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Picture Perfect Prawns….

Lemongrass Prawn Yudhika Sujanani

Lemongrass Prawn Skewers….by Yudhika Sujanani

It’s another beautiful day in Jozi!   I have been sitting out in the garden at Holi Cow and being quite colonial…getting Paris to bring me a few treats to go with a Summery Gin and Tonic!  


I do love my curries and spicy saucy dishes, but it’s hot hot hot in Fourways!  So, I thought I would share this delicious recipe with you!


Prawns are best when they have a good hot loving over charcoal or an AMC chefs pan….remember intense heat over the shortest time!  You can cook these at a braai or even in hot pan….I prefer the hot pan…just a girlie preference since slaving over hot coals isn’t something I enjoy!  I soaked the skewers in water to prevent them from catching alight….you could even cook them in a pan without skewering them if you are having a low admin day!


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Lemongrass Prawn Skewers

Serves 4


For the skewers:
1,5kg large prawns 
Bamboo skewers
10ml sunflower oil
Pinch of salt, to season
Chopped coriander, to garnish
Fresh sprouts, to garnish

For the lemongrass dressing:
80ml olive oil
60ml lemon juice
2 cloves garlic
10ml crushed ginger
1 stalk lemongrass
30ml fresh coriander
2 green chillies, chopped
Pinch of sugar
Salt and pepper, to season

Soak the bamboo skewers in water.  Place the olive oil, lemon juice and the remaining dressing ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.
Check the seasoning and adjust if necessary.  Pour the dressing into a glass bowl.  
Leave the dressing in the refrigerator until the prawn are cooked.

Shell and de-vein the prawns.  Leave the shell on the tail on.
Thread the prawns onto bamboo skewers leaving a little space on either side.
Drizzle the sunflower oil over the skewers and season with a little salt.
Grill the prawn skewers over hot coals or in an AMC chef’s pan until the prawn meat changes colour.
Turn skewers frequently and take care not to overcook the prawn meat.
Remove from the skewers from the grill and place on a platter
Pour the dressing over the hot prawns.
Garnish with fresh sprouts and coriander.

Yudhika’s Tips
If you don’t have lemongrass, use the zest of 1 lemon instead.
I use the coriander stalks and roots for the marinade and use the leaves for garnishing.
Fish fillets may be used instead of prawns.
Soak the bamboo skewers in cold water to prevent them from burning.
These skewers can be cooked on a hot griddle pan.