail from Ushi Goshalia, Saffron TV Channel Manager, a few weeks ago with the most surprising news….Sugar ‘n Spice will now be aired on The Home Channel!

After the initial surprise, I am pleased – in fact, way more than pleased…delighted….no more than delighted…so while I mull over the right words to describe how I feel about my big move, I will share the details with you!

Here is a link on ‘The Home Channels’ website:


The show goes out at the following times…

Monday 2pm
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 11pm
Friday 10am
Saturday 8:30am and 5:30pm
Sunday 12pm and 9:30pm

Once again, I can’t thank my support team aka sponsors who have played such a big part in bringing the show to life!  AMC cookware for every pot I could possibly imagine (small, medium, large and super king sized – nothing was struck off the list), My Spar for the ingredients (believe me, there was a long list), Jo Borkett for the lovely wardrobe and Whirlpool for the amazing kitchen appliances!

Sugar ‘n Spice’s first winner is……

AMC Paella Pot

AMC Paella Pot

Thanks to everyone for entering the competition – The Sugar ‘n Spice show has received such heartwarming feedback and I particularly enjoyed reading the comments posted.


I am delighted to announce that Hemantha Ramdhani has won the AMC paella pan – I would like to wish Hemantha everything of the best for the future and also many happy memories from AMC cookware and The Sugary Spicy Saffron Team!!!


I would also like to thank AMC cookware – Kaye Cox, Chris Koekemoer and Dion – they always keep me cooking in the most fashionable cookware while sharing that special AMC love!



Lots of Love,