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Coconut Fudgy Squares – Kopra Pak

Kopra Pak...fudgy coconut squares

Kopra Pak…fudgy coconut squares

Fudgy coconut squares take most of us on a trip down memory lane! Making up a batch of these takes a few minutes…store them in the refrigerator and bring them to room temperature before serving. I am a lover of anything with coconut…coconut ice, coconut clusters…coconut creme brulees and coconut THESE squares.

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Kopra Pak

300g sugar
200ml cold water
5ml freshly ground cardamom
260g desiccated coconut
200g Klim milk powder
Pistachios and gold leaf, to decorate

Line a square casserole with butter, and a layer of plastic wrap.
Let the plastic wrap drape over the sides of the dish.
Grease the top of the plastic with butter.
Place the sugar and water in an AMC pot on medium heat.
Stir continuously until the sugar dissolves and bring to the boil for 2 – 3 minutes.
Add the ground cardamom, desiccated coconut and milk powder.
Stir well until the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan and form a ball.
Press the warm mixture into the greased dish. Fold the plastic wrap over the surface.
Use your fingertips to smooth the surface.
Once the mixture has cooled, cut into squares.
Decorate with pistachios and gold leaf.


Laddoooooommmmaaaa – scoring a Diwali goal!

Ladoooma! Scoring some Diwali goals!

My son, Rushil, runs around screaming ‘Laduma’ every time he sees a Laddoo. These are made not only at Diwali time but whenever there is a prayer.

Here is my recipe for Laddoo…

625ml Spar sugar
300ml cold water
5ml egg yellow food colouring
2ml red food colouring
Spar sunflower oil, to fry
500ml chickpea flour
7ml baking powder
20ml Spar butter
220 – 250ml cold water
5ml ground cardamom
Tinted almonds to garnish
Edible gold leaf, to garnish
Combine the sugar and water in a thick bottomed pan.
Stir until the sugar dissolves and then bring to the boil.

When the syrup thickens slightly, remove from the heat.

Add the food colourings and stir.

Add more food colouring if necessary.

Place the chickpea flour in a large mixing bowl with baking powder.
Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
Add enough cold water to make a thick batter.
Heat the sunflower oil in a thick bottomed pot.

Hold a colander over the hot oil and press a little batter through.

Frying the boondhi in the 40cm AMC electro roast unit

Fry the batter droplets in hot oil and remove when they are light golden brown.
Drain the cooked droplets for a few seconds and then place them in the warm syrup.
Repeat until all the batter has been fried and soaked in syrup.
Sprinkle the ground cardamom over and leave aside until the syrup has been absorbed.

Grease your palms with a little oil and mould the mixture into balls – they are quite sticky at first but do dry out after a few hours.

Moulding the boondhi into laddoo

Garnish with tinted almonds and gold leaf.
Yudhika’s tips:
The syrup must not spin threads when it is tested – it should still be thin enough to penetrate the fried batter droplets.